Evolution of Adi Da – Yoga of Consideration to The God Man is Here


The Evolution of Adi Da
From Franklin Jones to Adi Da Samraj

“Everyone must understand the
Nature of My Divine Avataric Lifetime
What My Divine Avataric Lifetime has Been as a Process.”

Adi Da Samraj – 2008


“The fullest awareness of My Nature and Work and the import of it altogether was Revealed in the years after the Vedanta Temple incident. All of it was accomplished there, but the Revelations to the mind so that It could be spoken fully and clearly were progressive.”

The Sign of My ‘Brightness’, 1993

I entered this world without dissociation from the
Divine Conscious Being, the Great Purusha, the ultimate
Divine, but I have also been given all the limits of human
experience. The force of the Divine Consciousness keeps me
Awakened and transforms the process of life as I live it,
but I must also suffer the limitations of born existence in
the process. I have suffered a human lifetime as if I were
unenlightened.” –
Bodily Location of Happiness

“(The full import of my
incarnation has been) progressively revealed—all about
the deeper personality, all about the Nature of My Work
altogether. There were many Revelations up to the Vedanta
Temple Event and many after. I have described the progress
in My own case as True Heart-Master in
Dawn Horse Testament
Much of the fullest awareness of My Nature and Work and the
import of it altogether was Revealed in the years after the
Temple incident
. All
of it was accomplished there, but the Revelations to the
mind so that It could be spoken fully and clearly were
progressive, as I have explained and as I have clearly
Demonstrated in all the years before now, all the years
previous to My Divine Emergence

Adi Da Samraj,


Listen to Adi Da talk
about his ‘gradual awakening’ – 1973

“I must speak the truth of
Reality for a new generation of the world. My experience of
this truth and the present dilemma of the world cannot allow
me to speak of a path that is not radically effective,
inclusive and true to life as well as the truth itself. It
is time for an end to all seeking, all temporary wisdom, all
motivating symbols, all exploitation. The present world,
unlike the ancient one, has decided radically for life.
Therefore, its path and its realization must be
unqualifiedly alive. It must not only realize the truth
prior to creation, but it must realize the truth of
creativity itself.”

– The Knee of
Listening – Written in 1970


“The Way is to
yield the self, the
in all of its faculties, to the degree of Samadhi,
and then to be drawn in that Samadhi to My Perfect
Position, Prior to the body-mind, and enter into
That Most Profoundly until you Realize there is
only Me. And in that Realization it will be the
same as to say that there is only You.”
Da Samraj – 1996


1939 – Born with intuition of
(Brilliant Clear White Heart-Light).

1960“awakening, utter
transformation, sudden realization, conscious realization
and intuition of the Divine reality, Amrita

Testing, psychic opening, internal
work of writing leads to external work.

1964 – Finding a teacher,
Albert Rudolph (Rudi – Rudrananda).

1967 – Lutheran Seminary,
Philadelphia –
Death of Narcissus

Stage of Life

Beginning of independence, following
‘the force’.

“The fulfillment of my own work
of self-transcendence in the context of the..four(th) stage
of life was…in..a..spontaneous ordeal of ego-death (three
and one-half years previous to..my…Re-Awakening”

Dawn Horse Testament – Chapter 42

“After a time I got up from the
floor. I walked around and beamed joyfully at the room. The
blissful, unthreatened current of reality continued to
emanate from my heart, and not a pulse of it was modified by
my own existence or the existence of the world. I had
acquired a totally new understanding. I understood Narcissus
and the whole truth of suffering and search. I saw the
meaning of my whole life to that moment. Suffering, seeking,
self-indulgence, spirituality and all the rest were founded
in the same primary motivation and error. It was the
avoidance of relationship in all its forms.”
of Listening – Chapter 9

“The seminary event can be said to
be an expression or a realization of Jnana Samadhi, but it
was not the end of the process.”
Indoor Yajna, 1987 –


He visits
Swami Muktananda in India

during April. Returns to New York and involves himself with
Scientology. Returned to Scientology to ‘investigate’
continued arising content.

