Awakening From the Word, Enlightenment of the Whole Body – Adi Da Samraj (Bubba Free John)

Awakening from the Word

Bubba Free John (Adi
Da Samraj
) – Enlightenment
of the Whole Body – 1977

The conventional culture of
contemporary Man is primarily a culture of the verbal mind
and the discrete or discursive languages of the left side of
the average or common brain model. Thus, it is a culture
that tends to be dominated by verbal and other discursively
symbolic language systems (such as the potent visualism of
television and movie theatre, which make inverted use of
visual or spatial and right-brained phenomena in order to
serve the purposes of the verbal or discursive mind). The
contemporary individual is propagandized constantly by
exclusively left-brained appeals, powerful verbal
influences, promises of ultimate egoic glamorization and
fulfillment, and the parentlike authority of analytical
“knowledge.” Our experience and our understanding are
dominated and determined by these means-so much so that the
media of discursive mental culture, such as television, and
all other officially reported knowledge, are more
fundamental to us than what we experience in our living
relationships and our intuition of the ultimate Reality. The
“word” has finally become our Parent, and we are being eaten

The exoteric or common order of verbal and left-brained
culture is the daily “TV world” of verbal conventions and
commonly communicated “knowledge” or “news.” But there is an
esotericism or esoteric cultural core that is tending more
and more to dominate the lives of individuals. The political
and common social world of our too-spoken lives is the
exoteric level of the dominating influence in our common
culture. But the esoteric order that is the inevitable
extension of our verbal or left-brained world is tending
more and more to dominate us, whether openly or more or less
indirectly, like a secret and high priesthood. And, like all
high priesthood’s, the Super-Church of our time is in league
with the State, and ultimately seeks to control the

The scientific, rationalist intellectual, and
technological core-culture of our social order is the secret
esoteric “Mother Church” of the left-brained congregation of
ordinary people. It is through the growing and pervasive
influence of this exclusively left-brained esoteric or most
highly developed core of our verbal culture that the
holistic, intuitive, psychic, or right-brained communion
with the conditions and the Reality of our world is being
gradually eliminated as a possibility. In ancient times, the
exoteric and esoteric influences that dominated the daily
culture were predominantly right-brained and hallucinatory,
and this exclusivity produced its own symptoms of imbalance.
But in a fully evolved human culture, the right and the
left, or the psychic-holistic and the mental-analytical,
aspects of the human potential must be mutually integrated
and balanced, and then the whole and entire body-mind must
be submitted to the All-Pervading Life and Divinity that
animates us. If human societies cannot evolve into whole
brain and whole body levels of adaptation, then the human
being and the human world will inevitably be reduced to a
mechanical and self-possessed destiny that is mortal,
loveless, and absurd.

It is not that the rigorous and intelligent use of the
verbal or discursive mind is not necessary. It is indeed
culturally necessary. And both scientific and technological
advances can do much to improve even the political and
economic as well as intellectual estate of mankind. But the
exclusivity of that influence and its pervasive
philosophical disposition toward the contracted, analytical,
and independent or analyzed-self orientation are a negative
extension of the egoic or exclusive and self-possessed
disposition of the individual in his fear. From that
exclusive viewpoint, the pattern of totality may be
analyzed, but the viewpoint itself cannot be sacrificed into
the pattern, nor can the ultimate and All-Pervading Reality
or Condition of the whole and of every part become the
dominant factor in the daily life of the individual or the
society. Scientism and the left-brained predisposition can
produce an age of analytical knowledge but not an age of
faith (in the highest sense). Therefore, we must be
culturally and personally awakened to the Mind and Intuition
that is obvious only to the whole brain and the whole
body-mind, or else the Parental Word will slay the Radiant
Children of our Mystery.


Bubba Free John (Adi
Da Samraj
) – Enlightenment
of the Whole Body – 1977