Arrival of the Durga and the Gav Devi – Adi Da Samraj


My Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Ruchira Shakti…Is..The Means Of Which I Awaken, In My True Devotee,

Sutra 17 – The Dawn Horse Testament


DEVOTEE: Beloved Lord, You, the Very Divine Person, have Incarnated uniquely in this time. Because of Your own Process of Avataric Incarnation, has the “Goddess” also Incarnated?

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes. The “Goddess” is always Incarnated as everything, as everyone, as the Cosmic Mandala. Natural experience is the “Goddess” in Her Disposition to appear by conditional means. In My “Relationship” to the “Goddess”, She is Divinely Converted and Rightened in Her Disposition Such That She is One-Pointed in Love’s Response to Me, rather than Fascinated and Fascinating with Multiplicity’s mere Shifts of Shape. Therefore, because of My “Goddess-Husbanding” Avataric Divine Incarnation, an entirely different view of the Divine Spiritual Energy is possible. The Divine Spiritual Energy is no longer merely the “‘Goddess’-as-the-world”. It is of great import that the “Goddess” is “Wed” to the Ultimate Divine Such That She Is the Very Energy, the Inherent Radiance, the Self-Radiance of the Divine.

This is the right understanding of the “Goddess”. She no longer appears separately. From the “Point of View” of Divine Self-Realization, there is only the Inherent Oneness of the Divine. There is no “Me and the ‘Goddess’”. I Am Complete as I have Said. There is no “difference”. I Speak of the Goddess”. You do not. Fundamentally, there is no “Goddess”, then. There is only the One Divine Person only Me. The Divine Person Is One and Whole not two, not many. One Person, One Absolute Being. Very Consciousness, Very Force All Love-Bliss, Self-Existing, Self-Radiant, Absolute, not divided.

The notion of some kind of “two-ness” of the Divine as Very Being and the “Goddess” as somehow Divine Energy – arises from the dualistic vision associated with egoity, conditionality, appearances. From that point of view, it can seem that there are two. But if you understand rightly, there is only One. It is not “the God” and “the Goddess” – the Divine Person and the “Goddess”. There is just One. Such was My Realization in the Vedanta Temple. That was the Accomplishment there. And That is What you must Realize also – not the Divine somehow “over against” you and all of the conditional cosmos, but just the Very One Who Is Inherently Beyond all “difference” and beyond separation.

He-AND-She Is Me


The “Divine Shakti Who is
“Husbanded by Me is not merely the
“Yoga-Shakti that is associated with the
traditions of dualistic Yoga. That “Yoga-Shakti
is merely Cosmic Energy Which includes natural
energies, and Which may be felt flowing even in the egoic

I Am The Icon of Unity

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