Grace of Guru


The Thread-Ceremonies of Shree Rang and his younger brother
Narayana were celebrated at Devle. Thereafter while returning to
Godhra Rukmamba (Rukmini, the mother of Shree Rang was also known as
Rukmamba), followed by her sister led the two lads to some of the
sacred places in Maharashtra. In the course of the journey they

Narasobavadi. It is one of the noted places where the devotees of
Lord Dattatreya are graced by Him.

Late H.H. Vasudevanandasarasvati (1854 to 1914 A.D.) was at
Narasobavadi, when this group visited the place. Therefore, Rukmamba
took her two sons to pay their respects to Vasudevanandasarasvati. As
soon as Shree Rang saw the great saint he could not hold back himself
and started running towards the pious personality. Rukmaniba checked
him as he was all dressed up. But he pushed on. Anyhow he was stopped
by his mother and was asked to lie prostrate before H. H.
Vasudevanandasarasvati without touching him. Shree Rang obeyed his

“He is mine.” Instantly said H.H Vasudevananda looking to Shree

All the people, present there, were astonished to hear the
unexpected words from H.H. Vasudevanandasarasvati, a high dignitary
in the field of spiritualism.

“To whom do you belong my lad ? ” Asked H.H.
Vasudevananaasarasvati to Shree Rang.

To you Only”. Came the prompt reply from Shree Rang. He then bowed
down in reverence to H.H. Vasudevanandasarasvati.

Thenceforth a series of thoughts emerged in the mind of Shree
Rang. Do I really belong to H.H. Vasudevanandasarasvati ? —— Who
is he ? —— What is my relation with H.H. Vasudevananda ? Who ani
I ? —– Would he be my guide and guard in future? —– What have I
to owe him ? —— etc.

Years passed by. Shree Rang was a school teacher then and had gone
on a trip to the places on the bank of the Narmada, along with some
of his friends. When these trippers were at Indravarna, a place
opposite to that of Garudeshvar, lie had a dream in which
H.H.Vasudevanandasarasvati appeared before hint and bade him to read
‘ Datta-Puran’ for 108 times and thus he was blessed by his guru.