There’s No Escape, There’s Only Realization – Adi Da Samraj

The Yajna Discourses of Santosha Adi Da (1995-1996)

There’s No Escape, There’s Only Realization

A Gathering “Consideration” with Beloved Bhagavan Adi Da
In The Manner of Flowers On January 5, 1995


AVATARA ADI DA: So I had to come inside the church and
drop the egg here, too. And that’s what this tenth year
anniversary is about. You see? So that Event ten years ago
was Raymond Darling in the church dropping the egg. Yet the
thing itself was written twenty-five, going on twenty-six,
years ago. And it was actually worked on for many years
previous to that. And yet you can see the corresponding
Event, as I just Indicated to you, as a spontaneous Event in
My own Play, My own Work with you, My own Sign among you.
And a most profound one, from inside the church, trapped
inside the church, like Raymond Darling, in this ritual
confinement, la-de-da repetitiveness and self-indulgence.
Its mummery, its mockery of the profundity of religion,
wherein I am exploited and abused. That’s My history among

So what you celebrate from ten years ago is the
culminating Event in that situation. But even so, ten years
later, you’ve still been working Me over, especially up
until a couple of few weeks ago, and I’m still Instructing
you in some very basic matters that have to do with the
beginning process and I’m still looking for people to

So I’m still in the church. I didn’t leave, but I’m just
Radiant here, waiting for you to find Me out, for real, and
get on with this practice. You do your work and I Do Mine.
And rightly you should keep it amusing for Me. That’s how
you keep Me involved in it. [long pause]

[to Devotee] Did you finish what you wanted to

DEVOTEE: Well, I was just, for me it was just an
extraordinary Communication of Who You Are altogether. And I
was just completely grateful for that.

AVATARA ADI DA: Good old Who I Am. Yes, go on. Anything

DEVOTEE: No, I think that’s it.

AVATARA ADI DA: Anybody else? Are we still having a

DEVOTEE: We are.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, I was considering something relative to
The Mummery in a whole new light this evening. Which is that
before having fully heard You and then seen You, there’s
this identification with egoic self. And I felt like the
places where Meridian Smith appears in The Mummery I assume
to be places where Raymond is identified with egoic self in
some way.


DEVOTEE: He’s always slapping him and waking him back up
to reality.

AVATARA ADI DA: Moving him on. Mm-hm.

DEVOTEE: But then, about half way through The Mummery ,
there’s a point where Meridian Smith walks off into the
woods, and that’s it. And then it seems that he moves more
into the Witness, and just having that simple knot which is
then totally exemplified with the death of his beloved
Quandra, observing her in the casket.

AVATARA ADI DA: And what is that a reference to? This is
something else profound to understand. That’s why I’ve added
a quote at the beginning of The Mummery .

DEVOTEE: “This Maya is such . . .”

AVATARA ADI DA: Yes. That this, in so many words, this
great Shakti Manifesting as the world reveals the Truth by
dying, or by being sacrificed to the Divine Source-Condition
– the Vedanta Temple Event. But that quote, not only is that
a forward or reference to the ultimate Vedanta Temple Event,
but it is also a clue to the meaning of the dead Quandra. It
is the Radiance, the Shakti-Force, turning in on Itself,
dying so to speak, turning back in on Its Source instead of
being just oriented toward the production of

That’s the dead Quandra. But then there are visions and
such that follow, staring in the door, into the egg. So this
death relinquishes the body, but the mind also, and there
are subtle dimensions to the purification. But ultimately
the egg is dropped. The ego is relinquished. The knot is
smashed, the knot is broken.

So its the secret of the Vedanta Temple, the Submission
of the Divine Power into the Source-Position, Outshining all
illusion, all mere objectivity.

You know?

So it is the end of the adventure, the Perfect
Realization of the “Bright”, the Perfect Manifestation of
the “Bright”. No more adventure, no more Meridian Smith,
nothing more to Realize. No more separation from That Which
was Guiding. Perfect Identification with It. That’s what The
Mummery is about. That’s what the Vedanta Temple is about.
But then there’s all kinds of other aspects of My Work, as I
just Described to you, about ten years, that are also inside
The Mummery .

So the end of The Mummery is the Vedanta Temple Event,
yes, that’s true-theres all kinds of things about it that
are true. But the various other aspects of what was inside
before then have been unfolded also in various moments of My
Sign among you. So ultimately, then, the dropping of the egg
is Divine Translation.

So you’re here to Realize Me, but you’re also here to
keep Me in the church. So you don’t want to be working Me
over. You want to transcend the mummery, keep Me among you,
and practice truly. Then its not a mummery anymore. Until
then, The Mummery is a mockery of you, in some sense, you
see. But, instead, it should be something you could truly
laugh at and be clowns in because you’ve transcended it.