First Word


“End Notes” From The Heart Of The Dawn Horse Testament
Of The Ruchira Avatar






First Word


Do Not Misunderstand Me—I Am Not “Within” you, but
you Are In Me, and I Am Not a Mere “Man” in the “Middle” of
Mankind, but All of Mankind Is Surrounded, and Pervaded, and
Blessed By Me



This Essay has been written by Avatar Adi Da Samraj as
His Personal Introduction to each volume of His
“Source-Texts”. Its purpose is to help you to understand His
great Confessions rightly, and not interpret His Words from
a conventional point of view, as limited cultic statements
made by an ego. His Description of what “cultism” really is
is an astounding and profound Critique of mankinds entire
religious, scientific, and social search. In “First Word”,
Avatar Adi Da is directly inviting you to inspect and
relinquish the egos motive to glorify itself and to refuse
What is truly Great. Only by understanding this fundamental
ego-fault can one really receive the Truth that Adi Da
Samraj Reveals in this Book and in His Wisdom-Teaching
altogether. And it is because this fault is so engrained and
so largely unconscious that Avatar Adi Da has placed “First
Word” at the beginning of each of His “Source-Texts”, so
that, each time you begin to read one of his twenty-three
“Source-Texts”, you may be refreshed and strengthened in
your understanding of the right orientation and approach to
Him and his Heart-Word.


d* * *d


(1) Yes! There is no religion, no Way of God, no Way of
Divine Realization, no Way of Enlightenment, and no Way of
Liberation that is Higher or Greater than Truth Itself.
Indeed, there is no religion, no science, no man or woman,
no conditionally manifested being of any kind, no world (any
“where”), and no “God” (or “God”-Idea) that is Higher or
Greater than Truth Itself.



(2) Therefore, no ego-“I”1 (or presumed separate, and,
necessarily, actively separative, and, at best, only
Truth-seeking, being or “thing”) is (itself) Higher or
Greater than Truth Itself. And no ego-“I” is (itself) even
Equal to Truth Itself. And no ego-“I” is (itself) even (now,
or ever) Able to Realize Truth Itself—because,
necessarily, Truth (Itself) Inherently Transcends (or Is
That Which Is Higher and Greater than) every one (himself or
herself) and every “thing” (itself). Therefore, it is only
in the transcending (or the “radical”2 Process of Going
Beyond the root, the cause, and the act) of egoity itself
(or of presumed separateness, and of performed
separativeness, and of even all ego-based seeking for Truth
Itself) that Truth (Itself) Is Realized (As It Is, Utterly
Beyond the ego-“I” itself).



(3) Truth (Itself) Is That Which Is Always Already The
Case. That Which Is The Case (Always, and Always Already) Is
(necessarily) Reality. Therefore, Reality (Itself) Is Truth,
and Reality (Itself) Is the Only Truth.



(4) Reality (Itself) Is the Only, and (necessarily)
Non-Separate (or All-and-all-Including, and
All-and-all-Transcending) One and “What” That Is. Because It
Is All and all, and because It Is (Also) That Which
Transcends (or Is Higher and Greater than) All and all,
Reality (Itself)—Which Is Truth (Itself), or That Which
Is The Case (Always, and Always Already)—Is the One and
Only Real God. Therefore, Reality (Itself) Is (necessarily)
the One and Great Subject of true religion, and Reality
(Itself) Is (necessarily) the One and Great Way of Real God,
Real (and True) Divine Realization, Real (and, necessarily,
Divine) En-Light-enment,3 and Real (and, necessarily,
Divine) Liberation (from all egoity, all separateness, all
separativeness, all fear, and all heartlessness).


(5) The only true religion is the religion that Realizes
Truth. The only true science is the science that Knows
Truth. The only true man or woman (or being of any kind) is
one that Surrenders to Truth. The only true world is one
that Embodies Truth. And the only True (and Real) God Is the
One Reality (or Condition of Being) That Is Truth.
Therefore, Reality (Itself)—Which Is the One and Only
Truth, and (therefore, necessarily) the One and Only Real
God—must become (or be made) the constantly applied
Measure of religion, and of science, and of the world
itself, and of even all of the life (and all of the mind) of
Man—or else religion, and science, and the world
itself, and even any and every sign of Man inevitably (all,
and together) become a pattern of illusions, a mere (and
even terrible) “problem”, the very (and even principal)
cause of human seeking, and the perpetual cause of
contentious human strife. Indeed, if religion, and science,
and the world itself, and the total life (and the total
mind) of Man are not Surrendered and Aligned to Reality
(Itself), and (Thus) Submitted to be Measured (or made
Lawful) by Truth (Itself), and (Thus) Given to the truly
devotional (and, thereby, truly ego-transcending)
Realization of That Which Is the Only Real God—then, in
the presumed “knowledge” of mankind, Reality (Itself), and
Truth (Itself), and Real God (or the One and Only Existence,
or Being, or Person That Is) ceases to Exist.



(6) Aham Da Asmi.4 Beloved, I Am Da—the One and Only
Person Who Is, the Avatarically Self-Revealed, and Eternally
Self-Existing, and Eternally Self-Radiant5 (or “Bright”6)
Person of Love-Bliss, the One and Only and (Self-Evidently)
Divine Self (or Inherently Non-Separate—and, therefore,
Inherently egoless—Divine Self-Condition and
Source-Condition) of one and of all and of All. I Am
Divinely Self-Manifesting (now, and forever hereafter) As
the Ruchira Avatar, Adi Da Samraj. I Am the Ruchira Avatar,
Adi Da Samraj—the Avataric Divine Realizer, the
Avataric Divine Revealer, the Avataric Divine Incarnation,
and the Avataric Divine Self-Revelation of Reality Itself.7
I Am the Avatarically Incarnate Divine Realizer, the
Avatarically Incarnate Divine Revealer, and the Avatarically
Incarnate Divine Self-Revelation of the One and Only
Reality—Which Is the One and Only Truth, and Which Is
the One and Only Real God. I Am the Great Avataric Divine
Realizer, Avataric Divine Revealer, and Avataric Divine
Self-Revelation long-Promised (and long-Expected) for the
“late-time”—this (now, and forever hereafter) time, the
“dark” epoch of mankinds “Great Forgetting”8 (and,
potentially, the Great Epoch of mankinds Perpetual
Remembering) of Reality, of Truth, of Real God (Which Is the
Great, True, and Spiritual Divine Person—or the One and
Non-Separate and Indivisible Divine Source-Condition and
Self-Condition) of all and All.


(7) Beloved, I Am Da, the Divine Giver, the Giver (of All
That I Am) to one, and to all, and to the All of
all—now, and forever hereafter—here, and every
“where” in the Cosmic domain. Therefore, for the Purpose of
Revealing the Way of Real God (or of Real and True Divine
Realization), and in order to Divinely En-Light-en and
Divinely Liberate all and All—I Am (Uniquely,
Completely, and Most Perfectly9) Avatarically Revealing My
Very (and Self-Evidently Divine) Person (and “Bright”
Self-Condition) to all and All, by Means of My Avatarically
Given Divine Self-Manifestation, As (and by Means of) the
Ruchira Avatar, Adi Da Samraj.



(8) In My Avatarically Given Divine Self-Manifestation As
the Ruchira Avatar, Adi Da Samraj—I Am the Divine
Secret, the Divine Self-Revelation of the Esoteric Truth,
the Direct, and all-Completing, and all-Unifying
Self-Revelation of Real God.



(9) My Avatarically Given Divine Self-Confessions and My
Avatarically Given Divine Teaching-Revelations Are the Great
(Final, and all-Completing, and all-Unifying) Esoteric
Revelation to mankind—and not a merely exoteric (or
conventionally religious, or even ordinary Spiritual, or
ego-made, or so-called “cultic”) communication to public (or
merely social) ears.



