The Head-Pressure of My Real Divine Spiritual Presence

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You can not do this yoga merely read My Books and do this
Divine Yoga. The only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam
is devotional heart-Communion with Me . Heart-recognition of
Me is associated with Yogic heart-response, whole bodily
shown. Heart-recognition of Me and heart-response to Me is a
lifelong-and, indeed, eternal-matter.


The Yoga of Ruchira Avatara Bhakti is associated with
whole bodily heart-Invocation of Me, and responsively
ego-surrendering (and whole bodily) sensitivity to Me. When
there is Spiritual sensitivity to Me (and, altogether, to
the Spiritual Presence of My Divine Body), there is,
initially, a Pressure felt (spontaneously) at the crown of
the head-and the Yoga of Ruchira Avatara Bhakti begins from
there. This is how I “Wash the dog”-from head to tail, from
the crown to down. In due course, this Process becomes,
first, the Yoga of the “Thumbs”, and, then (and on that
necessary basis), the profundities of the “Perfect
Practice”-but only if there is the enduring of the daily
(and moment to moment) profundity of the sacred practice of
heart-Communion with Me, by going through all the stages of
practice required in the individuals case (including, in
every case, the total Process of listening to Me, hearing
Me, and seeing Me-and the complete fulfillment of the
frontal Yoga, as well as the complete “Perfect Practice”).
This Complete and True Divine Spiritual Process is the
necessary Ordeal of self-transcendence, wherein and whereby
Divine Self-Realization is made Real, True, and Most
Perfectly Complete.

Therefore, the Divine Spiritual Process of total
psycho-physical devotion to Me is not a matter of feeling
the natural energy in your lower body, and tensing yourself
up, and being self-thrilled, and “kriya-ing” in the
religious-hysteria (or, otherwise, vitally willful) sense.
The Divine Spiritual Process of total psycho-physical
devotion to Me is a matter of ego-surrendering,
ego-forgetting, and ego-transcending Invocation-Communion
with Me-truly heart-recognizing Me and heart-responding to
Me, always approaching My Murti-Form (or, otherwise, when
you are given the opportunity, My Avatarically-Born bodily
human Divine Form-or, after My physical human Lifetime of
Avataric Incarnation, the bodily human Form of My “Living
Murti”), and, as often as possible, coming into the places
uniquely set apart by My devotees (and where I am constantly
Invoked by My instrumental collective of formally renunciate

By Means of My direct Avataric Divine Self-Transmission,
I Sensitize My devotees to My Divine Spiritual Body-and I am
first felt at the crown of the head, As a Pressure there.
The heart-response of devotional recognition of Me combines
with Me whole bodily, beginning at the crown of the head,
such that the Process becomes Spiritual reception of Me,
downward into the body, to the bodily base-in due course,
becoming the “Thumbs”, and, ultimately, becoming the
“Perfect Practice”.

This Great Process of Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga
necessarily goes on over time . It is a profound progressive
Process of self-surrendering, self-forgetting, and
self-transcendence. There should be no “bargaining” about
what the Process requires, based on egoic preferences that
take on one particular form or another (as the “vital”,
“peculiar”, or “solid” mentality may design it). All of that
must be gone beyond. The accumulated patterns of egoity must
be transcended, if there is to be the Real Divine Spiritual
Process of whole bodily devotion to Me. In any moment or
period of devotional Communion with Me, the Process begins
(from the heart) with whole bodily Invocation of Me-but it
begins as a Real Spiritual Process only when there is the
feeling of Me As the characteristic Pressure of My Divine
Spiritual Presence, at the crown of the head. In that
moment, there is a spontaneous whole bodily heart-response
to Me. Such is Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga: the whole bodily
heart-response to Me, enacted by the four principal

In heart-response to My felt Pressure from above, there
is a tendency for the eyes to turn up, and there is a
feeling of Me entering into and Pervading the body. But it
is not that you simply, in a random moment, feel Me at the
top of the head and-Zap!-I am down to your toes! You must
understand: The True in-Filling of the entire body by Me is
a profound Yogic matter. That Yogic Process is not
instant-It requires the transcending of all the patterning
of egoity, from head to toe. And that Yogic Process is not
full (or mature) until It becomes the continuous
manifestation of the Sphere of the “Thumbs”. And that Yogic
Process does not become the “Perfect Practice” simply
because of an egoic preference for the sixth stage
orientation. The “Perfect Practice” begins only when the
Yoga of Spiritual reception of Me has become the continuous
manifestation of the Sphere of the “Thumbs”, thus and
thereby leading to the profound opening in the heart on the
right that goes beyond the knot of egoity.

