Brain Mysticism and the Radiant Personality of Love – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be announced by the White House!

Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the
White House!

Chapter 5: The Seamless Garment of Love

Brain Mysticism and the Radiant
Personality of Love


The ancient mystics were seeking to attain a “divine” and
“imperishable” body. The Way was a psycho-physical
discipline, represented by the “caduceus,” the ancient
heraldic and medical staff or wand of power and authority,
symbol of the spinal cord and the brain core, or the central
nervous system. The head, or “ajna chakra,” epitomized by
the thalamus (with its two parts or “petals”) and the single
pole of the pineal body, shines in the midst of the “winged”
cerebrum (which is the “sahasrar,” epitomized by the lateral
ventricles and the corona radiata). The central or
cerebrospinal nervous system, when in a state of release
from the ascending (sensory) and descending (motor) or
bipolar motions of the autonomic nervous system (symbolized
by two intertwined serpents), resonates as a single Current
in the brain core. There the Current of Transcendental
Life-Light that Pervades all forms Radiates in the midst of
the two lateral ventricles, which are likened to the two
wings of a bird or angel. (The cerebrospinal core of the
body-mind, when permitted to transcend, to master, or simply
to witness the gross movements of the autonomic nervous
system, is the vehicle of the “astral body” or subtle mind,
capable of psychic flight, dreamlike tours, or intuitive
reflections of all realms of experience within and without
the individual. Thus, the universal inner mechanism, or
caduceus, has also been traditionally and fancifully
symbolized by winged angels and otherwise identified with
superior beings, such as Krishna, Jesus, or Gautama, or
states of experience that are subtler than the gross

At the center is white brightness. Surrounding it is a
blue sphere. And the vision is rounded with a golden yellow
light. Sounds also surround and permeate the place, in an
ascending scale, from deep humming vibrations at the medulla
to tiny flute-like sounds in the upper extremities of the
temporal lobe.

Is this Heaven? Or is it simply the body in its primary
mode, wherein the play of awareness and the senses begins,
and where the heart may remain at rest, undisturbed, attuned
to the Current of Life? The answer should now be obvious to
your thinking mind, but you must also submit to it bodily,
by literal inspection and growth into the states of
contemplation. Mere mentalizing about the limitations or the
excellences of mystical vision is itself the sign of a state
below or less than mystical vision, habitually fixed in the
lower mental and grosser bodily states.

Therefore, enter the Way and ascend to contemplation in
the brain core. Then trace the movement of attention back to
the heart. Then awaken at last beyond all the limits of the
body-mind into Transcendental Identification with the
Radiant Current and Consciousness in which the body-mind is
floating. Only then will the Life-Current penetrate beyond
the brain core and even the brain itself, to Shine in
Transcendental Glory as Bliss, Love, and the very Being of
Consciousness. Only This is Enlightenment. All the rest is
mere experience, the puny occupation of Narcissus, or the
body-mind itself, intent on the survival of its own
illusions of independence and the endless enumeration of
differentiated objects, never surrendered, never floated in
the Real, never transcended, the Bliss of the Eternal never

I am at war with the lingering childhood of Man in the
midst of our dreadful and universal preoccupation with Man
himself. For it is only when Man is surrendered in the
Transcendental Reality that he can grow up into his own
higher consciousness, and only then may he truly and finally
Intuit his Identity with what is prior to Man, which is the
Transcendental Reality itself.

The human individual is nothing more than a poor and
temporary modification of Light, appearing to surround and
emanate from a central core of Light. In Truth, he is
unnecessary, not even an emanation, but only a conventional
appearance, without a Transcendental Cause. Therefore, Man
is called to God, to self-transcendence, wherein the
illusory body-mind is rested in its Transcendental Identity.
Then he is not only Liberated from himself and his world,
but even while he seems to live his actions Demonstrate only
the Radiant Personality of Love.

Enlightenment is the Ecstatic Realization of literal and
prior Identification with the Radiant Transcendental
Consciousness in which the body-mind is floating.
Enlightenment is not an experience, not a state of the
personal body-mind in itself, but the Transcendental
Condition of Existence, in which there is no difference, no
other, no self, no mind, no body, and no world. Therefore,
paradoxically, the conventions of experience-of difference,
other, self, mind, body, and world-are known only in that
Consciousness. They are arising only in that Radiant Life.
They are communicating only that Personality of Love.


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