Eternal Vow – Adidam








The Sacred Vow of the Society of Advocates

(4th Congregation, or beginner’s vow)

Beloved Bhagavan Avatar Adi Da Samraj,



Having studied and “considered” Your Word and Leela, I
recognize that Your Divine Instruction, Demonstration, and
Blessing-Transmission are an incomparable Gift. I therefore
choose to make this vow of a free and direct devotional
relationship to You as a fourth congregation member of the
Transnational Society of Advocates of the Adidam Revelation.
I accept Your Graceful Offering to live and serve as Your
devotee. I understand that my responsive relationship to You
is the sacred Means whereby I am Blessed by the Divine
Freedom and Happiness that is Your own Love-Blissful
Condition and Your Supreme Gift to Your devotees. I enter
into this relationship with respect and love, knowing that
it is not in any sense a conventional or worldly matter.
Rather, I understand that my relationship to You is a
profound and serious commitment that obliges me to resort to
You consistently and to serve You steadfastly and
energetically. I understand that by these means I become
progressively more and more available to Your Transforming

As a fourth congregation member of the Society of
Advocates, I understand that my primary obligation is to
practice Ruchira Buddha Yoga (the Yoga, or practice, of
devotional love of You, the Ruchira Buddha). I will do this
by practicing the technically “simplest” practice of
feeling-Contemplation of You, in which I simply Invoke You,
feel You, breathe You, and serve You.

You have Said, “The technically ‘simplest’ practice is a
profound practice. Although it does not include all the
technical details of the more elaborate forms of practice,
it is the same process and the same opportunity that I Offer
to all My devotees. I can Awaken to Myself any being who
really practices the technically ‘simplest’ practice. It is
simply a matter of surrendering to Me, and becoming utterly
combined with Me through that devotional surrender. You must
simply do that, in direct relationship to Me, such that I am
making My connection to You.”

I also understand that my sadhana as a fourth
congregation member of the Society of Advocates is to be
principally expressed through my offering of consistent
service to You, including (but not limited to) service to
the publications missions (which is the particular
responsibility of all members of the Society of Advocates),
as well as a consistent monthly or regular pledge according
to my means. I promise that through this direct, energetic,
and always heartfelt service, I will do my utmost to advance
Your Circumstance and Divine World-work, guided by Your
Instructions, and in cooperation with my fellow devotees. I
vow to consistently maintain and enlarge my service to You
so that I may increasingly receive and be transformed by
Your Blessing-Grace.

Beloved Bhagavan Adi Da, I thank You from my heart for
the Gift of this free and most sacred relationship. I
embrace You as Divine Guru, Giver of Truth and
Heart-Blessing to all beings. I bow down to You with love
and devotion.