(10) The greatest opportunity, and the greatest
responsibility, of My devotees is Satsang10 with
Me—Which is to live in the Condition of
ego-surrendering, ego-forgetting, and (always more and more)
ego-transcending devotional relationship to Me, and (Thus
and Thereby) to Realize My Avatarically Self-Revealed (and
Self-Evidently Divine) Self-Condition, Which Is the
Self-Evidently Divine Heart (or Non-Separate Self-Condition
and Non-“Different”11 Source-Condition) of all and All, and
Which Is Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Consciousness
Itself, but Which is not separate in or as any one (or any
“thing”) at all. Therefore, My essential Divine Gift to one
and all is Satsang with Me. And My essential Divine Work
with one and all is Satsang-Work—to Live (and to Be
Merely Present) As the Avatarically Self-Revealed Divine
Heart among My devotees.



(11) The only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam
(Which is the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of the
Heart, or the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of “Radical”
Understanding,12 or Ruchira Avatara Hridaya-Siddha Yoga13)
is the Way of Satsang with Me—the devotionally
Me-recognizing14 and devotionally to-Me-responding practice
(and ego-transcending self-discipline) of living in My
constant Divine Company, such that the relationship with Me
becomes the Real (and constant) Condition of life.
Fundamentally, this Satsang with Me is the one thing done by
My devotees. Because the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way
of Adidam is always (in every present-time moment) a
directly ego-transcending and Really Me-Finding practice,
the otherwise constant (and burdensome) tendency to seek is
not exploited in this Satsang with Me. And the essential
work of the community of the four formal congregations of My
devotees15 is to make ego-transcending Satsang with Me
available to all others.



(12) Everything that serves the availability of Satsang
with Me is (now, and forever hereafter) the responsibility
of the four formal congregations of My formally practicing
devotees. I am not here to publicly “promote” this Satsang
with Me. In the intimate circumstances of their humanly
expressed devotional love of Me, I Speak My Avatarically
Self-Revealing Divine Word to My devotees, and they (because
of their devotional response to Me) bring My Avatarically
Self-Revealing Divine Word to all others. Therefore, even
though I am not (and have never been, and never will be) a
“public” Teacher (or a broadly publicly active, and
conventionally socially conformed, “religious figure”), My
devotees function fully and freely (as My devotees) in the
daily public world of ordinary life.



(13) I Always Already Stand Free. Therefore, I have
always (in My Divine Avataric-Incarnation-Work) Stood Free,
in the traditional “Crazy” (and non-conventional, or
spontaneous and non-“public”) Manner16—in order to
Guarantee the Freedom, the Uncompromising Rightness, and the
Fundamental Integrity of My Avatarically Self-Manifested
Divine Teaching (Work and Word), and in order to Freely and
Fully and Fully Effectively Perform My universal
(Avatarically Self-Manifested) Divine Blessing-Work. I Am
Present (now, and forever hereafter) to Divinely Serve,
Divinely En-Light-en, and Divinely Liberate those who accept
the Eternal Vow and all the life-responsibilities (or the
full and complete practice) associated with the only-by-Me
Revealed and Given Way of Adidam.17 Because I Am (Thus)
Given to My formally and fully practicing devotees, I do not
Serve a “public” role, and I do not Work in a “public” (or
even a merely “institutionalized”) manner.
Nevertheless—now, and forever hereafter—I
constantly Bless all beings, and this entire world, and the
total Cosmic domain. And all who feel My Avatarically (and
universally) Given Divine Blessing, and who heart-recognize
Me with true devotional love, are (Thus) Called to
devotionally resort to Me—but only if they approach Me
in the traditional devotional manner, as responsibly
practicing (and truly ego-surrendering, and rightly
Me-serving) members (or, in some, unique, cases, as invited
guests) of one or the other of the four formal congregations
of My formally practicing devotees.



(14) I expect this formal discipline of right devotional
approach to Me to have been freely and happily embraced by
every one who would enter into My physical Company. The
natural human reason for this is that there is a potential
liability inherent in all human associations. And the root
and nature of that potential liability is the ego (or the
active human presumption of separateness, and the ego-act of
human separativeness). Therefore, in order that the
liabilities of egoity are understood (and voluntarily and
responsibly disciplined) by those who approach Me, I require
demonstrated right devotion (based on really effective
self-understanding and truly heart-felt devotional
recognition-response to Me) as the basis for any ones right
to enter into My physical Company. And, in this manner, not
only the egoic tendency, but also the tendency toward
religious “cultism”, is constantly undermined in the
only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam.



(15) Because people appear within this human condition,
this simultaneously attractive and frightening “dream”
world, they tend to live—and to interpret both the
conditional (or cosmic and psycho-physical) reality and the
Unconditional (or Divine) Reality—from the “point of
view” of this apparent (and bewildering) mortal human
condition. And, because of this universal human bewilderment
(and the ongoing human reaction to the threatening force of
mortal life-events), there is an even ancient ritual that
all human beings rather unconsciously (or automatically, and
without discriminative understanding) desire and tend to
repeatedly (and under all conditions) enact. Therefore,
wherever you see an association of human beings gathered for
any purpose (or around any idea, or symbol, or person, or
subject of any kind), the same human bewilderment-ritual is
tending to be enacted by one and all.



(16) Human beings always tend to encircle (and, thereby,
to contain—and, ultimately, to entrap and abuse, or
even to blithely ignore) the presumed “center” of their
lives—a book, a person, a symbol, an idea, or whatever.
They tend to encircle the “center” (or the “middle”), and
they tend to seek to exclusively acquire all “things” (or
all power of control) for the circle (or toward the
“middle”) of themselves. In this manner, the group becomes
an ego (“inward”-directed, or separate and
separative)—just as the individual body-mind becomes,
by self-referring self-contraction, the separate and
separative ego-“I” (“inward”-directed, or
ego-centric—and exclusively acquiring all “things”, or
all power of control, for itself). Thus, by self-contraction
upon the presumed “center” of their lives—human beings,
in their collective ego-centricity, make “cults” (or
bewildered and frightened “centers” of power, and control,
and exclusion) in every area of life.



(17) Anciently, the “cult”-making process was done, most
especially, in the political and social sphere—and
religion was, as even now, mostly an exoteric (or political
and social) exercise that was always used to legitimize (or,
otherwise, to “de-throne”) political and social
“authority-figures”. Anciently, the cyclically (or even
annually) culminating product of this exoteric
religio-political “cult” was the ritual “de-throning” (or
ritual deposition) of the one in the “middle” (just as, even
in these times, political leaders are periodically
“deposed”—by elections, by rules of term and
succession, by scandal, by slander, by force, and so



(18) Everywhere throughout the ancient world, traditional
societies made and performed this annual (or otherwise
periodic) religio-political “cult” ritual. The ritual of
“en-throning” and “de-throning” was a reflection of the
human observation of the annual cycle of the seasons of the
natural world—and the same ritual was a reflection of
the human concern and effort to control the signs potential
in the cycle of the natural world, in order to ensure human
survival (through control of weather, harvests and every
kind of “fate”, or even every fraction of existence upon
which human beings depend for both survival and pleasure, or
psycho-physical well-being). Indeed, the motive behind the
ancient agrarian (and, later, urbanized, or universalized)
ritual of the one in the “middle” was, essentially, the same
motive that, in the modern era, takes the form of the
culture of scientific materialism (and even all of the
modern culture of materialistic “realism”): It is the motive
to gain (and to maintain) control, and the effort to control
even everything and everyone (via both knowledge and gross
power). Thus, the ritualized, or bewildered yes/no (or
desire/fear), life of mankind in the modern era is,
essentially, the same as that of mankind in the ancient



(19) In the ancient ritual of “en-throning” and
“de-throning”, the person (or subject) in the “middle” was
ritually mocked, abused, deposed, and banished—and a
new person (or subject) was installed in the “center” of the
religio-political “cult”. In the equivalent modern ritual of
dramatized ambiguity relative to everything and everyone
(and, perhaps especially, “authority-figures”), the person
(or symbol, or idea) in the “middle” (or that which is given
power by means of popular fascination) is first “cultified”
(or made much of), and then (progressively) doubted, mocked,
and abused—until, at last, all the negative emotions
are (by culturally and socially ritualized dramatization)
dissolved, the “middle” (having thus ceased to be
fascinating) is abandoned, and a “new” person (or symbol, or
idea) becomes the subject of popular fascination (only to be
reduced, eventually, to the same “cultic” ritual, or cycle
of “rise” and “fall”).