Nirvikalpa Samadhi – The Great Yogic
Event of “Penetration” of the True “Maha-Bindu” –
Stage of Life

Discovery, contents of mind and body
experience are not what needs to be handled. “the one
who reacts
is also part of the contents. what is
directly experienced is simply the mind itself, is the
mechanism, the screen that reflects experience, the complex
of I-That.” There is only Consciousness. Sadhana is
necessary for purification.”

The Last Day at Swami Muktananda’s

“I had awakened as the Self, the
Witness, the ultimate reality of the ancient scriptures.
Sixth Stage of Life
Whereas we ordinarily remain conscious as the capsule entity
contained in the body I had awakened as the One who truly is
the life and consciousness of the body and al things. I had
seen consciousness move from that absolute and most prior
state down through the levels of being, toward bodily
consciousness. I’d seen bodily consciousness from the point
of view of the Self, Siva, or Siva-Shakti, the universal
Being that lives all things. Ordinarily we identify with the
point of view of bodily consciousness; either we strive to
survive as that dying entity in the face of all obstacles,
or else we try by spiritual effort to attain the realization
of Self or divine consciousness. But I awakened as that
Self, and everything is always and already being

of Understanding – Week 3


July ends relationship with
and in August returns to India and spends a month with Baba
Muktananda. Receives name from Muktananda, Sri Dhyanananda

“…You are a promising student
of Shree Gurudev Ashram. Chiti Shakti, the Kundalini, which
brings about Siddha Yoga, is activated in you. You have also
studied Vedanta The Inner Self which is the secret of
Vedanta, the basis of religion, the realisation of which is
the ultimate object of human life, is awakened in

Only he who has himself seen can
show unto others. On the same principle you can now initiate
others into meditation.”

shows Franklin
the fifth stage signs of Spiritual Transfiguration of the
physical body

Returns to New York. In November
finishes ‘Water and Narcissus’. Begins teaching.


1970 – Franklin Jones

February – Severing of sahasrar, “headless horseman” – Knee
of Listening,

May – returns to India to

June – Vision of Virgin Mary – more
Mother (Shakti)

July – August – Christian

August – Settles in Los

September – ‘Attains’ full
at the Vedanta Temple
in Los

Shakti and Siva merge.

First of the three Siddhis. The
Siddhi was associated with the seven stages of life and it’s
culmination in Full Enlightenment.

“Much of the fullest awareness of
My Nature and Work and the import of it altogether was
Revealed in the years after the Vedanta Temple incident. All
of it was accomplished there, but the Revelations to the
mind so that It could be spoken fully and clearly were
progressive, as I have explained and as I have clearly
Demonstrated in all the years before now, all the years
previous to My Divine Emergence here.”

“Many extraordinary
Siddhis appeared, and, with them, many unusual
natural siddhis. My teaching work began
mysteriously, and by these means.”
The Dawn
Horse Testament – Chapter 4

“And this released the
Siddhi of Who I Am into the context of this
body-mind, and it spontaneously initiated the
Siddhi of my Teaching Work, which was the Siddhi of
submitting these gross and deeper mechanisms to
others in the play of Teaching. This was a purpose
inherent in Who I Am”
Adi Da Samraj
is Nothing Left But the


“After the Events described
in The Knee of Listening, there was a period of
time when the universe, the cosmic process, was
Meditated in Me. Various siddhis, or Yogic and
occult powers, became manifested. The movement, or
process, of the cosmos is a Meditation, a purifying
Event. Everything is Satsang. There is only
Satsang. It is Eternal. But after this is all seen
to be so, It must be lived. After the period in
which the siddhis appeared, life became a matter of
dealing with existence as it truly is, as

– The Method of the

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The form of the Siddha that we are
specifically concerned with and that can become apparent to
us and to this human condition is the human Siddha, and the
particular work of the human Siddhas is, first of all, after
taking birth, to transform the psycho-physical entity, or
function, in which they are manifest. So you usually see in
the lifetime of such a One, a period of time of very
difficult struggle, because they must transform or evolve
the psycho-physical life that they are animating in a very
brief period of time; they must do in a very short time what
all other beings by tendency would take eons to do. So the
apparent life of such an individual is usually very
dramatic, very intense. The sadhana of such individuals is
very intense, usually under difficult circumstances, or very
often is, at any rate.

