Descending Force – Adi Da Samraj




The Descending Force of Life


In Satsang are manifestations of the ascending and descending quality….they harmonize life, they made it more functional, they make it more easeful.

The energetic manifestations of the Maha-Siddhi are not the point of view of the work, and they are not to be held on to. The manifestation of the ascending and descending force, and of the Shakti is not the point of view of the work or to be sought in the work. It’s an aspect of its spontaneous activity, it’s not its point of view.

Life of Understanding


There is an absolute, timeless infinite, untouched, perfect realm, not describable, which is eternal. And you can call that heaven if you want. It is the God-world. Coming out of the God-world, the God-Light, descending from it.

The Cosmos


I’ve elaborated them as the Heart or the Self or Existence, fundamentally – the Light or the Mind, the Creative Source and Life, or Motion, the Fullness. that which becomes the individual separate self, sense or ego is a reflection stepped down of the first principle of the self or existence, perfect. That which is mind or the differentiating power, realized by experience is the reflection stepped down of the Light, or Mind in its ultimate sense. In that which is experienced as desire, motion, the life energy itself descending and ascending is the reflection stepped down of the principle of Life, or Motion.

Invisible Man


The Expansion of the Heart is without qualification, Radiant in all directions to Infinity, losing its center by including all objects, and losing its boundaries by penetration of all contraction. The Fullness of this Process is also experientially communicated in the upper, or subtle, and lower, or gross, dimensions of the whole body – first to the subtlest, and descending simultaneously to the lowest.

Paradox of Instruction


That Living Current is breathed in a Circle, descending in the front of the body and ascending in the spinal line of the body, between the crown and the feet or the crown and the bodily base of the perineum. It is felt from the heart in all directions. It is love or radiant emotion. We should be constantly relaxed from base to crown or foot to crown into this Living Current, breathing It in the Circle and feeling It from the heart in all directions.

A Bithday Message from Jesus and Me


When does spiritual life get real? When is comes into the body and becomes part of the practice of spirit conductivity.

The physical body bears the signs and functions of the form of reality. Just so does every other body in every realm.

A physical body represents the basic circuit of real form. Most important are the two primary entrances of force or consciousness. These are the navel region and the aperture at the top of the head. These are the primary centers of connection and turning of the current of existence.

The navel is the entrance of formal energy, the center where all descending energies are received. The aperture of the head is the entrance of consciousness or subtle force, the center where all ascending energies are received. At the aperture of the head the ascending energies are returned or turned to descent. At the navel region the descending energies are returned or turned to ascent.

The upper center represents that aspect we call consciousness. The lower center represents that aspect we call form or extension.

The Circuit or process of reality involves many centers or formulations of the qualities in reality. Thus, we perceive the full circle or cycle of that form. But is is all in fact a process ultimately between the two primary poles, consciousness and form, represented in the region of the head’s aperture and the region of the navel.

The process of existence is a kind of alchemy between these two primary aspects. They are simultaneous and continuous, but their conscious realization depends upon a subtle and direct understanding of their form at any moment. This understanding is symbolized and intuited indirectly in the expressions of traditional alchemy as well as all systems, occult, theological, religious, spiritual, philosophical, psychological, etc. But real understanding is a direct matter of present consciousness.

Power and Consciousness



Experience of the thumbs. I called it the thumbs just like I called the spiritual light the “bright.” These are both demonstrations of aspects of the circle of force which is native to life.

Here the descending in the form of the thumbs, and prior to that the ascending in the form of recollection of the embryonic rotate. I go on here just to describe the difference between this experience of the thumbs and what took place in later times in meditation, when it was finally allowed to take place.