(20) Just as in every other area of human life, the
tendency of all those who (in the modern era) would become
involved in religious or Spiritual life is also to make a
“cult”, a circle that ever increases its separate and
separative dimensions—beginning from the “center”,
surrounding it, and (perhaps) even (ultimately) controlling
it (such that it altogether ceases to be effective, or even
interesting). Such “cultism” is ego-based, and
ego-reinforcing—and, no matter how “esoteric” it
presumes itself to be, it is (as in the ancient setting)
entirely exoteric, or (at least) more and more limited to
(and by) merely social (and gross physical) activities and



(21) The form that every “cult” imitates is the pattern
of egoity (or the pattern that is the ego-“I”)
itself—the presumed “middle” of every ordinary
individual life. It is the self-contraction (or the
avoidance of relationship), which “creates” the fearful
sense of separate mind, and all the endless habits and
motives of egoic desire (or bewildered, and self-deluded,
seeking). It is what is, ordinarily, called (or presumed to
be) the real and necessary and only “life”.



(22) From birth, the human being (by reaction to the
blows and limits of psycho-physical existence) begins to
presume separate existence to be his or her very
nature—and, on that basis, the human individual spends
his or her entire life generating and serving a circle of
ownership (or self-protecting acquisition) all around the
ego-“I”. The egoic motive encloses all the other beings it
can acquire, all the “things” it can acquire, all the states
and thoughts it can acquire—all the possible emblems,
symbols, experiences, and sensations it can possibly
acquire. Therefore, when any human being begins to involve
himself or herself in some religious or Spiritual
association (or, for that matter, any extension of his or
her own subjectivity), he or she tends again to “create”
that same circle about a “center”.



(23) The “cult” (whether of religion, or of politics, or
of science, or of popular culture) is a dramatization of
egoity, of separativeness, even of the entrapment and
betrayal of the “center” (or the “middle”), by one and all.
Therefore, I have always Refused to assume the role and the
position of the “man in the middle”—and I have always,
from the beginning of My formal Teaching and Blessing Work,
Criticized, Resisted, and Shouted About the “cultic” (or
ego-based, and ego-reinforcing, and merely “talking” and
“believing”, and not understanding and not really
practicing) “school” (or tendency) of ordinary religious and
Spiritual life. Indeed, true Satsang with Me (or the true
devotional relationship to Me) is an always (and
specifically, and intensively) anti-“cultic” (or truly
non-“cultic”) Process.



(24) The true devotional relationship to Me is not
separative (or merely “inward”-directed), nor is It a matter
of attachment to Me as a mere (and, necessarily, limited)
human being (or a “man in the middle”)—for, if My
devotee indulges in ego-bound (or self-referring and
self-serving) attachment to Me as a mere human “other”, My
Divine Nature (and, therefore, the Divine Nature of Reality
Itself) is not (as the very Basis for religious and
Spiritual practice in My Company) truly devotionally
recognized and rightly devotionally acknowledged. And, if
such non-recognition of Me is the case, there is no truly
ego-transcending devotional response to My Avatarically
Self-Revealed (and Self-Evidently Divine) Presence and
Person—and, thus, such presumed-to-be “devotion” to Me
is not devotional heart-Communion with Me, and such
presumed-to-be “devotion” to Me is not Divinely Liberating.
Therefore, because the true devotional (and, thus, truly
devotionally Me-recognizing and truly devotionally
to-Me-responding) relationship to Me is entirely a
counter-egoic (and truly and only Divine) discipline, it
does not tend to become a “cult” (or, otherwise, to support
the “cultic” tendency of Man).



(25) The true devotional practice of Satsang with Me is
(inherently) expansive (or relational)—and the
self-contracting (or separate and separative) self-“center”
is neither Its motive nor Its source. In true Satsang with
Me, the egoic “center” is always already undermined as a
“center” (or a presumed separate, and actively separative,
entity). The Principle of true Satsang with Me is
Me—Beyond (and not “within”—or, otherwise,
supporting) the ego-“I”.



(26) True Satsang with Me is the true “Round Dance” of
Esoteric Spirituality. I am not trapped in the “middle” of
My devotees. I “Dance” in the “Round” with each and every
one of My devotees. I “Dance” in the circle—and,
therefore, I am not merely a “motionless man” in the
“middle”. At the true “Center” (or the Divine Heart), I
Am—Beyond definition (or separateness). I Am the
Indivisible—or Most Perfectly Prior, Inherently
Non-Separate, and Inherently egoless (or centerless,
boundless, and Self-Evidently Divine)—Consciousness
(Itself) and the Indivisible—or Most Perfectly Prior,
Inherently Non-Separate, and Inherently egoless (or
centerless, boundless, and Self-Evidently Divine)—Light
(Itself). I Am the Very Being and the Very Presence (or
Self-Radiance) of Self-Existing and Eternally Unqualified
(or Non-“Different”) Consciousness (Itself).



(27) In the “Round Dance” of true Satsang with Me (or of
right and true devotional relationship to Me), I (Myself) Am
Communicated directly to every one who lives in heart-felt
relationship with Me (insofar as each one feels—Beyond
the ego-“I” of body-mind—to Me). Therefore, I am not
the mere “man” (or the separate human, or psycho-physical,
one), and I am not merely “in the middle” (or separated out,
and limited, and confined, by egoic seekers). I Am the One
(Avatarically Self-Revealed, and All-and-all-Transcending,
and Self-Evidently Divine) Person of Reality
Itself—Non-Separate, never merely at the egoic “center”
(or “in the middle”—or “within”, and “inward”
to—the egoic body-mind of My any devotee), but always
with each one (and all), and always in relationship with
each one (and all), and always Beyond each one (and



(28) Therefore, My devotee is not Called, by Me, merely
to turn “inward” (or upon the ego-“I”), or to struggle and
seek to survive merely as a self-contracted and
self-referring and self-seeking and self-serving
ego-“center”. Instead, I Call My devotee to turn the heart
(and the total body-mind) toward Me
(all-and-All-Surrounding, and all-and-All-Pervading), in
relationship—Beyond the body-mind-self of My devotee
(and not merely “within”—or contained and containable
“within” the separate, separative, and self-contracted
domain of the body-mind-self, or the ego-“I”, of My would-be
devotee). I Call My devotee to function freely—My
(Avatarically Self-Transmitted) Divine Light and My
(Avatarically Self-Revealed) Divine Person always (and under
all circumstances) presumed and experienced (and not merely
sought). Therefore, true Satsang with Me is the Real Company
of Truth, or of Reality Itself (Which Is the Only Real God).
True Satsang with Me Serves life, because I Move (or
Radiate) into life. I always Contact life in



(29) I do not Call My devotees to become absorbed into a
“cultic” gang of exoteric and ego-centric religionists. I
certainly Call all My devotees to cooperative community (or,
otherwise, to fully cooperative collective and personal
relationship) with one another—but not to do so in an
egoic, separative, world-excluding, xenophobic, and
intolerant manner. Rather, My devotees are Called, by Me, to
transcend egoity—through right and true devotional
relationship to Me, and mutually tolerant and peaceful
cooperation with one another, and all-tolerating
(cooperative and compassionate and all-loving and
all-including) relationship with all of mankind (and with
even all beings).



