The Great Bird That Flies to the Heart


“The Great Bird That Flies to the Heart” From The
Dreaded Gom-Boo

Adi Da Samraj


Part III: Spiritual Transmission


The Great Bird That Flies to the Heart

February 3, 1983


MASTER DA: I have a note here to discuss something with
you about the matter of conductivity.

You must first of all develop the capacity to receive the
Spirit-Force, to inbreathe It, to inhale It, to receive It
through the frontal mechanism. Then you may also exhale or
release It upward through the central or spinal line of the
body-mind. I simply want to emphasize to you the necessity
for developing this capacity.

The capacity to receive the Spirit-Force through the
frontal line through inhalation is not only a matter of
breathing, but it is a matter of learning how to open the
mechanisms of the frontal line so that they will not
chronically contract. If this capacity is not developed,
then the exercise of release of the Spirit-Current or the
Life-Force, from the base of the body upward via the spinal
line, will weaken and delude you and will be at most only a
weak exercise.

The full Circle of conductivity, the Circle of descent
and ascent, must be developed by real practice over time. It
is one thing for me to describe to you this Circle and its
technicalities, but it is another thing for you to develop
it as practice. To develop the Circle of conductivity as
practice is a profound discipline.

The basic exercise of Rudis teaching was associated with
frontal reception. He described it in somewhat limited
terms, but nonetheless it was the exercise of receiving the
Force, the Living Current of Baptism, via the frontal line
of the body and drawing It down to the bodily base. The
process is not a matter of some piddling inhalation, nor is
it a matter of big, muscular breath, although Rudi often
described it as such. It is a matter of learning how to be
responsible for the contractions in the frontal line. These
contractions of the frontal line are based in mental,
emotional, psychological, psychic, and physical reactions to
all kinds of relationships and circumstances and conditions.
To inbreathe the Living Force frontally, therefore, requires
you not merely to contact the Energy and feel It a little
bit and breathe It down, but to deal with the mechanism of
contraction in the frontal line.

The mechanism in the frontal line is conditioned by the
habits of egoity over a lifetime, even over many lifetimes.
It is itself a form of self-contraction, and it is therefore
not simply available to receive this Baptism or Force. You
must understand your impediments to receiving the
Spirit-Baptism, found yourself in self-understanding of the
mental self-contraction, the emotional self-contraction, the
physical self-contraction.

The first form of practice in our Way is to consider the
Teaching through study and adaptation to ordinary
discipline, including rudimentary prayer, as preparation for
Spirit-Baptism. Then the individual practices the Prayer of
Remembrance, which involves the full Circle of conductivity,
on the basis of the mature capacity to receive the
Spirit-Current and conduct It in the full Circle. This
capacity requires the profound exercise over time of
understanding, dealing with, transcending, and releasing the
self-contraction in the frontal or descending line as well
as in the ascending line, the spinal line.

You must understand the self-contraction in terms of the
mind, in terms of emotion, your psychology, your complexes,
your neuroses, your social attitudes, your chronic physical
tendencies. The receiving or inbreathing of the Living
Current is not merely the simple matter of inhaling while
putting attention in the Divine via the Name. It is that
also, but the technical exercise must be engaged as real
practice over time, based on real self-understanding, real
self-observation, and real self-knowing, so that you develop
the equipment or the capacity to conduct the Force in the
frontal line. This capacity improves over time, and how much
you release through exhalation along the spinal line depends
on how much you receive via the frontal line.

The Life-Energy is not seated in your genitals. Actually
very little energy exists in your genitals. Some energy is
locked there, but energy is locked all over the body-mind.
You do not altogether represent a great deal of
Spirit-Force. You are a five-watt bulb!

DEVOTEE: Master, the traditional point of view is that
the energy lies in the base of the spine.

