The Triadic Heart of Siva – Paul Eduardo Muller-Ortega

CHAPTER 3 Heart.

Before we look at these early environments of THE SYMBOL
OF THE HEART IN the symbol, it is important to state that we
are entering a different system of mind-body terms INDIA
PRIOR TO ABHINAVAGUPTA from that which we are acquainted
with. The Heart here finally becomes quite simply a Veda,
Upartiyad-s, Yoga Texts metaphor for consciousness. The
Heart as it will There is little question regarding the
antiquity of be examined in these pages has nothing the
Heart as a religious symbol in India This whatsoever to do
with conceptions of romantic chapter will review briefly the
history of this love, the emotions, ems, the sacred heart of
Jesus symbol beginning with its appearance in the Vedic and
so on. Sa,nhitd-s. While such a cursory examination In a
different vein, it is also important to state cannot do full
justice to the concept of the Heart tithe outset that the
Heart as a pal-Indian prior to Abhinavagupta, this textual
review will symbol never attains the prominence of other,
essentially serve to introduce the symbol of the more
important symbols. The purpose of this Heart, and to lead us
into its appearance in the c.hapter is not to artificially
elevate the Heart to a non-dual Kashmir Shaiva texts. The
richness of status it never had, but simply to trace the the
symbol even in these early environments is development of
the symbol as it surfaces here and profound. The primary
focus of the study must be there in Indian thought in
preparation for maintained: Abhinavagupta’s conception of
the examining it in the one religious context where it