(30) I Give My devotees the “Bright” Force of My own
Avatarically Self-Revealed Divine Consciousness Itself,
Whereby they can become capable of “Bright” life. I Call for
the devotion—but also the intelligently discriminative
self-understanding, the rightly and freely living
self-discipline, and the full functional capability—of
My devotees. I do not Call My devotees to resist or
eliminate life, or to strategically escape life, or to
identify with the world-excluding ego-centric impulse. I
Call My devotees to live a positively functional life. I do
not Call My devotees to separate themselves from vital life,
from vital enjoyment, from existence in the form of human
life. I Call for all the human life-functions to be really
and rightly known, and to be really and rightly understood,
and to be really and rightly lived (and not reduced by, or
to, the inherently bewildered—and inherently “cultic”,
or self-centered and fearful—”point of view” of the
separate and separative ego-“I”). I Call for every human
life-function to be revolved away from self-contraction (or
ego-“I”), and (by Means of that revolving turn) to be turned
“outwardly” (or expansively, or counter-contractively) to
all and All, and (thereby, and always directly, or in an
all-and-All-transcending manner) to Me—rather than to
be turned merely “inwardly” (or contractively, or
counter-expansively), and, as a result, turned away from Me
(and from all and All). Thus, I Call for every human
life-function to be thoroughly (and life-positively, and in
the context of a fully participatory human life) aligned and
adapted to Me, and (Thus and Thereby) to be turned and Given
to the Realization of Me (the Avataric Self-Revelation of
Truth, or Reality Itself—Which Is the Only Real



(31) Truly benign and positive life-transformations are
the characteristic signs of right, true, full, and fully
devotional Satsang with Me—and freely life-positive
feeling-energy is the characteristic accompanying “mood” of
right, true, full, and fully devotional Satsang with Me. The
characteristic life-sign of right, true, full, and fully
devotional Satsang with Me is the capability for
ego-transcending relatedness,18 based on the free
disposition of no-seeking and no-dilemma. Therefore, the
characteristic life-sign of right, true, full, and fully
devotional Satsang with Me is not the tendency to seek some
“other” condition. Rather, the characteristic life-sign of
right, true, full, and fully devotional Satsang with Me is
freedom from the presumption of dilemma within the
present-time condition.



(32) One who rightly, truly, fully, and fully
devotionally understands My Avatarically Given Words of
Divine Self-Revelation and Divine Heart-Instruction, and
whose life is lived in right, true, full, and fully
devotional Satsang with Me, is not necessarily (in function
or appearance) “different” from the ordinary (or natural)
human being. Such a one has not, necessarily, acquired some
special psychic abilities, or visionary abilities, and so
on. The “radical” understanding (or root self-understanding)
I Give to My devotees is not, itself, the acquisition of any
particular “thing” of experience. My any particular devotee
may, by reason of his or her developmental tendencies,
experience (or precipitate) the arising of extraordinary
psycho-physical abilities and extraordinary psycho-physical
phenomena—but not necessarily. My every true devotee is
simply Awakening (and always Awakened to Me) within the
otherwise bewildering “dream” of ordinary human life.



(33) Satsang with Me is a natural (or spontaneously, and
not strategically, unfolding) Process, in Which the
self-contraction that is each ones suffering is transcended
by Means of total psycho-physical (or whole bodily)
heart-Communion with My Avatarically Self-Revealed (and
Real—and Really, and tangibly, experienced) Divine
(Spiritual, and Transcendental19) Presence and Person. My
devotee is (as is the case with any and every ego-“I”)
always tending to be preoccupied with ego-based
seeking—but, all the while of his or her life in
actively ego-surrendering (and really ego-forgetting and,
more and more, ego-transcending) devotional Communion with
Me, I Am Divinely Attracting (and Divinely Acting upon) My
true devotees heart (and total body-mind), and (Thus and
Thereby) Dissolving and Vanishing My true devotees
fundamental egoity (and even all of his or her otherwise
motivating dilemma and seeking-strategy).



(34) There are two principal tendencies by which I am
always being confronted by My devotee. One is the tendency
to seek—rather than to truly enjoy and to fully animate
the Condition of Satsang with Me. And the other is the
tendency to make a self-contracting circle around
Me—and, thus, to make a “cult” of ego-“I” (and of the
“man in the middle”), or to duplicate the ego-ritual of mere
fascination, and of inevitable resistance, and of
never-Awakening unconsciousness. Relative to these two
tendencies, I Give all My devotees only one resort. It is
this true Satsang—the devotionally Me-recognizing, and
devotionally to-Me-responding, and always really
counter-egoic devotional relationship to My Avatarically
Self-Revealed (and Self-Evidently Divine) Person.



(35) The Great Secret of My Avatarically Self-Revealed
Divine Person, and of My Avatarically Self-Manifested Divine
Blessing-Work (now, and forever hereafter)—and,
therefore, the Great Secret of the only-by-Me Revealed and
Given Way of Adidam—Is that I am not the “man in the
middle”, but I Am Reality Itself, I Am the Only One Who Is,
I Am That Which Is Always Already The Case, I Am the
Non-Separate (Avatarically Self-Revealed, and Self-Evidently
Divine) Person (or One and Very Divine Self, or One and True
Divine Self-Condition) of all and All (Beyond the ego-“I” of
every one, and of all, and of All).



(36) Aham Da Asmi. Beloved, I Am Da—the One and Only
and Non-Separate and Indivisible and Self-Evidently Divine
Person, the Non-Separate and Indivisible Self-Condition and
Source-Condition of all and All. I Am the Avatarically
Self-Revealed “Bright” Person, the One and Only and
Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Person—Who Is the One
and Only and Non-Separate and Indivisible and Indestructible
Light of All and all. I Am That One and Only and
Non-Separate One. And—As That One, and Only As That
One—I Call all human beings to heart-recognize Me, and
to heart-respond to Me with right, true, and full devotion
(demonstrated by Means of formal practice of the only-by-Me
Revealed and Given Way of Adidam—Which Is the One and
Only By-Me-Revealed and By-Me-Given Way of the Heart).



(37) I do not tolerate the so-called “cultic” (or
ego-made, and ego-reinforcing) approach to Me. I do not
tolerate the seeking egos “cult” of the “man in the middle”.
I am not a self-deluded ego-man—making much of himself,
and looking to include everyone-and-everything around
himself for the sake of social and political power. To be
the “man in the middle” is to be in a Man-made trap, an
absurd mummery of “cultic” devices that enshrines and
perpetuates the ego-“I” in one and all. Therefore, I do not
make or tolerate the religion-making “cult” of ego-Man. I do
not tolerate the inevitable abuses of religion, of
Spirituality, of Truth Itself, and of My own Person (even in
bodily human Form) that are made (in endless blows and
mockeries) by ego-based mankind when the Great Esoteric
Truth of devotion to the Adept-Realizer is not rightly
understood and rightly practiced.



(38) The Great Means for the Teaching, and the Blessing,
and the Awakening, and the Divine Liberating of mankind (and
of even all beings) Is the Adept-Realizer Who (by Virtue of
True Divine Realization) Is Able to (and, indeed, cannot do
otherwise than) Stand In and As the Divine (or Real and
Inherent and One and Only) Position, and to Be (Thus and
Thereby) the Divine Means (In Person) for the Divine Helping
of one and all. This Great Means Is the Great Esoteric
Principle of the collective historical Great Tradition20 of
mankind. And Such Adept-Realizers Are (in their Exercise of
the Great Esoteric Principle) the Great Revelation-Sources
That Are at the Core and Origin of all the right and true
religious and Spiritual traditions within the collective
historical Great Tradition of mankind.