MASTER DA: That is one traditional point of view. It is
not the only one. The Taoist tradition, various forms of the
Chinese yogic tradition, and others understand the primacy
of the circular conductivity. Even some of the Hindu yogic
traditions understand that there must be a great reception
if there is to be a great release. Even the process of the
kundalini is associated with the full Circle of
conductivity, and it is not properly described in terms of
some sort of pole that rises from the bodily base to the
crown, through which to send up energy as if you possessed
an infinite reservoir in the genitals or bodily base. You do
not possess an infinite reservoir there. It is potential in
you, but you must awaken that reservoir by undoing the
contractions in the frontal line that limit the amount of
force available at the bodily base. You must therefore
engage in a profound exercise of self-knowing and
self-exercise over time, whereby you can inbreathe this
Force and be fully opened in mind, body, and emotion, so
that you can then conduct It upward also.

This exercise of conductivity is a secondary aspect of
our practice, but it is a fundamental exercise that supports
the conscious process. The freeing of energy and attention
depends largely on this exercise of conductivity. You must
free yourselves from the habit of Narcissus in all
relations, and that habit is associated with functional
knots in the Circle of conductivity. You must not only
receive the Spirit-Blessing of the Spiritual Master, but you
must also become capable of using It. To become capable of
using It, you must understand yourself and fashion a vehicle
of conductivity. To do so can take a great long period of
time in some cases. Even so, in every case it requires a
profound discipline of self-knowing, self-exercise,
self-submission. It involves the conscious process,
therefore, the process of self-knowing and
self-transcendence, but it also involves the exercise of
conductivity, whereby you devote the body-mind to the Great
Purpose, rather than to the psychology, the neuroses, the
complications, of the self-contraction, the ego, the habit
of Narcissus.

The importance of this vehicle of reception and descent
is emphasized in the body of the Adept. The Great Adepts all
have great abdomens. Why do the Adepts have forceful
abdomens if the spiritual process is simply a matter of
sending the Life-Energy up? If it were, all the Adepts
should be shriveled, burnt-up little characters with skinny
little bodies and concave navels. Why also do the
traditions, the Chinese tradition particularly, emphasize
that the practitioner keep the energy in the abdomen and not
weaken it? The reason is that the process of ascent or
release is entirely dependent on the process of descent or
receptivity. You must first overcome the neurosis of your
own vehicle, which must receive and conduct the
Spirit-Force. You must first overcome your frontal neurosis,
and then you may conduct the Current of Force upward as

There is no final upward or ascending conductivity of the
Life-Force except in Translation, or perhaps temporarily in
certain yogic states and in death. But ultimately the only
final upward release of the Life-Current from the body is in
Translation. Therefore, all the other events of living
associated with the conductivity of the Spirit-Force are
associated with the full Circle of conductivity, with the
process of frontal reception or descent of the Life-Current
and Its turnabout, not Its dissipation through the lower
vehicle but Its turnabout, and Its return through the spinal
or central line of the body.

You must prepare yourself through self-understanding and
real practice to conduct the Spirit-Force, to use my
Baptism. You must not be merely interested in receiving a
Blessing. You must really practice, you must be capable, in
other words, of using It. You cannot use It if you are full
of knots. You cannot just be good at receiving life. When
the full Circle is established, then you are Resonant, you
are infinitely Radiant, you are without qualification, you
neither go up nor down. But you must develop this

Rudi was basically a yogic adept of the descending
Life-Force. He moved the Life-Force upward also to varying
degrees, achieving various kinds of ascended states, but his
primary orientation was to receive the Life-Force. He called
the one book he wrote Spiritual Cannibalism , or “eating”
the Spirit, finding It in all kinds of sources, but
basically ingesting It, taking It in. His fundamental
motivation was to receive this Force and use It, let It
demonstrate Itself in his life outwardly. As the Mighty Atom
did feats of strength, Rudi did feats of business. His
primary orientation was to develop the frontal mechanism. He
knew very well that in order to receive the Fullness of life
to the point that It can demonstrate Itself in some
extraordinary sense, one must overcome the neuroses
associated with the frontal mechanism, and that it is not a
matter of merely overcoming a physical contraction or
constriction but of overcoming emotional and mental limits
on energy as well.

