He Seems to Have a Purpose – The Man of Understanding – Franklin Jones (Adi Da Samraj) 1970

Man of understanding pursues no experience of any kind. His
life contains no purpose for him, but his existence stands
forth. He has ceased to live and be what he appears. Yet,
there is no change in his appearance. His life apears to
others, but he is only conscious without qualification,
existing without event, blissful without modification. All
of this does not qualify him or signal upon his nature.
Therefore, his life stands as a communication of his nature
of REality itself, even without any special effort or
intention on his part. His life serves his nature and
becomes a means of radical communication. But his is only
present absolutely and his living turns those who love him,
who know him directly, to the same joy. Thus, he seems to
others to have a purpose.