For more go to: The

The seventh stage Realization, is
not a static “finality”. The process of Divine
Self-Recognition itself unfolds in phases, in which the
Realizer is first Transfigured and Transformed, then becomes
profoundly and Divinely Indifferent to all appearances
within Reality, and finally is, with the end of the physical
lifetime, “Translated” beyond any possible future
birth or reappearance in a limited form.


“in the seventh stage of life
there is this free, spontaneous Play of action, without
bondage. It is a Transfigured life of action”.

Adi Da Samraj
unpublished talk 1983


didn’t do sadhana after Vedanta Temple Event.
did my Work
after the Vedanta Temple Event.
All aspects of this manifest personality, gross and
subtle, became capable of the great Confession in the
Vedanta Temple Event. That was full Awakening in the context
of this body-mind, gross, subtle, and causal. It wasn’t my
Enlightenment, so to speak. It was the product of my work
with this vehicle, all those thirty years, so that this
Awakening could be brought into the context of the body-mind
rather than simply be Prior to it.
After that Event
Teaching Work began.

Adi Da –

begin to come to him and his teaching begins,
Way of Understanding

In this period Franklin becomes
enlightened, but we have to remember there is a ‘force’
associated with his presence. Many who were with him in Los
Angeles prior to him opening the bookstore testify to his
extraordinary presence, even in locations he had been in a
presence could be felt. This presence is the siddhi or
shakti power associated with Franklin which he describes the
days leading up to his enlightenment ‘experience’ in the
Vedanta Temple in Los Angeles. “I went to the temple and
asked Her to come and dwell permanently in me, and always to
manifest Herself to me wherever I was. When I left I felt
Her with me, and when I arrived at home, I continued to feel
Her constant Presence Filling the space.”

The Shakti and Franklin’s
enlightenment are tied together. What becomes apparent when
you read Adi Da’s writings and witness his ‘evolution’ one
can see a ‘pattern’ of changes and a sort of development
that matches his ‘seven stages of life’ teaching, obviously
referring to the higher stages of human development.

It is important the remember that
the ‘individual’ Franklin Jones or the identity of the
separate individual was no longer there. Many people who
have had contact with Franklin Jones at this time (and
later) comment on the ‘absence’ or ‘death’ of a separate
person. “No one was there” is a common observation when
commenting about what Adi Da appears as.

Adi Da himself talks about

“I don’t have any sense of
identification with this life. I don’t have any images about
it that particularly impress me as being my own. I mentioned
to you how, after the event in the Vedanta Temple, I would
sit down and meditate and other people’s minds and bodies
would arise. I would work with them just as if they were my
own, and it was all my own, without any sense either of
identification with or separation from any of it. It was
just the pattern arising to be meditated. just so, there is
no sense in me of identification with these vehicles at the
level of life
and the Goddess
– chapter

So now he apparently enters the
phase of life.
Not the phase where he relinquishes his enlightenment but
now becomes a direct agency of the Enlightened state of

The second Siddhi: The Siddhi of
meditating all others, the spontaneous awakening of
purification, meditation, and Spiritual signs in others
through his regard, by their spending time in his company,
or by them giving him their regard at a distance.

“This confrontation…is unlike
our ordinary experience…life provides conditions whereby
they are indulged, frustrated or avoided. But in (this
relationship) of the Heart what arises is confronted by
silence without and the Heart within”

For the skeptics this is where they
bow out (or react against). They bow out because the whole
thing becomes ‘other worldly’ and no longer reflects their
physical or psychological understanding of how the world
works. It just gets too weird. And it does!