There are many Yogic designs associated with this Process
of Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga. These Yogic designs are
unique to the Way of Adidam. They are associated with the
progressive stages of life, but they are not a matter of
merely fulfilling the first six stages of life. Rather, they
are a matter of transcending the limiting patterns
associated with the first six stages of life, and then (and
on that basis) entering into the true and full Yoga of the
seventh stage of life.

The only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam is not
merely a variation on a particular branch (or combination of
branches) of the Great Tradition (which comprises all the
traditions of mankind, previous to the
by-Me-Avatarically-Self-Revealed Divine Revelation of the
Way of Adidam). The only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of
Adidam is a unique and altogether new Divine Self-Revelation
to all of mankind (and to even all conditionally existing
beings). The stages of life associated with the Great
Tradition are limited to the first six-which are about egoic
development , and (thus) about going beyond some features or
results of egoity (in the case of the fourth, fifth, and
sixth stages of life), but not about Most Perfectly going
beyond egoity itself . Therefore, the only-by-Me Revealed
and Given seventh stage of life is not a characteristic of
any branch of the Great Tradition, nor is the full (and Most
Perfect) transcending of the first six stages of life a
characteristic of any branch of the Great Tradition.

When there is the truly ego-surrendering right devotional
approach to Me, My devotee will first of all feel My
Avatarically Self-Revealed Divine Spiritual Presence as a
Descending Pressure at the top (or crown) of his or her
head. In that case, there is a sense of Me Pressing on the
top of the head-and, simultaneously, a sense of Me
Surrounding the body. The more there is of devotionally
Me-recognizing (and truly whole bodily) heart-responsive
Communion with Me, the more I am felt Penetrating the body
from above, Entering the body Spiritually-downward,
gradually, from the crown to the bodily base and the
toes-Thus and Thereby in-Filling the entire body. That
in-Filling Process is not -in Its True Fullness-a
characteristic of the practice and the experience of My
beginning devotees. That in-Filling Process is-in Its True
Fullness-a profound Yogic matter, which takes place only
gradually, and only in the development of the advanced and
the ultimate stages of practice in the only-by-Me Revealed
and Given Way of Adidam. Therefore, the Process of the
in-Filling takes place, in Its True Fullness, only as the
patterning of egoity is really gone beyond-and That True
in-Filling Process is not Given in the events of mere token
relaxation (as is, necessarily, the case with beginning

I Look for the Signs of the Real Yoga of Adidam in My
devotees-and not the egoic replication (or self-stimulation)
of the conventions of the first six stages of life. Merely
to exhibit (or even to intentionally imitate) those
conventions (or conventional signs) is to approach Me in the
self-contracted, self-preoccupied, and self-“guruing”

The practice of the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of
Adidam is Real and Most Profound . It is not nonsense. It is
not illusion. It is the Great Event and Process and Way and
Revelation! And It has Its own unique characteristics. First
and always, I am Invoked -from the heart, and whole bodily.
The devotional recognition-response to Me begins, as a
Spiritual matter, at the crown of the head. And, in the
constantly continued Process of ego-surrendering,
ego-forgetting, and ego-transcending devotional
recognition-response to Me, I am (by Means of My own
Avataric Divine Self-Revelation) felt Surrounding and
Pervading the body-Descending in the body, from the crown
downwards, in the frontal line. Such is the Real Process of
Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga.

In the Way of Adidam, the body is not bypassed. In the
Way of Adidam, the Spiritual Principle is not regarded as
separate from the body, or abstracted from it. In the Way of
Adidam, the body is not a “problem”. I do not dissociate
from the body. It is simply that, in the Way of Adidam, What
the body Is must (by Means of My Avatarically
Self-Transmitted Grace) be tacitly felt and Realized (and,
Most Ultimately, the body must be Divinely Self-Recognized
In and As What it Is ). The Way of Adidam Is the Process of
transcending the body in (and by Means of) heart-Communion
with Me-not by dissociating from the body, but by whole
bodily devotional recognition of Me and whole bodily
devotional response to Me .