(39) By Means of My (now, and forever hereafter) Divinely
Descended and Divinely Self-“Emerging” Avataric Incarnation,
I Am the Ruchira Avatar, Adi Da Samraj—the Divine
Heart-Master, the First, the Last, and the Only
Adept-Realizer of the seventh (or Most Perfect, and
all-Completing) stage of life.21 I Am the Ruchira Avatar,
Adi Da Samraj, the Avataric Incarnation (and Divine
World-Teacher22) everywhere Promised for the “late-time” (or
“dark” epoch)—which “late-time” (or “dark” epoch) is
now upon all of mankind. I Am the Great and Only and
Non-Separate and (Self-Evidently) Divine
Person—Appearing in Man-Form As the Ruchira Avatar, Adi
Da Samraj, in order to Teach, and to Bless, and to Awaken,
and to Divinely Liberate all of mankind (and even all
beings, every “where” in the Cosmic domain). Therefore, by
Calling every one and all (and All) to Me, I Call every one
and all (and All) Only to the Divine Person, Which Is My own
and Very Person (or Very, and Self-Evidently Divine,
Self—or Very, and Self-Evidently Divine,
Self-Condition), and Which Is Reality Itself (or Truth
Itself—the Indivisible and Indestructible Light That Is
the Only Real God), and Which Is the One and Very and
Non-Separate and Only Self (or Self-Condition, and
Source-Condition) of all and All (Beyond the ego-“I” of
every one, and of all, and of All).



(40) The only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam
necessarily (and As a Unique Divine Gift) requires and
involves devotional recognition-response to Me In and Via
(and As) My bodily (human) Divine Avataric-Incarnation-Form.
However, because I Call every one and all (and All) to Me
Only As the Divine Person (or Reality Itself), the
only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam is not about
ego, and egoic seeking, and the egoic (or the so-called
“cultic”) approach to Me (as the “man in the middle”).



(41) According to all the esoteric traditions within the
collective historical Great Tradition of mankind, to
devotionally approach any Adept-Realizer as if he or she is
(or is limited to being, or is limited by being) a mere (or
“ordinary”, or even merely “extraordinary”) human entity is
the great “sin” (or fault), or the great error whereby the
would-be devotee fails to “meet the mark”.23 Indeed, the
Single Greatest Esoteric Teaching common to all the esoteric
religious and Spiritual traditions within the collective
historical Great Tradition of mankind Is that the
Adept-Realizer should always and only (and only
devotionally) be recognized and approached As the Embodiment
and the Real Presence of That (Reality, or Truth, or Real
God) Which would be Realized (Thus and Thereby) by the



(42) Therefore, no one should misunderstand Me. By
Avatarically Revealing and Confessing My Divine Status to
one and all and All, I am not indulging in self-appointment,
or in illusions of grandiose Divinity. I am not claiming the
“Status” of the “Creator-God” of exoteric (or public, and
social, and idealistically pious) religion. Rather, by
Standing Firm in the Divine Position (As I Am)—and
(Thus and Thereby) Refusing to be approached as a mere man,
or as a “cult”-figure, or as a “cult”-leader, or to be in
any sense defined (and, thereby, trapped, and abused, or
mocked) as the “man in the middle”—I Am Demonstrating
the Most Perfect Fulfillment (and the Most Perfect
Integrity, and the Most Perfect Fullness) of the Esoteric
(and Most Perfectly Non-Dual) Realization of Reality. And,
by Revealing and Giving the Way of Adidam (Which Is the Way
of ego-transcending devotion to Me As the Avatarically
Self-Revealed One and Only and Non-Separate and
Self-Evidently Divine Person), I Am (with Most Perfect
Integrity, and Most Perfect Fullness) Most Perfectly (and in
an all-Completing and all-Unifying Manner) Fulfilling the
Primary Esoteric Tradition (and the Great Esoteric
Principle) of the collective historical Great Tradition of
mankind—Which Primary Esoteric Tradition and Great
Esoteric Principle Is the Tradition and the Principle of
devotion to the Adept-Realizer As the Very Person and the
Direct (or Personal Divine) Helping-Presence of the Eternal
and Non-Separate Divine Self-Condition and Source-Condition
of all and All.



(43) Whatever (or whoever) is cornered (or trapped on all
sides) bites back (and fights, or seeks, to break free).
Whatever (or whoever) is “in the middle” (or limited and
“centered” by attention) is patterned by (or conformed to)
the ego-“I” (and, if objectified as “other”, is forced to
represent the ego-“I”, and is even made a scapegoat for the
pains, the sufferings, the powerless ignorance, and the
abusive hostility of the ego-“I”).



(44) If there is no escape from (or no Way out of) the
corner (or the “centered” trap) of ego-“I”—the heart
goes mad, and the body-mind becomes more and more “dark”
(bereft of the Indivisible and Inherently Free Light of the
Self-Evident, and Self-Evidently Divine, Love-Bliss That Is
Reality Itself).



(45) I am not the “man in the middle”. I do not stand
here as a mere man, “middled” to the “center” (or the
cornering trap) of ego-based mankind. I am not an ego-“I”,
or a mere “other”, or the representation (and the potential
scapegoat) of the ego-“I” of mankind (or of any one at



(46) I Am the Indivisible and Non-Separate One, the
(Avatarically Self-Revealed) One and Only and
(Self-Evidently) Divine Person—the Perfectly
Subjective24 Divine Self-Condition (and Source-Condition)
That Is Perfectly centerless (and Perfectly boundless),
Eternally Beyond the “middle” of all and All, and Eternally
Surrounding, Pervading, and Blessing all and All.



(47) I Am the Way Beyond the self-cornering (and
“other”-cornering) trap of ego-“I”.



(48) In this “late-time” (or “dark” epoch) of worldly
ego-Man, the collective of mankind is “darkened” (and
cornered) by egoity. Therefore, mankind has become mad,
Lightless, and, like a cornered “thing”, aggressively
hostile in its universally competitive fight and bite.



(49) Therefore, I have not Come here merely to stand
Manly in the “middle” of mankind—to suffer its biting
abuses, or even to be coddled and ignored in a little corner
of religious “cultism”.



(50) I have Come here to Divinely Liberate one and all
(and All) from the “dark” culture and effect of this
“late-time”, and (now, and forever hereafter) to Divinely
Liberate one and all (and All) from the pattern and the act
of ego-“I”, and (Most Ultimately) to Divinely Translate25
one and all (and All) Into the Indivisible, Perfectly
Subjective, and Eternally Non-Separate Self-Domain26 of My
Divine Love-Bliss-Light.



(51) The ego-“I” is a “centered” (or separate and
separative) trap, from which the heart (and even the entire
body-mind) must be Retired. I Am the Way (or the Very Means)
of that Retirement from egoity. I Refresh the heart (and
even the entire body-mind) of My devotee, in every moment My
devotee resorts to Me (by devotionally recognizing Me, and
devotionally—and ecstatically, and also, often,
meditatively—responding to Me) Beyond the “middle”,
Beyond the “centering” act (or trapping gesture) of ego-“I”
(or self-contraction).