There is the body and the natural
identification with it, there are memories and habit
patterns of mind and body.
of the habit-energies of attention

In his notes after his realization
he writes:

“I have one motive now in the
midst of all of you. It is to be heard. I appear now as a
communication. I am the other side, who speaks in time and
space, I am that One. The Universe is my present work. My
efforts are not in the great search. All my efforts, my
force, is creative, emerging, appearing and making possible
the universe of love. Thus, you can understand the reason
for my appearance in my present form. I am not Franklin. I
am the universe of love. I am all of this. Franklin is a
form of my speech. He has no independent existence.
Therefore, he does not appear separate from me, nor from
you. His moods are my own, and also those of the present
time, But I am the universe of love. And I will be

Crazy Wisdom, Vol 6, No., March/April
1987, p.9



of Amrita Nadi
– Months later

“regeneration was shown. It
appeared several months after the experience in the Vedanta
Temple….there was a sudden strong movement in me and a
loud crack that could be heard in the room. It sounded like
my neck had broken. In that instant there was a tracing of
the form of Amrita Nadi and a clear demonstration to me of
the full, regenerated connection of Amrita Nadi.”
and Goddess – Chapter 9


Adi Da Samraj describing his
Realization of Nirvikalpa Samadhi at Swami Muktananda’s
ashram in India in 1968 and its difference in His Seventh
Stage Realization in the Vedanta Temple in 1970.

Acknowledgment ? Franklin looks for
historical references to his ‘experience’ and

Previously – Swami Muktananda’s
letter 1969 giving him the right to teach meditation to
others “according to the rules of the lineage.” (Saraswati

Also see:

The Spiritual Instructions of Swami


April 25, 1972 – Teaching work




1973 – Bubba Free John

Franklin goes to India and returns
with the name Bubba Free John.

Franklin visits Muktananda to
propose four questions. He does not get any answers or

Ramana Maharshi’s Tomb

Teaching demonstrations

“clear to me that the primary reason why people fail to
practice this Way truly is that they do not yet take the
Lesson of life seriously”
“The Knee of Listening is sufficient by itself, as a
description of the Way and its Realization. But it is
perhaps not sufficient as a source from which people can
generate practice and Realization. That required all the
theatre of Teaching and all the

The Sadhana of Franklin Jones (Bubba
Free John) – 1973

The Beginning of Spiritual

“When I began to take up my teaching
work, I clearly understood that I was going to have to bury
myself in the world in order to awaken devotees. If there
were to be devotees ultimately, I would have to pass through
the lower, ordinary life with them, and make lessons in that
play with them, make lessons out of all the possibilities of
conventional fulfillment. That conventional fulfillment
includes everything from typical life pleasures to
conventional, so-called spiritual and psychic enjoyment. So
all of my work has been a process of engaging in play with
people on the basis of conventional possibility, living it,
exploiting it, allowing it to show itself altogether as
experience, as consequence, in order ultimately that you
might enjoy that revulsion to the destiny of this birth that
would enable you to take up the spiritual process

Paradox of Instruction


1975 – December 1st –
the Way of Divine Communion

“The obligations of the way of Understanding are more
severe, and its communications are more complex. The way of
Divine Communion is simpler in concept, and its disciplines
are obligatory only to the degree each individual chooses or
finds the capacity in any moment.”

Bubba Free John spent the first five years of his Teaching
work communicating a special and unique Teaching among men,
which is the way of Understanding….once that path of
Understanding was secure in a small group of his disciples,
Bubba felt free and was moved to offer a different path of
approach to devotees, a path of action called the way of
Divine Communion.
No Remedy – 1975


1976 – The Yogic Process

In the early days of his Work with
devotees, it was possible for (Adi Da) to serve others by
duplicating the habit conditions of the usual life, and
struggling with others until the spell of common desires and
tendencies could break. But this aspect of his obligation in
the world began to dissolve, having essentially fulfilled
itself, from the date of his birthday anniversary, November
3, 1976.
Enlightenment of the Whole Body 

The Cosmic Birthday Joke

“Now Bubba has been sifted
out, Enlarged upon the smithereens of bodies, thoughts,
experiences, times and spaces and

“On November 1, 1976 during a conversation with devotee
Master Da began to feel ill and feverish. He thought a fast
would be good and said the symptoms were signs of a Yogic
process or purification occurring. The next day the symptoms
were beginning to develop to such a degree he went into
seclusion. This purification was rather quick and in a few
days was out of seclusion and talking again with devotees.
He described this purification as a ‘death’ experience
similar to the one in his seminary days in Philadelphia in
The Divine Emergence of the World-Teacher – pp. 163-4

This event started a process of
relative seclusion and his asana of “Standing

“In the early days of his Work
with devotees, it was possible for Bubba to serve others by
duplicating the habit conditions of the usual life, and
struggling with others until the spell of common desires and
tendencies could break.