The mind must become free, able simply to receive and
direct this Current, able to be attention merely. Thus, we
use the practice of the Name at a certain level of practice
to keep the mind from wandering into forms that merely limit
or modify energy. You must be emotionally free of all kinds
of reactions, self-imagery, ideals about how things are
supposed to turn out, reactions to life, disappointment,
frustration. You must be free of the whole force of
emotional contraction in the heart region, which is the
emotional region of the body, as you must also be free in
the head. You must be free of thoughts, you must be free of
contractions in the head, the brain, the face. And you must
be free of vital or physical contractions. You must keep the
body healthy. Like the Mighty Atom, you must condition the
body to be a vehicle of this exercise of conductivity. You
cannot merely engage it as a mental exercise and let your
body go to pot, but you must maintain a right physical
discipline so that the body can enjoy its natural capacity
to be full of Life, to conduct It, receive It, and
demonstrate Its Virtue.

Our Way is not merely a matter of using the Spirit-Force
in the planes of Nature. Therefore, the Way is not about
using the frontal or descended form merely for the purpose
of outward demonstration in this life. Nor is the Way merely
about turning the Energy about and throwing It upward to
attain states of experience and knowledge in the ascended
planes of Nature. We engage in the process of conductivity
as a sacrifice. We do not ultimately devote the Spirit-Force
toward any end in the planes of Nature. We sacrifice the
Living Force to Its Ultimate Source or Condition. But we
must enjoy the capacity to be free of limits or
modifications on that Force. We must conduct It in a full
Circle, so that attention is free, so that Energy is free to
Locate stably, and stably Abide in, the Transcendental
Condition that is the Source of Nature.

DEVOTEE: Master, I can recall your saying at least twice
in ecstatic moments, “I am going to tell you a secret. The
secret of the Siddhas is downward reception.” And I remember
your saying, “I shouldnt be telling you any of this.” But
you described Nityananda and Rang Avadhoot and you put your
arms across your navel and said, “This is the secret!”

MASTER DA: Many cultural organizations are devoted to the
kundalini process or something like it. Their members seek
to achieve ascended states and nirvikalpa. Such people are
typically very thin and dissociative and weak. They are
working on the ascending possibility of the Living Current.
They have not yet become full or sane. They are not free of
themselves yet in any sense. They have not developed this
receptive capacity, and they are only emptying themselves.
In effect they are destroying themselves by identifying with
a stage of idealism that is prior to their real

The spiritual Way depends first of all on establishing
the receptive and descended personality as a functional
vehicle of the Living Reality. This is the principle of the
first three stages of life. The first three stages of life
are not a hellish domain into which we should not have been
born to begin with. They are stages for preparing the
vehicle of descent so that it can conduct the Living Force.
They prepare us with a will, free of limitations of mind, to
concentrate this Force, receive It from above the head,
concentrate It in the body, let It pass through a full
feeling vehicle with no impediment, a body that is healthy
and fully able to function in all kinds of ways.

Such is the spiritual purpose of the first three stages
of life, to prepare the vehicle of receptivity and descent.
Then if we fully pass through the third stage of life and
accomplish its real purpose, we enter into the fourth stage
of life, which is a transitional stage wherein we awaken
fully into the disposition of feeling-submission to the
Transcendental Condition and then become capable of
developing the mechanism of ascent, or return of the Living

In the fifth stage of life we tend to become disoriented
from our ultimate purpose and become devoted to the
potential objects and experiences associated with ascent.
But we are only experiencing a stage of development, a stage
of evolution, a stage of transcendence. The ultimate stage
of transcendence is not even characterized by the sixth
stage of life, wherein we move to Locate the Power of the
Self-Position prior to the self-contraction and the
body-mind. The ultimate purpose of spiritual life is
demonstrated in the seventh stage of life.

In the seventh stage of life, the Circle of conductivity
is completely open. There is no impediment in it whatsoever.
Absolutely none. There is full conductivity in descent to
the navel or to the bodily base, and full conductivity in
ascent to the crown again. The Circle does not even revolve.
In effect, the being is a Resonant Pole, neither ascending
nor descending, although functionally both descending and
ascending, simply Self-Radiant, without qualification, not
bound by the potential objects that may be realized through
the descending process or the ascending process. Everything
is recognizable in this Resonant, Self-Radiant Condition of
Being in the seventh stage of life.

