Easy Mummery

It is Easy to

Institutionalize Mummery

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Excerpt 1

What Are the Circumstances?

What are the circumstances in which you are receiving My Teaching? What rightness of relationship to Me do you actually live and uphold—as an individual, as a culture, collectively, and as an institution with many different modes of responsibility? What does it actually amount to? What are the circumstances in which you are receiving this Blessing, this Revelation, this Teaching? Is it right? Is it legitimate? Can you rightly claim to be my devotee? Are you relating to me rightly, correctly, through gifts, appropriately? Or are you like a member of Saint and Ear?

I Call you to consider this very seriously. Even as a basic fundamental consideration of this culture, this gathering, on a constant basis. Because the errors of egoity, as they may be enacted on Me as your by-you declared Master, those errors are always at hand. If you enter into some kind of collective indifference or agreement that corresponds to those errors, then you institutionalize falsehood and wrong relationship to me.

Excerpt 2

Easy to Create a Prison

It’s easy to create a prison for Me here, by coming into some kind of collective agreements that inadvertently institutionalize Narcissus, and call it Adidam. It is easy to institutionalize mummery, which is what Narcissus makes when he becomes many. And mummery is a prison house, a state mental facility, for Me.