(52) I Am the Avatarically Self-Revealed (and Perfectly
Subjective, and Self-Evidently Divine) Self-Condition (and
Source-Condition) of every one, and of all, and of
All—but the Perfectly Subjective (and Self-Evidently
Divine) Self-Condition (and Source-Condition) is not
“within” the ego-“I” (or separate and separative body-mind).
The Perfectly Subjective (and Self-Evidently Divine)
Self-Condition (and Source-Condition) is not in the “center”
(or the “middle”) of Man (or of mankind). The Perfectly
Subjective (and Self-Evidently Divine) Self-Condition (and
Source-Condition) of one, and of all, and of All Is
Inherently centerless (or Always Already Beyond the
self-contracted “middle”), and to Be Found only “outside”
(or by transcending) the bounds of separateness,
relatedness, and “difference”. Therefore, to Realize the
Perfectly Subjective (and Self-Evidently Divine)
Self-Condition and Source-Condition (or the Perfectly
Subjective, and Self-Evidently Divine, Heart) of one, and of
all, and of All (or even, in any moment, to exceed the
ego-trap—and to be Refreshed at heart, and in the total
body-mind), it is necessary to feel (and to, ecstatically,
and even meditatively, swoon) Beyond the “center” (or Beyond
the “point of view” of separate ego-“I” and separative
body-mind). Indeed, Most Ultimately, it is only in
self-transcendence to the degree of unqualified relatedness
(and Most Perfect Divine Samadhi, or Utterly Non-Separate
Enstasy27) that the Inherently centerless and boundless, and
Perfectly Subjective, and Self-Evidently Divine
Self-Condition (and Source-Condition) Stands Obvious and
Free (and Is, Thus and Thereby, Most Perfectly



(53) It Is only by Means of devotionally Me-recognizing
(and devotionally to-Me-responding) devotional meditation on
Me (and otherwise ecstatic heart-Contemplation of Me), and
total (and totally open, and totally ego-forgetting)
psycho-physical Reception of Me, that your madness of heart
(and of body-mind) is (now, and now, and now) escaped, and
your “darkness” is En-Light-ened (even, at last, Most
Perfectly). Therefore, be My true devotee—and, by
(formally, and rightly, and truly, and fully, and fully
devotionally) practicing the only-by-Me Revealed and Given
Way of Adidam (Which Is the True and Complete Way of the
True and Real Divine Heart), always Find Me, Beyond your
self-“center”, in every here and now.



(54) Aham Da Asmi. Beloved, I Am Da. And, because I Am
Infinitely and Non-Separately “Bright”, all and All Are In
My Divine Sphere of “Brightness”. By feeling and
surrendering Into the Infinite Sphere of My Avatarically
Self-Revealed Divine Self-“Brightness”, My every devotee Is
In Me. And, Beyond his or her self-contracting and
separative act of ego-“I”, My every devotee
(self-surrendered Into heart-Communion With Me) Is the One
and Only and Non-Separate and Real God I Have Come to
Awaken—by Means of My Avataric Divine Descent, My
Avataric Divine Incarnation, and My (now, and forever
hereafter) Avataric Divine Self-“Emergence”28 (here, and
every “where” in the Cosmic domain).


d* * *d




1. The ego-“I” is the fundamental activity of
self-contraction, or the presumption of separate and
separative existence.



2. The term “radical” derives from the Latin “radix”,
meaning “root”, and thus it principally means “irreducible”,
“fundamental”, or “relating to the origin”. In The Dawn
Horse Testament, Avatar Adi Da defines “Radical” as “Gone To
The Root, Core, Source, or Origin”. Because Adi Da Samraj
uses “radical” in this literal sense, it appears in
quotation marks in His Wisdom-Teaching, in order to
distinguish His usage from the common reference to an
extreme (often political) view.



3. En-Light-enment (or Enlightenment) is not just a state
of mind, but rather it is an actual conversion of the
body-mind to the state of Divine Consciousness Itself, or
Light Itself. Thus, Avatar Adi Da and His devotees sometimes
write the word “Enlightenment” with “Light” set apart by
hyphens, in order to emphasize this point.



4. The Sanskrit phrase “Aham Da Asmi” means “I (Aham) Am
(Asmi) Da”. The Name “Da”, meaning “the One Who Gives”,
indicates that Avatar Adi Da Samraj is the Supreme Divine
Giver, the Avataric Incarnation of the Very Divine



Avatar Adi Das Declaration “Aham Da Asmi” is similar in
form to the “Mahavakyas”, or “Great Statements”, of ancient
India (found in the Upanishads, the collected esoteric
Instruction of ancient Gurus). However, the significance of
“Aham Da Asmi” is fundamentally different from that of the
traditional Mahavakyas. Each of the Upanishadic Mahavakyas
expresses, in a few words, the profound (though not most
ultimate) degree of Realization achieved by great Realizers
of the past. For example, the Upanishadic Mahavakya “Aham
Brahmasmi” (“I Am Brahman”) expresses a great individuals
Realization that he or she is Identified with the Divine
Being (Brahman), and is not, in Truth, identified with his
or her apparently individual body-mind. However, “Aham Da
Asmi”, rather than being a proclamation of a human being who
has devoted his or her life most intensively to the process
of Real-God-Realization and has thereby Realized the Truth
to an extraordinarily profound degree, is Avatar Adi Das
Confession that He Is the Very Divine Person, Da, Who has
Appeared here in bodily (human) Divine Form, in order to
Reveal Himself to all and All, for the sake of the Divine
Liberation of all and All.



5. Avatar Adi Da uses “Self-Existing and Self-Radiant” to
indicate the two fundamental aspects of the One Divine
Person—Existence (or Being, or Consciousness) Itself,
and Radiance (or Energy, or Light) Itself.



6. By the word “Bright” (and its variations, such as
“Brightness”), Avatar Adi Da refers to the eternally,
infinitely, and inherently Self-Radiant Divine, Indivisible
and Indestructible Light Itself. As Adi Da Writes in His
Spiritual Autobiography, The Knee Of Listening:



. . . from my earliest experience of life I have Enjoyed
a Condition that, as a child, I called the “Bright”.



I have always known desire, not merely for extreme
pleasures of the senses and the mind, but for the highest
Enjoyment of Spiritual Power and Mobility. But I have not
been seated in desire, and desire has only been a play that
I have grown to understand and enjoy without conflict. I
have always been Seated in the “Bright”.



Even as a baby I remember only crawling around
inquisitively with a boundless Feeling of Joy, Light, and
Freedom in the middle of my head that was bathed in Energy
moving unobstructed in a Circle, down from above, all the
way down, then up, all the way up, and around again, and
always Shining from my heart. It was an Expanding Sphere of
Joy from the heart. And I was a Radiant Form, the Source of
Energy, Love-Bliss, and Light in the midst of a world that
is entirely Energy, Love-Bliss, and Light. I was the Power
of Reality, a direct Enjoyment and Communication of the One
Reality. I was the Heart Itself, Who Lightens the mind and
all things. I was the same as every one and every thing,
except it became clear that others were apparently unaware
of the “Thing” Itself.



Even as a little child I recognized It and Knew It, and
my life was not a matter of anything else. That Awareness,
that Conscious Enjoyment, that Self-Existing and
Self-Radiant Space of Infinitely and inherently Free Being,
that Shine of inherent Joy Standing in the heart and
Expanding from the heart, is the “Bright”. And It is the
entire Source of True Humor. It is Reality. It is not
separate from anything.


7. This passage is Avatar Adi Das Self-Confession as
“Avatar”. In Sanskrit, “Ruchira” means “bright, radiant,
effulgent”. Thus, the Reference “Ruchira Avatar” indicates
that Avatar Adi Da Samraj is the “Bright” (or Radiant)
Descent of the Divine Reality Itself (or the Divine Truth
Itself, Which Is the Only Real God) into the conditional
worlds, Appearing here in bodily (human) Divine Form. Avatar
Adi Da Samraj is the “Avataric Incarnation”, or the Divinely
Descended Embodiment, of the Divine Person. The Reference
“Avataric Incarnation” indicates that Avatar Adi Da Samraj
fulfills both the traditional expectation of the
East—that the True God-Man is an Avatar, or an utterly
Divine “Descent” of Real God in conditionally manifested
form—and the traditional expectations of the
West—that the True God-Man is an Incarnation, or an
utterly human Embodiment of Real God.



8. “The late-time” (or “the dark epoch”) is a phrase that
Avatar Adi Da uses to describe the present era—in which
doubt of God (and of anything at all beyond mortal
existence) is more and more pervading the entire world, and
the self-interest of the separate individual is more and
more regarded to be the ultimate principle of life.



9. Avatar Adi Da uses the phrase “Most Perfect(ly)” in
the sense of “Absolutely Perfect(ly)”. Similarly, the phrase
“Most Ultimate(ly)” is equivalent to “Absolutely
Ultimate(ly)”. “Most Perfect(ly)” and “Most Ultimate(ly)”
are always references to the seventh (or Divinely
Enlightened) stage of life.



