Cane Collector


Shree Rang in his boyhood, once, had been out for a stroll. He was
accompanied by his school mate Hariprasad Desai.

Unexpectedly these boys happened to see one cane lying by the

Pointing to the cane Hariprased asked Shree Rang. “Can I take

“As no one is seen here; you may keep the cane with you.” Shree

Hariprasad picked up the cane. Shree Rang observed that the cane
was costly. He said “Hari, undoubtedly, the owner of this cane must
be a well-to-do person. “

“It seems so, ” Hariprasad.

“If anybody is seen searching for it, we shall hand it over to
him, ” Shree Rang.

Then wielding the cane at their will Shree Rang and Hariprasad
went ahead.

Few minutes later a ma.- in a particular uniform (He was a peon of
the Collector.) was seen coming from the opposite direction ( that of
these boys were going). It was apparent from his looks that he was in
search of something.

As the man came closer to these boys he noticed the cane with them
and burst aloud, “Halt, ye scamps. From where did you pick up this
cane ? Nay……. You have stolen it. “

“Do you really mean that it is…….. stolen by us? How then it
would have been displayed freely ? ” Shree Rang said without being

But disregarding the serene behaviour of Shree

Rang the arrogant man said in a dominating tone, ” Return the
cane, you knaves ; “

Vexed by the immoderate utterings of the man, Shree Rang sternly
refused to return the cane. Thereupon the man got enraged and tried
to snatch the cane from Shree Rang, but his attempts were foiled.

Shree Rang then asked the man, ” May I know to whom this cane
belongs ?”

“It belongs to the Collector, ” replied the man curtly.

“Well, we would like to see the Collector in person. Be sure we
will hand over this cane to him all right. ” Shree Rang.

Then Shree Rang and Hariprasad were led by the man to the
Collector. Both the boys paid due respects to the Collector saying,
‘Namaste’with folded hands.

The Collector was impressed by the unpretentious attitude of the
boys and,greeted them cordially.

When the Collector saw his cane in the hands of Shree Rang his
face shone with great delight. Impatiently he asked for the cane and
Shree Rang promptly handed over it to him.

The Collector then said to the boys ” I have been newly married
and the cane is a gift from my mother-in-law to me. Therefore, indeed
it is a precious thing for me. You have graciously brought it back to
me intact so soon. Thanks, Boys, I am really pleased with you.”

Afterwards the collector patted Shree Rang and Hariprasad and gave
each one four annas as an acknowledgement. As a mark of respect to
the Collector Shree Rang and Hariprasad accepted the coins.