Birth of Rang Avadhoot


Rang Avadhoot

There is a temple of Lord Vittlial on the bank of ‘Ramsagar’, a
sprawling tank in Godhra (Gujarat). Shree Sakharani Sarpotdar, !he
owner of the temple, who was a friend of Vitthalpant, the father of
Shree Rang, implored him to come down to Godhra and look after the
management of the temple. Shree Vitthalpant, acceded to the request
of his friend, Sakharam Sarpotdar and left his native place Devle
(District Sangameshvar, Maharahstra) for Godhra.

Born and brought up as a brahman, Vitthalpant was educated in the
traditional system of education prevalent in those days. He was well
versed in the classical language Sanskrit and had studied Vedas and
Upanisliadas. Besides being a scholar he was indifferent towards
mundane matters and was leading a religious life.

Rukmini, the mother of Shree Rang was the second wife of his
father, Vitthalpant. She was the most faithful follower of her
husband. She never craved for worldly riches and was rather intent
upon advocating moral behavioral trends to the new generation.

Shree Rang, divinity in corporeal form was born of this pious
couple – Vitthalpant and Rukmini on Monday, the 21 st November

It is said that before giving birth to Shree Rang, in the period
of gestation, Rukmini had completed a course of one lac
circumambulations of the holy plant Tulasi.

Later on, as suggested by Sakharam Sarpotdar, the parents of Shree
Rang christened their copper complexioned babe, Pandurang. And as
such the full name of Shree Rang before leaving his home for the
austere ascetic life was Pandurang Vitthal Valame.