Felly Frog



De Felly

by Peter Malakoff


Der be stories dat be told for entertainment
and der be stories dat be told for show
an der be stories dat are told dat change a man
an lift his heart or bring it low

Now der stories dat you forgets abouts as soon as dey are
And der be stories dat never leaves ya, growin with ya till
yar old

Dey grabs a holds of your liver, dey takes ya by de
dey touch ya in your innermost becomes your secret or your

Dey throws a light out der before ya, dey illuminates de
dey makes de speedy slower and dey makes de slowers fast

Dey brings a balance to your life an dey trows it out of
An dey makes ya all da wiser and dey leaves ya split an

An if dat crack of mind and heart becomes a window to Da
a higher inspiration come, in which His Love do shore nuff

So let me become a channel, a river or a stream,
an speak dis story here befores ya:
Come on in to dis here dream. . . .

I calls it:


Mukhi and the Trip to Nowhere?
De story of De Felly Frog





Now, one day de Felly Frog was woozy as he went upon his
For he did not have no money and no place for him to

Oh, he had sadness, he had troubles, as he walked his
Felly shoes
As he went up to the rabbit and he moaned his Felly

Now de rabbit said, “O Felly Frog why do you moan
and wail?
Why do you pour dese troubles upon me? Why do you tell me
dese sad tales?

For in dis world ders always troubles, dey sometimes ones
an deys sometimes twos
An I never heard no stories bouts de life someone don’t
sometimes lose

I never heard no tales bout livin, no stories sportin
der aint be tears a fallin, or no heartz be breakin

Why, aint no livin without dyin Felly, aint no happiness
at all, why,
if you be going up a mountain you oft be sure you gonna

Why, taint no arguments worth winnin dat someone aint a
gonna lose,
an taint no love songs dat dey be singin,  if dey never
heard the blues

So Felly don’t you be complainin, as if dats truth
youse spoutin here
for dis aint no tea I’m servin you dat aint full of
grace and cheer

Now get you gone, be on your way and get on down dat
Pick up your lips and smile and lay down dat heavy

Now De Felly he just shook his head and he waggled his
ten toes
and he thanked dat old Brer’ Rabbit, for de things dat
rabbit knows

For de Felly he done seen de light down de end dat woozy
and he know dat he could go out now into the world and

So de Felly went off struttin an a shakin all his
But it just plain seemed of happiness he could not get

For no matter how he tried and tried to make it seem
De Felly done fell sumpin else tryin to make it to de

He oft felt sorrow all within him, an he saw sadness all
An it sometimes seemed about his mouth, he kinda wore a

He thought bout what dat rabbit told im and how jus plain
true it sur nuff be,
But de Felly could not find a way to just let hisself be

But den, one day out in de grasses, jus besides a little
de Felly felt hisself a bein watched and dats when he met da

Now de Felly he don sure nuff  knowed dat a Snake be
trouble sure
But der plain was sumpin bout dis here one dat made de Felly
feel secure

So de Felly fell to thinkin and considerin all his
But his heart it jus was pumpin an his mind just had to

Dat dis plain jus could not be a feelin dat could in any
way be true
For der cannot be no harmony twixt mah Felly self an you

But dat Snake he was so charmin so calm an so sincere
Dat de Felly felt his Froggy heart lay down its load of

He jus made all his learnin, a beginnin wrongful lie
An of de Snake he respectfully an’ sincerely did inquire

“What be your name you muscle, you eel of land and
With dose eyes that seem so cold and hard, your name I beg
you state”

Now dose Snake eyes dey jus blinked slowly, an den dat
tail it did unwind
And a voice dat was all kindly did break thru an said dese

“Snoozy Blue Snake is my appellation (Course it
somehow seemed to rhyme)
An it shur nuff seems that everything done come to me in

I jus laze here in dis meadow, soakin sun an layin
While all round me de whole livin world, does shake and
shimmy go

Sometimes squirmin, sometimes squishin, sometimes rollin
on da floor,
sometimes jumpin, sometimes hoppin, sometimes flyin out da

I’se seen all dese comes an goins, all dose ‘By now’,
‘How de do’s,
dat I jus caint for da life of me sees wats der is to

So I’se just contents to be’s myself, in
soulful singularity,
an in dat choiceless moments livin, Lord, I’se sur
nuff’s do’s feels free”

Now  dat Snake he was so restful, so still, so slow,
so calm
Dat de Felly felt his Froggy skin as if rubbed by healin

His muscles seemed to loosen, dose Froggy toes dey did
an all his fretful thinkin fell away into a blissful

An den, jus at dat moment, wen de Snake had had his
He raised up in his strikin pose, de Felly for to slay

But a glimpse of skin, a flash of light, a tremble in de
De Froggy jumped, de Snake he struck, ol Felly almost loss
his ass

But he hopped away not knowin, surely, what had nearly
jus transpired
Put some hoppin distance twixt dat Snake an him, as if der
was a fire

An as he jumped on through de grasses, sometimes left an
sometimes right
De strangest thing he’d ever seen was movin into sight

It was shiny, it was glowin, it was sparkin ups and
it was furry, it had ticklies and it wore both laugh and

An every way it seemed to be, it also seemed to not,
You could not quite plain catch it, smell it, much less cook
it in a pot

But midst all this celebration dat was followin in its
dis conundrumed thing did stop somehow, an to de Felly did
say dis:

“Mr. Froggy  smooth skin, with bulgin eyes up
on your head,
don’t you see here whats youse up to or how close youse bes
to bein dead?

Dat ol snake it had you baffled, had you tied up in a
was puttin salt an pepper on your head, was bouts to brings
you low

It hads youse so mixed up der, a listenen to its tale
dats you could not hear your own hearts tellin you, 
‘Mr Froggy  youse best bail.’”

“Well thank you”, wen dat Froggy an “Bless
you”, he den said
“You saved my life for certain, without you surely
I’se be dead.

I be frog meat in a skillet, frog legs in de pan
dem old frog legs deys be everywheres cepts for beins wheres
I is am

You know, I’se comes across a rabbit, an I’se
comes across a snake
but ofs yourself I surely don’t know what’s der is to

I still don know for certain hows I’se comes to
scapin free
Cept’s for dat blessin of your sparklin self done takes
a shine to me”

Now all da while dat Froggy talkin, dat ting was sittin
but when de Froggy said dese last words, it started movin,
if you will

It started flippin, an a shakin, an a runnin in a
an den it jus plain stuttered an its mouth did bust dis

“WHOOOOWE ain we prejudicial, an selfish for to
Next ting you sure be tellin me is where we stash da

Now I ain stealin from any anybody to make no other
anybody rich
an I ain pushin one little Froggy up an out to put dat snake
down in a ditch

Dat snake he was jus Snakin an you was Froggyin your
an I’se jus comes rollin longs here an now youse tells
me youse been blest?

You sees, I’se omniprejudicial, course dat means
nothin here at all
Cept’s whatever side you’re takin is a view dats
one side small

Now, dat ol snake he had his reasons, his causes an
An now he aint got no dinner, since what is has just

Now whos to say dat snake was mean or bad down to de
Only a nitwit flapjack cracker head who never left his

I aint in favors of you Froggy, an I ain got nothin
gainst da snake
but it always seems wherever I goes strange things of fate I


End of Chapter One





Next chapter; The Omnivalent- who instead of feeling
one thing at a time, feels all things all the time.

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