10. The Hindi word “Satsang” literally means “true (or
right) relationship”, “the company of Truth”.



In the Way of Adidam, Satsang is the eternal relationship
of mutual sacred commitment between Avatar Adi Da Samraj and
each formally acknowledged practitioner of the Way of



11. “Difference” is the epitome of the egoic presumption
of separateness—in contrast with the Realization of
Oneness, or Non-“Difference”, Which is Native to the Divine



12. Avatar Adi Da uses “understanding” to mean “the
process of transcending egoity”. Thus, to “understand” is to
simultaneously observe the activity of the self-contraction
and to surrender that activity via devotional resort to
Avatar Adi Da Samraj.



Avatar Adi Da has Revealed that, despite their intention
to Realize Reality (or Truth, or Real God), all religious
and Spiritual traditions (other than the Way of Adidam He
has Revealed and Given) are involved, in one manner or
another, with the search to satisfy the ego. Only Avatar Adi
Da has Revealed the Way to “radically” understand the ego
and (in due course, through intensive formal practice of the
Way of Adidam, as His formally acknowledged devotee) to most
perfectly transcend the ego. Thus, the Way Avatar Adi Da has
Given is the “Way of Radical Understanding”.



13. The Way (Yoga) of the relationship with the
“Transmission Master of the Divine Heart” (Hridaya-Siddha),
Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj.



14. The entire practice of the Way of Adidam is founded
in heart-recognition of Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj as the
Very Divine Being in Person.



AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: The only-by-Me Revealed and Given
Way of Adidam (Which is the One and Only by-Me-Revealed and
by-Me-Given Way of the Heart) is the Way of life you live
when you rightly, truly, fully, and fully devotionally
recognize Me, and when, on that basis, you rightly, truly,
fully, and fully devotionally respond to Me. . . .


If you rightly, truly, fully, and fully devotionally
recognize Me, everything “in between” vanishes. All of that
is inherently without force. In heart-responsive devotional
recognition of Me, a spontaneous kriya of the principal
faculties occurs, such that they are loosed from the objects
to which they are otherwise bound—loosed from the
patterns of self-contraction. The faculties turn to Me, and,
in that turning, there is tacit devotional recognition of
Me, tacit experiential Realization of Me, of Happiness
Itself, of My Love-Bliss-Full Condition. That “Locating” of
Me opens the body-mind spontaneously. When you have been
thus Initiated by Me, it then becomes your responsibility,
your sadhana, to continuously Remember Me, to constantly
return to this devotional recognition of Me, in which you
are Attracted to Me, in which you devotionally respond to Me
spontaneously with all the principal faculties. [Hridaya
Rosary (Four Thorns Of Heart-Instruction)]



15. See “The Great Choice” for a description of the
congregations of Adidam.



16. Avatar Adi Da has always had a unique method of
“Crazy” Work, which involved His literal Submission to the
limited conditions of humankind in order to discover the Way
to transform and illumine humankind. His “Crazy” Manner of
Submission is a Divine Siddhi, an inherent aspect of His
Avataric Incarnation.



As part of His “Crazy” Work with His devotees, Avatar Adi
Da addressed the ego in an unconventional and unpredictable
manner—theatrically dramatizing, and poking fun at, the
self-contracted habits, predilections, and destinies of His
devotees. Through such “Crazy” Speech and Action, Avatar Adi
Da Penetrated the being and loosened the patterns of
ego-bondage (individually and collectively) in His
devotees—humbling and opening their hearts, and thereby
making way for the deeper reception of His Spiritual



Avatar Adi Das “Crazy” Manner of Working with His
devotees is partially foreshadowed by the Adepts of what
Avatar Adi Da calls “the Crazy Wisdom tradition”. Such
Adepts are Realizers of the fourth, fifth, or sixth stages
of life (most prominent in the Hindu and Buddhist
traditions, although also found in other religious and
Spiritual traditions) who, through spontaneous Free action,
blunt Wisdom, and liberating laughter, would shock or humor
people into self-critical awareness of their egoity, which
is a prerequisite for fully receiving the Realizers
Spiritual Transmission. Typically, such Realizers manifest
“Crazy” activity only occasionally or temporarily—and
never for its own sake, but only as “skillful means”. For
more information about the “Crazy Wisdom” tradition, see
Divine Distraction, by James Steinberg.



17. For a description of the Vow and responsibilities
associated with the Way of Adidam, see “The Great



18. In the foundation stages of practice in the Way of
Adidam, the basic (or gross) manifestation of the avoidance
of relationship is understood and released when Avatar Adi
Das devotee hears Him (or comes to the point of most
fundamental self-understanding), thereby regaining the free
capability for simple relatedness, or living on the basis of
the feeling of relatedness rather than the avoidance of
relationship. But the feeling of relatedness is not Ultimate
Realization, because it is still founded in the presumption
of a “difference” between “I” and other. Only in the
ultimate stages of life in the Way of Adidam is the feeling
of relatedness itself fully understood as the root-act of
attention and, ultimately, transcended in the Feeling of



19. When Avatar Adi Da uses the words “Spiritual”,
“Transcendental”, and “Divine” in combination, He is (as in
the case of the terms “Self-Existing” and “Self-Radiant”)
indicating the two fundamental aspects of the One Divine
Reality and Person—Consciousness Itself (Which Is
Transcendental, or Self-Existing) and Energy Itself (Which
Is Spiritual, or Self-Radiant). Only That Which Is Divine is
simultaneously and always both Transcendental and



20. The “Great Tradition” is Avatar Adi Das term for the
total inheritance of human, cultural, religious, magical,
mystical, Spiritual, Transcendental, and Divine paths,
philosophies, and testimonies from all the eras and cultures
of humanity, which inheritance has (in the present era of
worldwide communication) become the common legacy of



21. Avatar Adi Da has Revealed the underlying structure
of human growth in seven stages. The seventh stage of life
is Divine Self-Realization or Most Perfect



The first three stages of life develop, respectively, the
physical, emotional, and mental/volitional functions of the
body-mind. The first stage begins at birth and continues for
approximately five to seven years; the second stage follows,
continuing until approximately the age of twelve to
fourteen; and the third stage is optimally complete by the
early twenties. In the case of virtually all individuals,
however, failed adaptation in the earlier stages of life
means that maturity in the third stage of life takes much
longer to attain, and it is usually never fulfilled, with
the result that the ensuing stages of Spiritual development
do not even begin.



In the Way of Adidam, however, growth in the first three
stages of life unfolds in the Spiritual Company of Avatar
Adi Da and is based in the practice of feeling-Contemplation
of His bodily (human) Divine Form and in devotion, service,
and self-discipline in relation to His bodily (human) Divine
Form. By the Grace of this relationship to Avatar Adi Da,
the first three (or foundation) stages of life are lived and
fulfilled in an ego-transcending devotional disposition, or
(as He Describes it) “in the original (or beginners)
devotional context of the fourth stage of life”.



The fourth stage of life is the transitional stage
between the gross (bodily-based) point of view of the first
three stages of life and the subtle (mind-based, or
psyche-based) point of view of the fifth stage of life. The
fourth stage of life is the stage of Spiritual devotion, or
devotional surrender of separate self, in which the gross
functions of the being are submitted to the higher psychic
(or subtle) functions of the being, and (through these
psychic functions) to the Divine. In the fourth stage of
life, the gross (or bodily-based) personality of the first
three stages of life is purified through reception of the
Spiritual Force (“Holy Spirit”, or “Shakti”) of the Divine
Reality, Which prepares the being to out-grow the
bodily-based point of view.



In the Way of Adidam, as the orientation of the fourth
stage of life matures, heart-felt surrender to the bodily
(human) Divine Form of Avatar Adi Da deepens by His Grace,
drawing His devotee into Love-Communion with His
All-Pervading Spiritual Presence. Growth in the “basic”
context of the fourth stage of life in the Way of Adidam is
also characterized by reception of Avatar Adi Das Baptizing
Current of Divine Spirit-Energy, which is initially felt to
flow down the front of the body from above the head to the
bodily base (or perineal area).



