Happiness That Transcends the World – Adi Da Samraj

The Happiness That Transcends the World

December 23, 1993

(Adi Da Samraj, My “Bright” Form, pp. 238-40)


Adi Da Samraj, 2006 (last picture taken of Adi Da)


ADI DA SAMRAJ: Terrible weapons, worldwide diseases, ecological disaster, political conflict, competition the rule of the day, deforestation, holes in the ozone layer, climate change, global epidemics, stupidity. Godlessness, materialism—this is not the Golden Age! The principal movement of all the nations and groups in the “world” is to dissociate from one another. The population is growing. The practical requirements are being intensified.

“Happy downtown America” is over! Its likeness in the world will not happen. It was always in the cards. You are going to die, anyway. There is no reason to be surprised about death. It will occur in “darkness”, as far as the “world” goes.

You have the special Opportunity in My Divine Avataric Company. Even though the times are as they are, and will continue to be so, you still have the Great Opportunity. Therefore, we can celebrate the great Danavira Mela [Christmas] occasion as if we are in paradise together. The Heart Is Paradise, regardless of the signs of the times. If you pay attention to the “daily news”, then you “know” the nature of the times, and there is no great solution for it. If people were serious about the devastation of the Earth, they would be investing themselves in cooperation and not making bad results. You must know, if you listen to the “news” at all, that such choices are not being made. Do not expect utopia to be announced on the “daily news”.

You do not notice the signs of the times. You are not noticing the shroud that is coming on the Earth because of the collective human stupidity and Godlessness. The entire “world” is “tuning in” to separateness and devastation. The general history to come is “dark”, and you should take the possibility seriously. Others in the past have lived in “dark” times, too. Just because the “late-time” (or “dark” epoch) is occurring on a bigger scale this time, and appearing on TV, does not mean that others have not lived through and suffered through, and died in, “dark” times.

You still have this Opportunity in My Company. Therefore, make much of it. In a sense, that Opportunity is epitomized by the Happiness of Danavira Mela. It is a Divine Happiness, a heart-Happiness—to be made concrete in your relations with one another. And it is not just a periodic celebration. It is a disposition to be manifested in all your life. More and more, all My devotees must override the signs of the times and simply respond to Me.

Do not expect utopia to happen on Earth. The times are “dark”. It will be so. Perhaps something better can be done—that is to be seen. The manifestation of something better in the “world” requires that you also participate in the process of transformation. In any case, the Reality-Way of Adidam is not about showing the signs of the times, or being reactive to them, or submitting to those signs—in your person or in your life in the “world”. No—the Reality-Way of Adidam is about devotionally responding to Me, living a holy life, transcending egoity, transcending the signs of the times—because the signs will get worse. People have made agreements that can (perhaps) somehow be rationalized to be positive in intent—but it is not so. The agreements made, hereafter to be manifested, will “darken” the entire Earth.

I Am the Light That you must Find, the Opportunity that is Continuous—and it is up to you to make much of it, both in your personal life and in your collective life with one another. It is universally agreed that the times in which you will be doing this are “dark”. You will have more and more to overcome in your disposition of devotion to Me. Do not expect the “world” to congratulate you for your devotion to Me, or to give you permission to live it.

Who knows how long the Earth will be a survivable place for human beings? This is not the only “world”, in any case—and you were always going to die. Death is guaranteed, anyway. As the “world” takes on the color of death, you must more and more take on the color of the Heart…

For My devotees, Danavira Mela is a time for true rejoicing. So is every day—and all the time and years from now. You do not celebrate the conditions of the “world” on Danavira Mela. You celebrate your Heart- Happiness in devotional response to My Revelation to you. The “world” does not give you reasons to do this celebration-in-love—I do. Therefore, be grateful for it, and be serious about it, and do your part of right life. If you look to the “world” instead of to Me, you will have more and more reasons to be depressed and “dark” yourself, more and more reasons to be ego- possessed.

All of My devotees must take Me seriously, take Real God seriously, take the holy life seriously, in spite of the signs of the times. Turn your attention to Me, and you are Happy. This is the secret in every moment. This is how you will ride out the “darkening” time.

True life is about having nobody to blame. Respond, work it out, do it right—with no condemnation…

Convert your life. Take the past, the present, and the future into account. Take Me into account. Respond to Me. Be converted in your life, and do differently from now on. Instead of blaming yourself, blaming others, blaming the past, blaming this, that, or the other thing, you must respond to Me and make right choices. Live the right life. Give energy to right life. Devote yourself to right life, the fundamental principle of which is whole bodily surrender to the Divine Realizer, to the Very Divine. As an expression of that surrender, associate with other beings as “self” rather than “not- self”. Realize the boat you are in—in high seas and great storms and the potential for death—and do what is right. That is the secret of the celebration in which most of the “world” indulges at this time of year and that you must keep in My Company all year long.

People are going to lose their computers and their TV sets and their big money and their special occasion. Sooner or later, all will be reduced to the purely human situation, and then they must choose God or not. The stupid materialism that presently rules the “world” will not last. Will not. Everyone will be ruined in the meantime, in any case. Only when everyone is ruined will people find out the Truth. That is how “dark” it must become.

The life of ego-transcending practice in My Company is no ordeal at all. The practice is to be joyous—loving Me, Remembering Me, forgetting all the rest. Yes, things must be dealt with, transcended, purified, but meanwhile you are not identified with those things. When you are forgetting those things, absorbed in Me, the ordeal is just peripheral. Make a life out of Communion with Me! We did not get together tonight to be “dark”!

When Scrooge was converted, he discovered that the rest of the “world” stayed the way it was. He is you. You must also be converted. Stand at the center of the “world”, celebrating Me—and celebrating your love for one another, made possible by your devotion to Me. Override the “world”. Do not be double-footed about fulfilling your obligation to Me—with one foot in the “world” and one foot in Adidam. “Know” for real what it takes, then. Do not be satisfied with some oblivious notion about life. Viewed in general, as things are going, life is “dark”.

To celebrate this occasion with Me and with one another, you must be happier than the “world”. You must be at the center of the “world”—“knowing” the “world” as it is—and forget about it, and live for love.

Do the life, and celebrate My Company all year long, and never submit to the “world”, and never submit to separate “self”. Instead, turn to Me, Commune with Me, and forget about the “world”. That is the life of Joy. And it is the Law that must be manifested in every moment of your life, for all the years you live. Understand, then—and do this, for real.

Danavira Mela should be a more-than-wonderful time that epitomizes the lives of all My devotees. Be like the converted Scrooge throughout this time of year—and right now.

I just wanted to emphasize to you the reasons for Joy.

Make your life out of Joy, and make this celebration out of it.

Forget the “world”, and forget yourself. L

Love Me, and love one another.

Be full of love.

Be full of the Happiness That Transcends the “world”.


The Heart Is in Bondage Until Love Is Incarnated in the World