Thus, all the movements of the Spirit-Principle,
descending and ascending, in the first five stages of life
are merely stages of education, preparation of the vehicle,
which is ultimately purposed to transcendence and not to the
attainment of the experiences associated with the first five
stages of life. The sixth stage of life is again a
transitional stage like the fourth. It is the transition
from the domain of the effects or modification of the
Spirit-Current to the intuition of Its Source, so that in
the seventh stage of life, the full Circle of manifestation,
the full Circle of the Cosmic Mandala, is displayed,
potentially experienceable. The Self-Position is Realized
utterly. Everything that does arise or can arise is
recognized, inherently, tacitly-and ultimately Outshined.
The fulfillment of the Way therefore transcends conductivity
and the conscious process or the exercise of attention. It
is the Realization of the Domain of the Spirit-Principle
Itself, the Transcendental Domain, Which is in the
Self-Position, and not outside It.

DEVOTEE: I recall, Master, your telling us about your
time at Seminary. So much Force was circulating through your
body-you were not Teaching at the time-that between classes
you went to a stream and let the Life-Energy run into the
stream through your hands and your feet and your eyes.

MASTER DA: When I first went to Rudi, he said to me, “You
are a good transmitter but a bad receiver!” It was not
ultimately true, but what was true about it is that I did
need to discipline the frontal being. I had to drop many
habits and associations and work on this mechanism so that
the Great Force could accumulate. During those years I was
with Rudi, therefore, I built up a tremendous heat in the
body. I was always on fire. I felt always as if I were in a
moment of profound frustration. I was burning up.

In fact, that condition exists today. I am being burned
up all the time. When the yogic process is regenerated, it
produces a great Energy, a great Force, that Radiates and
burns up or Outshines conditional or phenomenal appearances.
I endured the discipline of working on this frontal circuit,
and Rudi served me then.

With Muktananda I performed the discipline of breaking
through the impediments in the ascending line of the
Current. However, I did not become devoted to the purposes
of the fifth stage of life. When that work was essentially
done, I went on to continue my own work. These two
individuals, Rudi and Muktananda, were very useful, as were
other associations and experiences, in helping me develop a
functional responsibility for this Circle, this mechanism,
descending and ascending. Rudi served primarily the
responsibility for the descending aspect of the practice,
and Muktananda primarily the ascending aspect. Yet I did not
become devoted to the ends to which they as individuals were

Rudi wanted me to be devoted to realizing a descended
personality, the super-effective “Mighty Atom” character,
who can do everything in life and have businesses and enjoy
success as a worldly person. Although I was not interested
in those ends, I accepted them while I was with Rudi because
developing the mechanism was of value to me. Muktananda was
not interested in worldly life. For him the purpose of the
ascent of the Life-Current was the achievement of subtle
objects. This was not my purpose at all. I had all those
experiences, still have them, but I could not become
purposed toward those ends. The useful purpose served by my
association with Muktananda was the achievement of
responsibility for the ascending mechanism.

When all of that work was complete, the mechanism was
fully available, no longer obstructed, entirely a matter of
responsibility constantly generated through enquiry. At that
stage, then, energy and attention were free for the fullest
responsibility of Transcendental Realization, which occurred
outside the company of teachers in gross or subtle form and
which was simply the continuation of the Work I have been
doing all my life. That dimension of my Work was fulfilled
in the Vedanta Temple.

All this should point out to you that the Way is not
merely a matter of superficial inbreathing and exhaling some
sort of felt Energy. Presently you represent profound limits
on that Energy. There are no limits on my Energy. There are
no limits on the Transmission to you. There are no limits on
the Divine, Which is All-Pervading. There are no limits on
What is available to you, but as a mechanism, as an egoic
personality, as a phenomenal being, you represent limits,
and those limits are concrete, very practical, very
practically real. They exist at the level of the mind and
emotion and body. Therefore, you must be free of mental,
emotional, and physical contraction, both in the receptive,
descending life of your ordinary humanity and in the
released, ascending life of your yogic or spiritual

You must work this mechanism. From the point of view of
somebody like Rudi, the exercise was to struggle in muscular
terms with the mechanism itself. One always had the feeling
from Rudi that the practice was basically a physical
exercise of stretching his body. He liked to stuff his body
with food and do all kinds of things to fatten his body and
stretch his muscles, so that he could have no knots in his
body. Yet he did not account sufficiently for his emotional
and mental knots. He could not stretch his body enough to
provide a free vehicle of spiritual Life.