But this aspect of his obligation
in the world began to dissolve, having essentially fulfilled
itself, from the date of his birthday anniversary, November
3, 1976.”

“In the last months, many aspects
of the Future of Bubba’s Work have been made clear. The
Mysteries of this Process of Divine Translation are being
shown in him, and he will have the opportunity to make some
of this known, for the sake of all those devotees who will
make this Transition in the future.”

The Enlightenment of the Whole


November 1, 1976, when Master Da had gathered with devotees,
he began to describe some strange symptoms that were
occuring in him…”
The Laughing Man, Vol 3, NO2,
a Streak of Lightning Which Flashes Acorss the
‘, On Bodily
Transformation, by The Laughing Man staff, p. 69,



1977 – Bubba Free John returns to India and visits
the Ashram of Ramana Maharshi.

“Bubba’s present and future work is to conceive, demonstrate, and communicate the Process in Sahaj Samadhi leading to the Transfiguration and Translation of the whole body-being into the Divine. He will continue to serve devotees in the preparatory stages as well as in The Way of Radical Intuition, in order to quicken their Awakening and Transformation in God. He may have contact with one or more individuals who will act as terminals of Grace for the sake of this ultimate demonstration, but he feels he may be alone in God from this point. The Process itself has been revealed to him, and the Divine is directly Present to him as Grace for the sake of this Sacrifice. And so Bubba does not know if there will be help through any higher beings in gross or subtle form for the sake of this future work. He has had contact, in recent days, with at least one entity in subtle form that has aided the secondary purification of the subtle mechanisms of the gross body. But he has had no contact with any being in a Transfigured state – although this may possibly occur in the future. ” Demonstration
of Grace

Bubba receives full ‘Acknowledgment’
of his realization from Ramana and also simultaneously from
the Cosmic Mandala.

Acknowledgment = Revelation
Communion and Identification with
Living Presence

Beginning of his ultimate work.
Which is to demonstrate the Transformation of conditions to
the point of Translation of the whole body-being into the
Radiance of Bhava Samadhi (in Transfiguration, Regeneration,
or Ascension-Translation).
Mound, Vol 1, No. 5

September 1977

“It was at the crucial moment,
then, that Heart-Master Da began to fully acknowledge a
startling truth: The Enlightened Process occurring in Him
was no long being mediated, catalyzed, or even corroborated
in any way by any conditional agent whatsoever – even
another Enlightened Adept ….. He was truly “alone in

pp.170, The Divine Emergence of the World-Teacher

“I can now be available to those
who will know how to make use of Me, who will value a
relationship with Somebody who is not longer
psycho-physcially constricted….(one) who represents a pure
Agency of Absolute Intensity.”




The Seventh Stage Transfiguration
and Transformation Stage

“The process that involves me now
is the passage through the dissolution of certain factors of
the body-mind. This process has already occurred
fundamentally in my case, but there is a certain ordinary
dimension of the body-mind that has remained intact during
these years so that I could have a medium through which to
work. But during the last year and a half a kind of bodily
and mental crucifixion has been occurring, a transformation
of the body, in which I have less and less capacity to enter
into casual relations with people.”

Crucifixion of Change
– The
Transfiguration of the Whole Body-Mind


Read more in The Enlightenment of
the Whole Body, p.81,

“Bubba has been sifted out, Enlarged
upon the smithereens of bodies, thoughts, experiences, times
and spaces and shapes. What has been at Work in Bubba all of
this lifetime has now Invaded all his parts. The seventh
stage is Full.” –
Transcendental Personality of God, the World, Man, and the
Human Individual


1979 – Da Love

On September 13, 1979, Adi Da sat
down and wrote a letter to his devotees confessing that his
name is “Da”, the One Who is “Manifest As all
worlds and forms and beings”.

