Antarmukhi – Inward Faced

Adi Da
Da Audio Online

Antarmukhi ‘Antar’ = Inward
+ ‘Mukhi’ = Faced

This word is the opposite word for ‘Bahiramukhi’,
implying ‘Introversion’, it does not mean introversion in
the usual sense of the word.

The word ‘introversion’, comes from the word ‘intro’ “on
the inside, within, to the inside”, vert “to turn” and
conotes someone who is self absorbed with the attention of

The word Antarmukhi has a different meaning. Antar also
means “inward” but in a different sense. It has more of a
sense of ‘awareness’ as opposed to ‘attention’. Awareness of
a deeper sense of self as opposed to attention on one’s
self. More of an emptying of awareness or consciousness.
Which implies a sense surrender or sacrafice to something
greater than the individual persons sense of self.