When it was allowed to take place, then a third element was demonstrated, and that is the unity of the descending and the ascending life. When the thumbs were allowed to penetrate completely, when there was opening to it, full allowance of it in consciousness and life there was a reversal, what I felt at the time as a reversal of the current of awareness, of the current of life. And all it was, really, was the descending fully descended and connected then with the ascending. And at that point there was the loss of the sense of containment, either up or down, as complete movement into the fully realized spherical or continuous circular motion of force without obstruction, and when that occurred the condition of manifest existence became coincident with and equivalent to full illumination or realization. It no longer provided an obstruction. Living in the manifest condition then, was the same as being eternal, immortal, the samadhi of the full circle (which was enjoyed later on) which began to be enjoyed later on, is in the third aspect of this revelation of the human mechanism.

Now these matters that are dealt with in this section here are the signs of the yogic aspects

Life of Understanding


As a mechanical matter, at the level of the body-mind itself, health is fundamentally a matter of becoming freely responsible for the living current in Its descending or frontal mode. Healing another is fundamentally a matter of working on this frontal current, helping to bring the person, not just physically, but in every way, into a condition of openness to the living current, so that there exist no relational, physical, emotional, psychic, or mental obstructions or reasons for contraction that limit the flow of force.

Frontal Reception of the Spirit Force

“It is from here that the spirit current descends into the body, giving life and strength to the physical frame and its respective limbs. This spirit current plays an important part in the nourishment of the body and if this is cut off from any part, it loses all vitality and forthwith ceases to function”. The Soul’s Journey – Param Sant Kirpal Singh


The self-indulgent and irresponsible person is not aware that all action, all manifestation, is itself sacrifice. Speech is sacrifice. Sexual activity, even emotional-sexual relationship itself, is sacrifice. All action tends to break the life-current, the sphere of descending and ascending force. Where action is performed, the internal circle of life, or energy, tends to be broken and released temporarily. Do that enough, do it in ignorance and absolutely, and there is only death as a result. Do it intelligently, and it gives life, it generates life through relationship, for relationship is a universal duplication of the internal circle of energy. To sacrifice oneself, or open oneself, into relationship is to realize the greater Form, the true and perfect Circle, the Completion that transcends limited, or separative, individuality. Therefore, true and conscious sacrifice is a form of completion, not of interruption or separation.



These Signs There Should Appear Progressive Evidence Of What I Have, Since Childhood, Called “The Thumbs”. Beginning In The “Basic” Context Of The Fourth Stage Of Life In The Way Of The Heart, There Should Be At Least Occasional experience Of An Intense Invasion Of The Frontal Line By The Grace-Given Spirit-Force, Beginning At the top of the head and Descending Into The lower vital Region To the bodily base.

The Dawn Horse Testament


The way, then, to submit whole bodily when the body-mind is in a contracted state is to place your attention lower down in the line of the frontal Current, place it in the lower abdomen, in the genital region, in the perineum. In these regions there is in general a residual sense of pleasure, because there is a portion of this Current always descending – it does leak through this knot, you see. Thus if you place attention in this pleasurable expression of the Current, the knot, which is being reinforced by holding attention in this anxious place will tend to relax. Then resort to the devotional disposition, and, the practice of, conductivity will be found to be fruitful”.

The Art of Spiritual Life


The senior tradition of the Kundalini Shakti is associated with a process in the total Circle of the body mind. This is because the descending and circulating Spirit Power moves in the total natural circuit of the body mind. Thus, the descending and circulating Spirit Power first enters the frontal line, where the foundation work of opening and purifying the physical, the etherie, the emotional, and the mental personality must he accomplished. Then, potentially, once the frontal line is sufficiently purified to allow the descending Kundalini Shakti to turn about at the bodily base, the Kundalini Shakti spontaneously begins the upward Yogic course. Thus, because the true process Generated hy Kundalini Shaktipat Works first in the frontal line and then in the spinal line, the Kundalini Shaktipat tradition actually begins in the Event of the truly Spiritual Initiation of the “basic” fourth stage of life, and, thereafter, it continues in the “advanced” fourth stage of life and the fifth stage of life.

Kundalini Shakti


The second stage is the time of developing a conscious relationship to the descending aspect of the Life-Force and feeling-sensitivity to the polarities of male and female.

Four Primary Principles of Childhood