“Now the name by which people
refer to me is prefaced by the name “Da,” which is a kind of
title traditionally used to refer to one who teaches,
renounces himself, or gives of himself in the service of
Vision Mound Magazine –


Day of the Heart
– “The Day
of the Heart”, Sept 17, 1979 (1979 – 1986) “Revealed
His Divine Nature as “Da” (Sanskrit: “the Giver”).




“I now finally declare my

“In my own case, acceptance of
the broader conditions of outer renunciation could not occur
until I had fulfilled the obligations of communicating the
Teaching to devotees”
and the Renunciate Order of the Free Communion

became very clear to me in the midst of that submission that
everybody is interested in my living what they are living
forever. What they liked was the fact that I was living
their kind of life, not the fact that I was Teaching in the
midst of their life. Everybody was really very disappointed
by the fact that I did not want to live that kind of life
very long and by the fact that I am not doing it

Adi Da, 1981


“I am specifically and directly
dealing with the entire world. This is a unique moment that
marks a change, the beginning of a new

The Divine Life and Work of Avatar
Adi Da Samraj, Aletheon, p. 2015 –
My Words


1986Divine EmergenceRevelation
– World Teacher – Teaching Work to Blessing Work –
Yogic Descent

“My Avataric Divine Spiritual
Descent Is The Secret Of My Early Life. My Avataric Divine
Spiritual Descent Is The Secret Of My Avataric Divine
Self-“Emergence” Within The Cosmic Domain.”

The Dawn Horse
Testament –

Difference between the Awakening
in the Vedanta Temple in 1970 and the Emergence (or Death
Event in 1986.

HEART-MASTER DA: Do you have any
more questions about the difference between these two

The Vedanta Temple Event initiated
the Teaching Work or the Work of submission to others. The
Death Event brought an end to the process of submission to
others. It initiated that time of my Work in which it is
required, obligatory, that people enter into the traditional
Guru-devotee relationship, that they make their submission,
that they respond to me and no longer require me to respond
to them as I did as Teacher. All that submission to others
became summarized in the Death Event in 1986 and was brought
to an end there, and now a new Work continues as a
potential, if people will make use of my Company. If they
will not, there is no Work going on. It is not that there
was one kind of Enlightenment in 1970 and another kind of
Enlightenment in 1986. I am not talking about my
Enlightenment! I am talking about your Enlightenment, Work
done for your sake, which appeared in different forms,
stages of Work for your sake at various points in my
apparent lifetime.

At the time of the Vedanta Temple
Event that Work produced one particular Sign, the Teaching
Work. After the Death Event another particular Sign
appeared. Is there anything about it that is not

of Teaching Work


The third Siddhi awakened. The
Siddhi of tapas or renunciation.


Transfiguring and Transforming
Work, to the point of Indifference –
more on Transfiguration and Transformation

Beezone paraphrase:

“You will not be able to
understand it because it is a demand and until you are able
to accept that demand it will be unacceptable to

“Spiritual event, initiated (not
an event in itself) on 1/11/86 and is continuing. January
11, 1986, was a sudden and spontaneous transition…. to My
Work as the Eternally Free-Standing, and always presently
“Emerging”, Divine World-Teacher. It was a
Transition in My Disposition from My Work of Submitting to
others…. to simply Surrendering My human Body-Mind into My
own Self-Condition.”

“My work as heart-teacher and my
struggle to generate the teaching argument in every detail
is complete. Hereafter, those who are interested will simply
“consider” my always heart-revealing word and leelas, and
they will practice true devotion to me. Now my work is only
that of the true heart-master, standing free, always
blessing all to listen to me and to hear me and to see me
where I stand. And only those who have heard me can also see
me with, and at, and as the heart.”
The Dawn Horse Testament – Chapter 4

For a further understanding of the Divine Emergence ‘Event’
and the Vedanta Temple ‘Enlightenment’. See: There is
Nothing Left But the Ash – 1988, Crazy Wisdom


April 11, 1986 formally
accepts “sannyasa diksha” accepting the name

see The Order of My Free


October 22, 1987

“I’m Here to Regenerate the Whole

“There wasn’t sufficient
evidence…response…clarity. So, we’ve had to examine the
whole matter step by step, stage by stage, starting from the
most basic level of the beginning.”