The Descent of Avatar Adi Das Spirit-Baptism releases
obstructions predominantly in what He calls the “frontal
personality”, or the personality typically animated in the
waking state (as opposed to the dream state and the state of
deep sleep). This Spirit-Baptism purifies His devotee and
infuses the devotee with His Spirit-Power. Avatar Adi Das
devotee is thus awakened to profound love of (and devotional
intimacy with) Him.



Eventually, Avatar Adi Das Divine Spirit-Current may be
felt to turn about at the bodily base and ascend up the
spine to the brain core. In this case, the fourth stage of
life matures to its “advanced” context, which is focused in
the Ascent of Avatar Adi Das Spirit-Baptism and the
consequent purification of the spinal line of the



In the fifth stage of life, attention is concentrated in
the subtle (or psychic) levels of awareness in ascent.
Avatar Adi Das Divine Spirit-Current is felt to penetrate
the brain core and rise toward the Matrix of Light and
Love-Bliss infinitely above the crown of the head, possibly
culminating in the temporary experience of fifth stage
conditional Nirvikalpa Samadhi, or “formless ecstasy”. In
the Way of Adidam, most practitioners will not need to
practice either in the “advanced” context of the fourth
stage of life or in the context of the fifth stage of life,
but will rather be Awakened, by Avatar Adi Das Grace,
directly from maturity in the fourth stage of life to the
Witness-Position of Consciousness (in the context of the
sixth stage of life).



In the traditional development of the sixth stage of
life, a strategic effort is made to Identify with
Consciousness Itself by excluding the realm of conditional
phenomena. Avatar Adi Da Teaches, however, that the
deliberate intention to exclude the conditional world for
the sake of Realizing Transcendental Consciousness is an
egoic error that must be transcended by His devotees who are
practicing in the context of the sixth stage of life.



In deepest meditation in the sixth stage of life in the
Way of Adidam, the knot of attention (which is the
root-action of egoity, felt as separation, self-contraction,
or the feeling of relatedness) dissolves, and all sense of
relatedness yields to the Blissful and undifferentiated
Feeling of Being. The characteristic Samadhi of the sixth
stage of life is Jnana Samadhi, the temporary Realization of
the Transcendental Self (or Consciousness Itself)—which
is temporary because it can occur only when awareness of the
world is excluded in meditation.



The transition from the sixth stage of life to the
seventh stage Realization of Absolute Non-Separateness is
the unique Revelation of Avatar Adi Da. Various traditions
and individuals previous to Adi Das Revelation have had
sixth stage intuitions or premonitions of the Most Perfect
seventh stage Realization, but no one previous to Avatar Adi
Da has Realized the seventh stage of life.



The seventh stage Realization is the Gift of Avatar Adi
Da to His devotees, Awakened only in the context of the Way
of Adidam that He has Revealed and Given. The seventh stage
of life begins when His devotee Awakens, by His Grace, from
the exclusive Realization of Consciousness to Most Perfect
and Permanent Identification with Consciousness Itself,
Avatar Adi Das Self-Evidently Divine State. This is Divine
Self-Realization, or Divine Enlightenment, the perpetual
Samadhi of “Open Eyes” (seventh stage Sahaj Samadhi)—in
which all “things” are Divinely Recognized without
“difference”, as merely apparent modifications of the One
Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Divine Consciousness.



In the course of the seventh stage of life, there may be
spontaneous incidents in which psycho-physical states and
phenomena do not appear to the notice, being Outshined by
the “Bright” Radiance of Consciousness Itself. This Samadhi,
which is the Ultimate Realization of Divine Existence,
culminates in Divine Translation, or the permanent
Outshining (necessarily coinciding with the physical death
of the body-mind) of all apparent conditions in the
Inherently Perfect Radiance and Love-Bliss of the Divine



In the context of practice of the Way of Adidam, the
seven stages of life as Revealed by Avatar Adi Da are not a
version of the traditional “ladder” of Spiritual attainment.
These stages and their characteristic signs arise naturally
in the course of practice for a fully practicing devotee in
the Way of Adidam, but the practice itself is oriented to
the transcending of the first six stages of life, in the
seventh stage Disposition of Inherently Liberated Happiness,
Granted by Avatar Adi Das Grace in His Love-Blissful
Spiritual Company.



For Avatar Adi Das extended Instruction relative to the
seven stages of life, see The Seven Stages Of Life.



22. Avatar Adi Da Samraj is the Divine World-Teacher
because His Wisdom-Teaching is the uniquely Perfect
Instruction to every being—in this (and every)
world—in the total process of Divine Enlightenment.
Furthermore, Avatar Adi Da Samraj constantly Extends His
Regard to the entire world (and the entire Cosmic
domain)—not on the political or social level, but as a
Spiritual matter, constantly Working to Bless and Purify all
beings everywhere.


23. “Hamartia” (the word in New Testament Greek that was
translated into English as “sin”) was originally an archery
term meaning “missing the mark”.



24. Avatar Adi Da uses “Perfectly Subjective” to describe
the True Divine Source, or “Subject”, of the conditional
world—as opposed to regarding the Divine as some sort
of conditional “object” or “other”. Thus, in the phrase
“Perfectly Subjective”, the word “Subjective” does not have
the sense of “relating to the merely phenomenal experience,
or the arbitrary presumptions, of an individual”, but,
rather, it has the sense of “relating to Consciousness
Itself, the True Subject of all apparent experience”.



25. In the context of Divine Enlightenment in the seventh
stage of life in the Way of Adidam, the Spiritual process
continues. Avatar Adi Da has uniquely Revealed the four
phases of the seventh stage process: Divine Transfiguration,
Divine Transformation, Divine Indifference, and Divine



Divine Translation is the most ultimate “Event” of the
entire process of Divine Awakening. Avatar Adi Da Describes
Divine Translation as the Outshining of all noticing of
objective conditions, through the infinitely magnified Force
of Consciousness Itself. Divine Translation is the
Outshining of all destinies, wherein there is no return to
the conditional realms.



For Avatar Adi Das extended Discussion of Divine
Translation, see The All-Completing and Final Divine
Revelation To Mankind, Part Four (or The Dawn Horse
Testament, chapter forty-four).



26. The “Non-Separate Self-Domain” is a synonym for
“Divine Self-Domain”.



27. The words “ecstasy” and “enstasy” derive originally
from Greek. Avatar Adi Da uses “ecstasy” in the literal
sense of “standing (stasis) outside (ec-)” the egoic self,
and “enstasy” in the sense of “standing (stasis) in (en-)”
the Divine Self-Condition. As Avatar Adi Da says in The Dawn
Horse Testament, Divine Enstasy is “The Native Condition Of
Standing Unconditionally As The
By-Me-Avatarically-Self-Revealed Transcendental, Inherently
Spiritual, and Self-Evidently Divine Self-Condition



28. On January 11, 1986, Avatar Adi Da passed through a
profound Yogic Swoon, which He later Described as the
initial Event of His Divine Self-“Emergence”. Avatar Adi Das
Divine Self-“Emergence” is an ongoing Process in which His
bodily (human) Divine Form has been (and is ever more
profoundly and potently being) conformed to Himself, the
Very Divine Person, such that His bodily (human) Divine Form
is now (and forever hereafter) an utterly Unobstructed Sign
and Agent of His own Divine Being.



For Avatar Adi Das Revelation of the significance of His
Divine Self-“Emergence”, see section III of “The True Dawn
Horse Is The Only Way To Me” (which Essay appears as the
Epilogue of The All-Completing and Final Divine Revelation
To Mankind, as Part Three of The Heart Of The Dawn Horse
Testament Of The Ruchira Avatar, and as Part Three of The
Dawn Horse Testament).


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