Vision Mound Magazine – Adi Da Community


Volume7 , Number 2


“I’m Talking to Everybody”

from a conversation with Tom Closser

In recent weeks I have clearly noticed the “M-field”
effect in our Communion. Ive always felt it to be true, but
I experience it most directly when I have a conversation
with somebody about our relationship with Love-Ananda. When
I relate experiences from my own life that occurred in
Love-Anandas physical Company, I often discover there were
similar incidents in the other persons life from which they
were able to derive the same understanding that occurred for
me. In moments like this it becomes obvious why telling the
leelas of Da Avadhootas Teaching Work is so important. They
give people a reference, a confirmation, and a fuller
understanding of what they have experienced outside His
physical company.

On many occasions Love-Ananda has taken us to task for
casually using language that suggests we are ever “outside”
His Company. To say something like, “I wasnt in Your Company
when it happened”, goes over like a lead balloon. He asks,
“What do you mean you werent in my Company?” So you get down
to the details and say, “Well, I wasnt in Your physical
Company.” He says, “Well, thats different.” From His point
of view, He has a relationship with many, many people, and
He performs the same Spiritual Function for them that He
does for people who are sitting physically in front of

When He talks in gatherings, there are periods of time
when Hell look up over everybodys head, so that Hes not even
looking at us, and Hell say, “Im not just talking to you
people here. Do you understand?” Hes shouting it. And
sometimes He looks right at the tape recorder and says
passionately: “Im talking to everybody!”