Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself – Beezone – Adaptation – Adi Da Samraj


Edited and Adapted
by Beezone from a talk by Adi Da Samraj published in Love of
the Two-Armed Form

Beyond Subhuman Sexuality


Don’t Get Ahead of
Yourself – Beezone adapatation

aware that without having become truly responsible for the
conventional reactive disposition of the body-mind you
should not entertain the consideration of the esoteric
matters. You must stay with the basics.

Just because your mind may
comprehend an esoteric principle does not mean you’ve
realized anything about it. You may like the idea of
applying esoteric principles to your understanding of
spiritual matters, but it is complete nonsense. Because you
are not responsible, not truly human you will simply be
using knowledge as a way of reinforcing the self-possessed
motives of your ordinary and unillumined life. This is one
reason since ancient times esoteric practices were not
introduced to those who did not demonstrate a level of
adaptation at the foundational levels. It was only when
foundational levels of practices were established that
esoteric practices were introduced into the spiritual

All true religion and spirituality
are about Communion, whether they be Buddhist, Christian,
Islamic, Hebrew or whatever. Religion and spirituality are
not about ideas and subjectivism, but about adapting the
body-mind literally to the All-Pervading Current and
Consciousness that is the Great Space, the Divine.

Religious and spiritual life is
about practice. It is about what you do. It is about
changing your action and adapting in a new way. These
adaptations do not involve intellectual and cognitive
understanding at the brain centers only. They involve
bringing ones bodily life, one’s vital life into
confrontation with what is already always the case, the

The evolutionary mechanism
associated with higher and previously esoteric religion is
essentially associated with the central nervous system and
the present subhuman or not yet fully developed
practitioners must grow beyond his or her present limits via
a process of higher personal and moral acculturation, and
via superior, religious or esoteric spiritual disciplines.
Those disciplines involve participatory submission of the
individual body-mind into the universal

This wisdom is not a new invention
of my own. It has been the basic presumption behind esoteric
societies all over the world for countless centuries.

In ancient times a practitioner was not
considered fit to enter into esoteric spiritual matters
until he or she demonstrated responsibility for the
reactive, self-possessed, self-divided patterns of ordinary

Spiritual understanding involves a
practice of purification, liberation, and awakening.
Esoteric spiritual understanding involves the transcendence
of the ego, or conditional attention and this develops by
stages. This involves the transcendence of superficial
intellectual understandings commonly mistaken for spiritual

What must become your responsibility
is for the submission of specific psycho-physical functions,
specific structures of the body-mind, to the All-Pervading
Life, so that the All-Pervading Current of Life can
transform the whole and entire body-mind. All of the forms
of personal and moral and religious preparation must be
realized before the individual is prepared to make use of
esoteric teachings and practices.

We must understand what we are
presently, actively doing, contracting. If we are to evolve
we must unlock the knots of the body mind. We must bring to
consciousness, the energies in our vital centers first. We
must become responsible for the basics in all the forms of
recoil, reactivity and begin to discipline the

Only when the delusions of pseudo
modern psychology and spirituality are transcended by
insight, transcendence and practice can we begin to evolve.
Until then it’s only the talking school.

The Life-Force must become magnified
in the body-mind and the body-mind must become transformed.
It is only then we can go on to grow through the structural
responsibilities until everything dissolves in The Great
Radiant Space of Being.


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