Therefore, when My devotee approaches Me rightly,
Invoking Me whole bodily, then the Process of whole bodily
Communion with Me begins from the heart. But that Process
becomes a Spiritual Process, a truly Yogic design of
devotion to Me, when there is the noticing of the Real
(by-My-Grace-Given and undeniably tangible) Pressure of My
Divine Spiritual Presence of Love-Bliss at the crown of the
head. It is a tangible, bodily Pressure, because I Am Really
Descending-Crashing Down into the body. Therefore, it is not
merely that you turn upwards and feel into something
non-existent, above the head. No-you are, by Me , Given to
feel the tangible Pressure of My Love-Blissful Divine
Spiritual Presence at the crown of the head.

The head-Pressure of My Real Divine Spiritual Presence Is
a Pressure that Pushes Down into the body-but I cannot
Spiritually Descend into the body any more than you will
allow. Therefore, there is a necessary Real Divine Yogic
Process that must begin after that tangible noticing of Me
at the crown of the head. It Is a whole bodily devotional
Yogic Process, involving all four principal faculties. It Is
the Divine Yogic Process of devotional recognition-response
to Me, moment to moment, day after day, stage by stage. It
Is the Process in which you really, truly, intensively,
profoundly, and consistently do the Yoga of Ruchira Avatara
Bhakti. And, in That Process, you must constantly bring Me
the gifts of practice required of you, according to your vow
and stage of practice in the only-by-Me Revealed and Given
Way of Adidam.

The more profoundly you enter into heart-Communion with
Me in the set-apart times of meditation, the more profoundly
you will practice moment to moment (or daily, constant)
sensitivity to Me-Pressing Down on the head. Then there is
the progressive in-Filling (or Infusion) of the total body
(and psycho-physical pattern) by Me. That in-Filling (or
Infusion) by Me begins most profoundly only after there is
the foundation of the true hearing of Me-but, nonetheless,
there can be (and, indeed, must be) real (and constantly
growing) Spiritual sensitivity to Me even from the very
beginning of My devotees practice of the Way of Adidam.

After there is the foundation of the true hearing of Me,
then-in the would-be-seeing stage, and in the seeing stages,
of the Way of Adidam-there is the most profound developing
of the Spiritual Yoga of Ruchira Avatara Bhakti. In any
case, even from the beginning of My any devotees real,
right, and true practice of the Way of Adidam, the matter of
heart-Communion with Me, and of Spiritual sensitivity to Me,
that truly involves Spiritual “Locating” of Me, begins with
the whole bodily Finding of Me, devotionally recognizing Me
from the heart, such that My devotee is able to notice (and
profoundly respond to) the tangible feeling of Me, Pressing
Down on the crown of the head. When that “Locating” of Me is
real, right, and true, then various Signs of psycho-physical
opening can occur-as I am felt Descending, via the crown of
the head, into the middle of the head, then into the throat,
then into the heart, then into the region of the solar
plexus and the abdomen, then into the region of the
genitals, then down to the bodily base, and, from there,
down to the toes. In that Process, there is the opening and
transcending of the thought-mind, the transcending of
emotional contractions, and the transcending of physical
contractions. It is, altogether, a Purifying, in-Filling
Process. And the Process requires progressive real listening
to Me, true hearing of Me, and clear seeing of Me, in order
for the Process to become truly most profound, mature, and
Great. But, nevertheless, it begins even from the very
beginning-as soon as you truly devotionally recognize Me
and, on that basis, truly devotionally (and responsibly)
respond to the “Locating” of Me.

The natural Yogic design associated with the Real
Spiritual Process of Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga necessarily
includes the upward-turning of the focus behind the eyes
(and, especially in the meditation setting, the
upward-turning of the outer physical eyes as well). Also,
there may be psycho-physical thrills, and various other
tangible signs of one kind or another. With the Descent (and
spontaneous Circulation) of My Divine Spiritual Presence in
the body, there can be various forms of kriyas, as the body
opens. But true kriyas are not self-generated-and they are
not products of religious hysteria. Really, religious
hysteria is a kind of self-contracted (or ego-dramatizing)
condition. Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga is a matter of real
devotion-not hysteria. Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga is a
matter of whole-bodily-lived devotion, with full feeling and
attention and with every breath. Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga
is not a matter of self-generating the effects of My Divine
Spiritual Presence. My Divine Spiritual Presence Comes from
Beyond you. And, when you Find Me, when you feel Me, it is
clear that you are not merely feeling your own sex-based
energy or natural energies. It Is clearly Me . It Comes from
without (or from Beyond the ego)-and you cannot egoically
control It. You cannot manipulate Me and self-generate My
Existence. There must be truly ego-surrendering whole-bodily
Invocation of Me and sensitivity to Me . Allowing Me to Show
Myself, as I will, is a Process of Yielding to My
Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Grace-and not a private
process of self-manipulation, in which you can willfully
call My Divine Spiritual Presence into place. Therefore, the
experiential Signs of Me vary from moment to moment, from
day to day-until there is more and more profound
self-surrender, self-forgetting, and self-transcendence, in
whole-bodily heart-Communion with Me, such that the
obstructive and separative and (altogether) self-absorbed
patterns of egoity appear less and less frequently, and less
and less profoundly. Those patterns must be purified by the
real sadhana of Adidam, the real discipline of Yogic
devotion to Me .

