Authority, Certainty, Growth, and Freedom – In an Age of Uncertainty and Doubt – Adi Da Samraj



is the White and Orange

The Sixth and Seventh Stages of

 Editors note: The following is an excepted and
edited talk given by Adi Da Samraj on April 6, 1987

taken from The Way of The Heart Student Text Series, Vol
1, No 2

Certainty, Growth and Freedom

an Age of Uncertainty and


ADI DA SAMRAJ: The sixth stage of life is about
identification with the transcendental state, Consciousness
Itself, ultimately to the exclusion of phenomena. Just as
the fifth stage of life is involved in the subtlest reaches
of objectivity, the sixth stage of life is immersion in the
ultimate domain of subjectivity, beyond the psyche. It is
identification with Consciousness prior to objects, as if
the limits on Consciousness had been released by passing
beyond the context of space-time, and you had brought
yourself to stand prior to the Big Bang, before there was
space or space-time, before there were objects, before there
were mind, body, and conditionality in any form. That is
transcendental Realization, but it is simply another


The Seventh Stage – The Native Capacity of

The highest stage is the Divine stage, the stage of the
Realization of the Divine Nature of Consciousness. That
Realization carries with it the native capacity to
“Recognize” whatever apparently arises, even if space does
arise, even if space-time arises, even if conditions arise,
the body arises, psyche arises, others arise. The arising of
anything does not limit the Divine. Likewise, it does not
limit the Realizer of the Divine Condition.

The seventh stage of life is not merely a kind of
dramatization or demonstration of the sixth stage

It is actually a great transition

to a completely different Disposition and


that no longer depends

at all

on any process

of inversion

or dissociation


is not about

the separate psyche,

the separate being,

the separate soul,

the separate entity,

although the Realizer

of the Divine Condition

may be apparently


with conditional existence

and conditional beings

of all kinds.

The seventh stage of life is characterized

not only by identification

with the Transcendental Reality

That is Consciousness Itself,

but by

the true Realization


the Transcendental Reality

to the point

of recollecting

its Siddhi,

its native Power,

which is Recognition,

its native

or fundamental


with its own

inherent Radiance,

of Which

everything conditional

is simply

an appearance,

an apparent modification.

The seventh stage Disposition

is utterly free of self-contraction.

It is infinitely Radiant

and it Recognizes everything

in that Radiance.

The seventh stage Demonstration

is therefore unique.

It is the ultimate Demonstration.

That Demonstration may appear

through a variety of signs

associated with the phases of




and the ultimate Demonstration of