Faith In God


Rukmamba, the mother of Shree Rang was, once, chopping up brinjals
for cooking. Shree Rang who was in his boyhood, happened to come at
that time in the kitchen. He saw the brinjals and asked’, “Mother, at
what rate are these purchased ? “

“The price is not yet known. ” replied Rukmamba, “One lady in cur
neighbourhocd has given us these brinjals.”

“How’s that ?”

“The lady is our well-wisher.” Rukamaba.

“But it does not imply that our neighbours should take pity on us
and dole out such petty things to US.”

“Not excatly so, Babu. We have good relations with our neighbours
and for the very reason that they help us in this way. “Rukmamba
vainly tried to convince Shree Rang of the support she could get from
the neighbours.

“But mother……

“Why do you take this vegetable as alms ?” Nimble

Rukmamba continued, ” Sooner or later I’ m certainly going to pay
for these brinjals. I have such dealings with that lady since your
father has left this world. “

“Excuse me, mother, ” said Shree Rang soberly, “I know that we are
not an affluent family. And since the death of my father we have been
facing hard days. But it doesn’t mean that we should be proned to
accept any help at any time from anybody.”

Rukma-mba had no comments. She was listening to Shree Rang with
composed mind.

“My dear mother, mind well. We, your sons are a progeny of a lion.
We willl never succumb to such uninvited sympathy.”

“But our present condition….’ Rukmamba.

“For the world we may be penniless and heipless. But is that all?”
Trying to console his mother he said further, In fact, we are not
poor or helpless. The Almighty, who sustains the whole universe, I am
sure, is not the least unkind to us.”


Hearing these words f,,Om Shree Rang, the eyes of Rukmamba shone
brightly. She also felt elated by.tlie faith put in God by young
Shree Rang who was, to be in his teens.


“Mother,” said Shree Rang softly ” please, henceforth don’t accept
such type of sundry things from anybody. God is bound to maintain our
family appropriately. “