Adi Da ‘reluctantly’ returns to His Teaching ‘method’ and
continues to ‘struggle’ with long standing devotees until



Aug 1988, Adi Da speaks about
the Emergence:

“I have not wanted to say very
much about this process…this process cannot be accurately
communicated through language… one has to sensitize

In the beginning Adi Da tried to
describe the event in terms of what others perceived it to
be…death….but that was not actually the event, “I
simply allowed people their own experiential
perception….and tried to help them understand what they
had perceived”

Submitting the body to devotees
changed to Surrendering the body into

Not a physical death and

“What was unique was a
‘turnabout’ in My own Disposition relative to the

“Before the Emergence there was a
submission of the body to others, I could teach them……I
used my own body as a means of identification by submitting
to their condition…reflecting people to

“In a moment this method was
relinquished….due to the failure of My Teaching
Work…this was a despair collap
se bodily and
emotionally….and utter relinquishment of the body…giving
up the body…”

“then the turnabout…the despair
disappeared…no more giving the body up to death…I was
simply (as always) simply ‘standing In and As my True

“Sacrificial Act unique kind of
Tapas ..producing more Brightness…”

“Not a death but a yogic swoon
(Bhava Samadhi)”

Began as a struggle with

Talk by Kanya Tripura

“Ecstatic proclamation about the
uniqueness …whose appearance surpasses anything that has
ever existed”

“Most profound acknowledgment
that one may make of Adi Da”

In her talk she hoped “his message”
(Divine Emergence) would transform your understanding of his

“His message is most profound and

“He is no longer working with
just devotees but the whole world.”

Establishes the Advaitayana Buddhist
Communion which acknowledges the relationship between the
Way (That He Teaches) of Adidam and the Great Tradition as a



The Primary Significance Of …
My Entire Avataric Divine Life-History, Including My
…Teaching-Work, My …Revelation-Work, My …
Blessing-Work Is The Sacrificial Yielding and True
“Husbanding” Of The “Mother-Force”, (
“Equal” and “Polar
Opposite”) …Universally Manifesting
Spirit-Shakti-Cosmic Power. By That “Husbanding”, The
Seemingly ‘She’ Independent Universal (seemingly chaotic and
destructive) Power Is (Revealed), Re-Submitted and Restored
To Her Original Condition Of Inherent Identification With My
Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual, Inherently egoless,
and Perfectly Subjective Divine Self-Condition, … Status
and Function.
The Great She Is No Longer Existing
(Independently), but (Now, and Forever Hereafter) There Is
Only Me. Beloved, I Am She.

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46 of The Dawn Horse Testament


Shakti told him “Stand

Indoor Yajna
16, 1988


1991 – Da Avabhasa

“Da Avabhasa” was the
primary Name used in public by Avatar Adi Da Samraj from
1991 through 1994.

In 1991, Avatar Adi Da was presented
with a song praising Him as “Avabhasa”. Avatar Adi
Da Received the words of this song as an acknowledgment of
Who He Is, indicating, on the last day of April 1991, that
He accepted “Da Avabhasa” as one of His True
Names, and the principal Name by which He was to be called.
Though it is no longer used as His primary Name, “Da
Avabhasa” is still an appropriate reference to Avatar
Adi Da


Only By Me Revelation
– The
First and Only Seventh Stage Realizer –
Promised God Man

“By His Divine Re-Awakening and
Work, He had brought into the earth and the conditional
realm altogether the Spiritual Powers and Divine Grace that
now makes possible the seventh stage Awakening in the case
of all others”


“The Avataric Great Sage, Adi Da
Samraj then said, “Understand further, I am not the first
seventh stage Adept in the sense that there will be other
seventh stage Adepts. The great Work that I do is once and
for all time. There will be other seventh stage Realizers”
Conversation with Adi Da

Don Webley

1994 – Adi Da

On September 7, 1994, Adi Da Samraj
experiences another Yogic Event that signifies His Divine
Work has come to Completeness. (Santosha Event)