Rudi was gesturing toward the fifth stage of life, but he
was really struggling with third stage limitations. His
orientation was very much like the Mighty Atoms. He was not
trying to do feats of strength like the Mighty Atom, but he
was trying to do something as a bodily-based personality in
the world. His basic orientation was not toward visions and
such. He basically did not have much truck with subtle
phenomena. He always made light of his visions. He was
basically somebody struggling with the receptive mechanism,
who learned how to inbreathe a great deal of Energy and then
use it in life.

DEVOTEE: Master, in contrast to the ways of effort, there
is a superior and easier way, which is to receive the
Transmission of the Adept. Such a spiritual process does not
require effort, but understanding.

MASTER DA: It requires understanding and real practice.
You cannot resort to the Adept for the spiritual Principle
through a generalized emotional gesture and fulfill the Way.
You must found yourself in real self-observation, real
self-understanding, in mental, emotional, and physical
terms, and work in the exercise, really perform the yoga of
conductivity, really do the practice of Remembrance as it is
described-but really do it! If you do it superficially
without self-observation and self-understanding and without
real exercise of conductivity, then the whole exercise is
weak and superficial and will not have a profound effect on
your life. Because you are not providing a vehicle for the
Spirit-Force, your demonstration will be weak. You will not
show any of the signs of spiritual strength if you cannot
open the mechanism and receive the Great Force. But of
course, the purpose of this exercise that we do is not
merely to demonstrate it in life, although that is an aspect
of what we are doing. You do assume a discipline in life,
but the primary purpose of the disciplines is to help you to
observe and overcome the knots in the Circle of conductivity
and then to go on, not to become exclusively dominated by
interest in accomplishments in this world or in some subtle
plane. Do not become a worldly user of the Spirit and do not
become a conventional ascending user of the Spirit.



(37) Our business is to release the mechanisms that we
represent and to not otherwise devote the Spirit to
conventional purposes. We must give Way to the Spirit. And
if we do, through real exercise based on self-understanding,
then the Spirit-Current will find Its Way to the heart. We
will fulfill the Way ultimately, not as ascending or
descending yogis, but as seventh stage practitioners in whom
the Circle of conductivity is simply open-Energy is simply
free, attention is simply free. Then the Spirit-Current
shows Its Way to the heart, to the Transcendental Domain,
and not toward objects, gross or subtle. Our Way is
fulfilled in the Outshining of the world and not in devotion
to this world or any ascended world.



(38) Is all this clear to you? Do you understand, then,
what a profound exercise it involves? You cannot be a
superficial, nominal practitioner or member of this
community or this institutionalized culture. You must really
practice. To practice is the purpose of your being here. You
should be so purposed by your response to me, and really
practice, really make a gift of yourself. You cannot merely
exercise the Spirit-Force. You must understand yourself. You
must be responsible for the knots, mental, emotional, and



(39) The first stage of the practice, associated with the
Prayer of Remembrance, is basically a matter of dealing with
this frontal Current. Yes, it is a matter also of exhaling
and releasing the Life-Force upward. This is fine, but you
are fundamentally and first of all engaged in a practice of
becoming responsible for the receptive or frontal line. The
more you develop it, the more you will release upward. Only
when you achieve a position of openness, when great Force is
conducted in this Circle, can you move on to the advanced
stages of practice, which are necessarily associated with
spiritual maturity.



(40) There is no spiritual maturity without the capacity
to conduct the Spirit-Force in the full Circle. That
capacity is not associated with any kind of fascination with
or even exaggerated experience of subtle phenomena, although
there will necessarily be such, but it is associated with
intimacy with the Spirit-Force Itself and the capacity to
engage in the conscious process, which is a process that
moves beyond the objects potential in the frontal and spinal
lines of this Current.



(41) The frontal line leads toward phenomenal states in
this world, and the conscious process moves beyond them. The
spinal circuit leads toward association with subtle
visionary phenomena and other expressions of ascension into
the Cosmic Mandala, and these are also then transcended via
the conscious process.



