Evolution is a Grinding Stone



Evolution is a Grinding Stone
Various excerpts from Adi Da Samraj

What I’m describing to you all is a process that belongs to the further evolution of humanity. At best it belongs to thousands, millions, billions of years in the future for the race. This is why is is frustrating. I’ve realized why it is frustrating to me because I’m talking to people who are in a moment in the evolution of existence that has nothing whatever to do with the ultimate Truth of existence, that’s only in the, infancy, still in the slime, still dependent, still wanting consolations in the realm of changes, still violent, still self-possessed. So don’t imagine for a moment that it is an easy matter, that you can just listen to this and you’re in Sahaj Samadhi. It is the work of evolution itself, the work of the universe itself, it’s the obligation, the law of eternal existence that we are considering and that our relationship generates and regenerates. You cannot do it casually. You can’t respond casually. You can’t be committed casually to your ordinary destiny. You must become changed.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: But what is your motive? The One Contemplated is the same, regardless of the level or degree or kind of Realization. It is the one who Contemplates who makes the difference and “difference” is what is made. So what is your motive? What are you looking toward? Improvements in gross embodiment? Evolution into other planes? Or “Divine Translation”?

DEVOTEE: Just You. I have no interest in the rest.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Nonsense! [Laughter.] There is a motive. It must be discovered. To discover it is fundamental to sadhana. There is not only the Contemplation. There is the transcendence of self by means of Contemplation. This self that is to be transcended is a design. It is a motive. It is an effort.

There are thousands of people all over the world, perhaps millions of them are imagining that they are involved with some sort of higher psychological, religious or spiritual practice but they have not fulfilled the condition of the fourth stage of life. They don’t live the life of God-Communion, they don’t transcend the heart of narcissus, they indulge themselves childishly with all kinds of religious organizations, spiritual cults, and all kinds of people associated with them, and typically they are involved with forms of renunciation, mystical inversion, and external manipulation. None of that has anything to do with enlightenment nor does it produce the signs of evolution.

The illusory defined “I” (as a being) proceeds by experience and in accordance with the functional laws pertaining to every discrete dimension of the pattern of totality to enlarge itself toward Infinity through evolutionary accumulations. Once the spell of self-definition, other-definition, and separation or unlove is broken, there may be direct release of feeling-attention from the contractions of independent being into the radical intuition of unqualified being. Such is the direct Way into prior being. It is the Way of Divine Ignorance, since it does not proceed by knowledge of the independent being but by radical intuition of unqualified prior being. When that intuitive sacrifice of feeling-attention to Infinity is true in any moment, there is only Bliss or Radiance, prior to all differentiation (subjective or objective). Persistence in this sacrifice Realizes literal Translation of the whole body-being (“I”) into Ignorance-Radiance, or Bliss.

The evolution of the body-mind is the end result of spiritual practice. It is simply that the mechanism native to man, which is an urge in human beings toward evolution within the cosmic scheme must be awakened in you. It is part of your body-mind.

You must understand the things that you regard to be Divine, all the mystical artifacts that you may be seen. These have nothing whatever to do with God, they are expressions of the nervous system, or the evolutionary mechanism inside the body-mind. These things must and will be awakened and perceived but also must be transcended.

You must fulfill the evolutionary law but you must also transcend it.

Those who imagine this evolutionary mechanism is simply some sort of energy in the nervous system you see don’t understand that it is a Divine matter.

You could take the abstract category of “evolution” and talk about it from many different points of view. You could generate all kinds of mind-forms relative to “evolution”. But, after you have said it all, no real experience will have been added, and you will remain in the same state as when you first asked the question.

Therefore, your question about evolution is not your real question. Your real question is your own actual state. That is the question you are truly asking, the question you are always asking. You present your very life to the world in the form of a question.

You are this real question. But you conceal the question from your ordinary conscious awareness. Therefore, the question exists only as your chronic state-your suffering, your search, your dilemma.

Ordinarily, you do not verbally ask your real question. You only live it and enact it – as seeking, suffering, and death. Sadhana is the means whereby human beings become conscious of their real question.

There is absolutely no point whatsoever in talking about evolution. Your concern over evolution is an arbitrary distraction you have selected from the pattern of your own tendencies. You have chosen this particular concern from among the general confusion of your ordinary state – whereas it is your confusion itself that should be your genuine concern. All your questions are forms of this dilemma, this state of confusion. Every question is in the form of a dilemma, and every verbal or mental dilemma is an expression of the underlying state that shapes every moment of the usual life.

The question about evolution represents a form of concern, a search. That is what is communicated to Me by your question. Your question has no real content other than your seeking. It is only because this crisis is occurring that you have the least interest in evolution.

…psychophysiological evolution is not what true spiritual life is. Spiritual life is the realization of Truth within the conditions of this experiential evolution to which man is already psycho-physically disposed. In other words, this development of experience, or this psychophysical evolution of the being, is not itself the Truth. It is our potential. As we grow in any stage of life, at any stage of experience, we must spiritualize our existence. We must realize the Divine as the Condition of all conditions. The possible experiences themselves and varying degrees of subtlety and knowledge are not God-Realization, however high they may be on the scale of human potential.

Transcendental Realization has nothing whatever to do with evolution. Evolution is about the continuation and development of the programs. Transcendental Realization is about transcending the programs, the mechanisms, all of Nature. Thus, Transcendental Realization is not something that appears through evolution or that has anything fundamentally to do with these programs or with Nature as a whole. It has nothing to do with any of that. It is about transcending all of it. As soon as you enter into the stream of transcendence or Transcendental Realization, you are going beyond the illusion of Nature altogether, not merely improving your program, you see.

Evolution is a grinding stone that pulverizes you to the point of availability to God.

Only through the manifestation of love does this principal food appear in human terms.

There can’t be any withholding, for any reason whatsoever, without violating the fundamental functional demand of human life. Love is not a petty affair. It is not just better if you love others. It is an absolute demand and responsibility to love and be free. Only thus do we make available in human terms the Divine process, and only thus is anything like the perfection or true realization of human existence possible. It depends on love. Then it can become elemental and alive. Then the bodies can be improved, and all the rest. But until love is established as the communicated theatre of our common life, there is no perfection, no evolution of humanity. It is mired in its lower life, and detained in its mental life.

The evolution of man, if that is something actual at all, isnt going to be achieved gradually from eon to eon. It will be produced by mankinds becoming conscious, living already in the Divine.

DEVOTEE: Can you still talk about the process of evolution within the paradox of simultaneity of the past, present, and future?

DA FREE JOHN: Yes. To be highly evolved in human terms is to be capable (while remaining fundamentally present as a human individual) of consciously, psychically entering into a time-space framework that is profoundly expanded beyond your present conception, which is a fixed space-time perception.

Now, if human beings in general began to adapt themselves in all kinds of new ways along these lines, you might begin to look different physically. Not only might you look different physically, but part of your appearance could be energy. Now we do not tend to see very much of the energy in which we are all appearing, but the body is expressive of energy, and that energy could become commonly visible. In other words, it could be a convention of perception, not just an uncommon occurrence seen in the case of somebody extraordinary. This mind could be of a different kind, the chemistry of the body-mind could be totally transformed. Walking around, appearing among others, you would see the light emanating from your own body and emanating from others, and you would contact one another through association at the level of energy and psyche. And that dimension in which you function psychically would be visible physically. You would see your own minds, in other words. Now you can only see the body, but you would see the mind as well. You would see the energy field in which mind is operative, and you would observe that mind is not in the body, but is in that field of universal energy and therefore has no fixed location.

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