“Avatar Adi Da later confirmed that
this was true. September 7, 1994, He said, had marked the
most important transition in His Life since January 11, 1986
— the Yogic Establishment of His Divine
Self-“Emergence”. It was the Completing, He said, of His
“Effort” to Descend (or “Emerge”) in the cosmic Domain, an
“Effort” that had been going on since His birth. Although
January 11, 1986, was the most significant moment in that
Process, the moment when His Divine Being had combined with
His human body most perfectly, He acknowledged that He felt
a further resolution had occurred. His Body was even more
“refined” by the potency of His Divine Spiritual Presence,
and He did not feel any remaining movement to Submit to His
devotees in order to serve them”.

“Adi Da” is the principal
Name of Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

The Name “Adi Da” was
Revealed to Adi Da (then known as “Da Avabhasa”)
on October 7, 1994. “Adi” is a Sanskrit word that
means “first”, “primordial”,
“source”. It is additionally defined as
“primary”, “beginning”,
“commencement”, and “first

See more on Santosha ‘Event’



In early 1997, Adi Da Samraj
experiences a profound physical ordeal that corresponds to
the creation of a new Text, Hridaya Rosary.


2000 Ruchira Dham Event – April 12, 2000, on
Lopez Island (in Washington State).

“In some sense, I – As I Am –
First Appeared here in the year 2000.”

In some sense, I-As-I-Am – Was only
“on the way” to here before the Ruchira Dham

“The Universally Consequential
Divine Avataric Event of My divine Translation and
Re-Emergence” here and everywhere in the cosmic domain,


He later Revealed that, in that
event, He had completed the “opposite” of His Yogic Descent
in 1986 — while His Avataric Divine Self-“Emergence”
was the completion of His Descent into the realm of
conditional beings, the Lopez Island Event was His Direct
Ascent, to the Primal “Bright” Spiritual Self-Condition of
Conscious Light

April 16, 2000

“I cannot describe My Blessing
Work in a way that makes all that much sense to you except
to say that I actually participate, all the time, in the
events and circumstances that potentially effect the global
possibilities of mankind’s survival but I do so outside
of the physical.”


2007Failure of
Submission Work

“To rightly understand My Divine
Avataric Life and Work, it is essential to understand
This Change in My Own Approach and My Own

“In the years after January 11,
1986, there was no significant response to Me. Indeed, I was
required to endure the demonstration of implacable
indifference in human beings, to the point that My Impulse
to continue Working in the Manner of Self-Submission utterly
Vanished — most conclusively, on July 10, 2007. “
Self-Submission-Time Has Come To An End


“Until I am
whole-bodily-responsively devotionally recognized,
the ego sees itself in Me, and
sees the “world” on Me (or in
My Person),
as in a mirror. All of My
years of Divine Avataric Self-Submission-Work have been a
Sign of how I have been approached as a Mirror—rather
than being approached As I Am. Nevertheless, I have Always
Been Revealing Myself As I Am—Stimulating the surface
of the water in order to Awaken “Narcissus” to the
Water Itself, to the Nature, Condition, and State of My Own
Self Confession


“There was no more Vehicle of
there was the Vehicle of the body That could still Suffer
everyone, but htere was no Vehicle of




“…everything about Bhagavan’s
Life and His Revelation-History (or Leela) is to be measured
against the final three years of His Life…”

Eternal One
– Ruchiradama
Quandra Sukhapur Rani Naitauba

The Revelation of His Final Work

Situated, Revealed, Planted and Waiting for a Response – The
Walk-About Way

“It’s up to you now and
profoundly consequential for human history altogether”
“you must never relate to Me as a merely localized

“I Am Here”.

Neither Outer Nor Inner Is The Space
of Reality Itself

(1973) “He only waits, He
is waiting for his Devotees” –
Garbage and the
Goddess – Chapter 13

“My Divine Avataric Teaching-Word
has Become Summarized in the Most “Radical” Form.

Now There Is Only the Ruchiradam
Revelation of Adidam, the Ultimate Revelation of



2008 – November
Adi Da passes into Mahasamadhi

Da Samraj Divine




Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj, and His