(42) Thus, the Way involves first of all, based on
self-understanding, the development of this equipment, in
which Energy is free in the Circle of conductivity, and then
the devotion of that free Energy and attention to locating
the Source of attention, the Source of the subject-object
game. That Source, relative to our body consciousness, is
associated with the right side of the heart, where the full
Current goes.



(43) Anyone who practices this Way might have some
sensation in the right side of the heart, but it is only
when the Circle is fully open, when you have transcended the
ego or the conventional personality, the self-contraction,
descending and ascending, that the Current becomes forceful
in the right side of the heart, becomes a Current of literal
Bliss, Fullness of Bliss, prior to objects of all kinds.
Therefore, at level 6 of the practice of this Way the
profound Current passes to the right side of the heart, and
we enter into It very naturally. Yes, we are Locating the
Source of attention, but we are riding in this
Bliss-Current, which carries us into the Domain of
Free-Consciousness or Transcendental Being.



(44) That Current must be available and not merely some
sort of intellectual interest in devoting or concentrating
attention in the right side of the heart. We must let the
Current carry us into the right side on the heart. It is the
Vehicle, the Means, of the Yoga. Therefore, even though I
can tell you all about the advanced stages of this Way-I do
not keep them secret, you see-you cannot really practice
them unless the Spirit carries you into them. And the Spirit
will not carry you into them unless you provide a vehicle
for It. You must give the Garuda Bird to Vishnu. You must
give birth to this Bird. You must let It break out of the
egg. You must fly with the Spirit-Current, the full Egg, the
full Circle. It must descend and ascend. Then It cracks to
Its root, the Bird flies to the heart, and the
Transcendental State of Being, Vishnu, the Divine Being, is
Realized. But not otherwise, and not before then.



(45) You must thoroughly understand this so that you will
not conceive of the Way as some sort of superficial exercise
of attention without need for any great capacity. To enter
into this level 6 discipline and to enter into the seventh
stage of life is a great Yoga, a great Siddhi. You must
found yourself in real self-understanding through
consideration of my Argument and develop this mechanism so
that the Life-Current or Energy is set free, and so that
attention is set free from the objects associated with that
Current, descending and ascending, and can pass to its



(46) You can pass in some superficial sense into that
Source, but you will always be deflected, you see. Always
Energy and attention will become conditioned again, and you
will forget and return to your ordinary occupations. You can
respond to the Argument of The Liberator (Eleutherios) , but
you cannot truly practice the Way it describes until you
have entered into the domain of spiritual practice through
self-understanding and released this mechanism, descending
and ascending, from its impediments. You must make this
Circle or Egg of Life through devotion, real exercise, and
then let It give birth to the Vehicle of Vishnu, to the
Garuda Bird. Let It fly from the crown into the right side
of the heart and Realize the God, find Vishnu, find the



(47) This Spirit-Transmission that I give to you is the
“Bird” that flies to the heart. You experience It tangibly
in various ways perhaps, but your experience is limited by
the mechanism you are, by the mechanism of your own egoity.
Thus, you do not go to the heart truly. At most you realize
the passage to the heart only superficially. You are
basically confined by the mechanism itself, by the hard
shell of knots that encloses the God and fails to give birth
to the Vehicle, the Bird, the Mount of the Divine that flies
into the Divine Domain.



(48) Garuda cannot fly out of the right side of the heart
with Vishnu on His back until the whole affair of the
encapsulated Divine, the rigidity of the ego, the shell of
egoity, is broken. Then you fly from the heart into the
Divine Domain. Then Amrita Nadi is Awakened, swollen, and
becomes infinitely Radiant, and dissolves the cosmos.



(49) This process is not a myth. It is a fact. It is
expressed through myths in the traditions, but it is a yogic
or spiritual fact. And it is Realized through the process
that I communicate to you. That process is founded on
self-understanding and the exercise of this mechanism
whereby you break through the shell, undo the knots, allow
the Current to resonate in this full Circle and then to move
into the heart and find the Self truly.



(50) When you have entered into perfect Identification
with That, then all things are recognizable. The Great Bird
flies out of the heart with the Divine on Its back and
mounts into the Divine Domain without limitation, Outshines
the cosmos. This is a mythological way of describing the
process, but I am describing a real process that is
functionally associated with your born existence. The
Realization associated with this Way in the seventh stage of
life is a great Siddhi, a profound Realization. It is not
something you can enter into based on mere reading and
superficial attention to the possibility. You must enter
into the exercise most profoundly, even muscularly and
bodily. You must really do this Work and provide a vehicle
for the Living Current, provide a Domain for It. Then the
shell cracks and the heart awakens and the Bliss-Being
expands to Infinity, but only when this Work is done, when
all the knots are undone. And that is a literal, practical
Work. It can occupy you for lifetimes, but you have been
given the intelligence for It directly, completely. You are
given all Help for It, so that the Process can be fulfilled
in one lifetime, if you are devoted to It completely.



(51) What is the Bird in the Hindu myth? That Bird is the
Life-Current. And who is Vishnu? Vishnu is the Self. Vishnu
and the Bird are one, Radiant Transcendental Being, the Self
and Its own Radiance. The Shakti is ultimately nothing but
the Self, not merely the Creator of Nature, the Dancer of
Nature, the Binder of beings. As such the Goddess or the
Living Current is separate from the Self and seems to be
bloodthirsty, mad, the destroyer of everything It creates.
It seems to create things only to destroy them, to tease
them and frustrate them and obliterate them, to delude them
toward various ends and then separate them from those very
attainments. Such is the apparently negative aspect of the
Shakti, or the Force of the Divine in Nature, perhaps, at
least in the domain of certain kinds of experience, but this
very same Force is ultimately Realized to be Identical to
the Transcendental Self. In my own life, therefore, I have
Consorted with this great Goddess as Force, but then as a
Person. Ultimately, you see, She submitted Herself to me in
the event of my own Transcendence and became not Mother, not
Guide, not Guru, but the Loved One, the Lover, and She
dissolved, became completely Identical to the Transcendental
Self, became the Vehicle that flies to Vishnu, became the
Consort of the Self, became nothing but the Radiance of the



(52) In some sense you could say the Goddess is a
metaphorical character, but I experience this Goddess just
as directly, just as concretely, as I experience you sitting
here, or a plant in the yard or a cloud in the sky, in a
very direct, tangible, face-to-face, conversational,
body-to-body, very concrete meeting. The Goddess is also an
archetype, a spiritual vision, an image. Therefore, I am not
merely associated with some tangible Goddess, some Devi,
although that is true, but That One is submitted to the
Transcendental Condition. This is my Realization, and I
Transmit It to you. What is Transmitted to you, then, is the
God on his Vehicle, the Self on Its Throne, the
Transcendental Self Glorified by Its Bride, by Its own
Radiance. They are not two Principles. There is only One.
But this Truth is Realized only through the process of
perfect transcendence by truly using the Adept and engaging
in the practice fully, submitting yourself to it perfectly,
so that you provide this Vehicle, not the ass-biting
Goddess, but the glorious Bird, the Infinite Radiance of the
Self, which is always in Union with the Self in the
Enlightened state.



(53) So are there any questions about it? No
questions-then the only thing you have left is to do it. The
practice must occupy your entire life. You must devote your
entire life to it. You must be devoted completely to it.
Otherwise, being only superficially associated with it, you
may perhaps realize a better life by virtue of your coming
into my Company, but you will not fulfill the Way in your
lifetime. Instead you will devote the Virtue of this Way,
the Spiritual Transmission Awakened in my Company, to the
ordinary purposes of your living, and fundamentally It will
only grant Energy to the same thing you are already doing.
Therefore, to the degree you are suffering, your suffering
will be intensified. To the degree you are successful, your
successes will be intensified. But you will never merely be
successful. You will also become exaggerated and bastardize
the Virtue that is given to you. You are here, as Rudi would
often say, to give birth to a spiritual child, which is God,
the Divine Self riding on Its own fire, Its own glorious
Vehicle. You must set It free from this egg, this born
confinement, this shell of egoity. Release It through the
spiritual process, through self-understanding and


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