When, in any occasion of receiving My Darshan, there is
the unique, tangible, and undeniable feeling of Me Pressing
Down on the head, a profound Process of real devotional
recognition-response to Me is thereby initiated. First of
all, there is the spontaneous whole bodily devotional
response of all four principal faculties. Then there is the
progressive deepening of heart-Communion with Me, and the
progressive Penetrating and in-Filling of the body-mind by
Me-going beyond physical and emotional knots, going beyond
the thinking mind (or the ceaseless flux of conceptual
activity), and going beyond the knots in the breath. When
there is true heart-Communion with Me, the responsive
devotional and (altogether) psycho-physical (and, Ultimately
Beyond-psycho-physical) Signs spontaneously and
progressively exhibited by My devotee are the real and true
characteristics of the Yoga of Adidam. When there is a lack
of true ego-surrendering, ego-forgetting, and (more and
more) ego-transcending, and (altogether) really tangible
Communion with Me, My devotee tends to become involved in
“signs” that are, generally speaking, self-generated-or, at
least, controlled, manipulated, and limited by
egoity-“signs” that are otherwise merely egoic replications
of the patterns associated with the fourth, the fifth, and
the sixth stages of life.

Therefore, what My devotee must be involved in is the
actual real Process of whole bodily devotional recognition
of Me and whole bodily devotional response to Me-not the
imitations of conventional religiosity, not the imitations
of the patterns associated with the fourth, the fifth, and
the sixth stages of life, not the dramatizations of egoity,
not the dramatizations of “vital”, “peculiar”, or “solid”
patterns, not fakery, not lying, not making much of oneself,
but the actual real and spontaneous experiential process in
which the true Way of Adidam-the real practice of Ruchira
Avatara Bhakti Yoga-is authenticated .

I Bless My beginner-devotees variously-in order to Serve
their devotional Awakening to Me. But, principally, it is
the sensitivity to My Divine Spiritual Presence at the crown
of the head that I am Serving and Initiating in
beginners-Thus and Thereby Making them Aware of My Divine
Spiritual Presence. The Divine Yogic Process that follows
That Divine Initiation Is the total psycho-physical,
Spiritual, Transcendental, and Divine Yogic Process of My
Crashing Down below the crown of the head. That Divine
in-Filling (and Divine Spiritual Process of Purification,
and, Most Ultimately, Divine Self-Realization) depends on My
devotees living of all the by-Me-Given forms of functional,
practical, relational, and cultural self-discipline, and the
constant resort to Me, and the constant coming to Me with
the practice-gifts necessary for Me to Work with My
devotee-further, and seriously.

Beginners do not have the characteristics of the advanced
and the ultimate stages of practice. If you want there to be
profundity, you must be willing to “pay the price” of
sadhana. There is no profundity otherwise. You must persist
in the Divine Yogic Process of real devotion to Me. And you
must understand that the Divine Yogic Process of real
devotion to Me Is, necessarily , lifelong-and Beyond. The
Divine Yogic Process of True devotion to Me is forever and
eternal. You cannot steal the Divine Process of Divine
Self-Realization from Me. The Way of Adidam is not a “quick
fix”. You do not come into My Company as a beginner and
immediately become Enlightened. There Is My Avatarically
Self-Transmitted Divine Grace, yes, but It must be
associated with the necessary devotional and Yogic Process.
That Process does not “congratulate” the ego. And It does
not “congratulate” (or, otherwise, tolerate) the illusions
that the ego generates.

As I have suggested, there are two principal and
characteristic exaggerations that are the signs of the ego
in My Company. On the one hand, there are the “religious
hysteria” signs of the “vital” or “peculiar” design-where
there is gross-mindedness, but also a kind of emotionalism,
in the self-contracted pattern of the individual,
manifesting as false (or ego-made) “kriyas” and
self-exaggerated (and, altogether, ego-possessed)
expressions of one kind or another. And, on the other hand,
there is the “solid” (or “placid-staring-at-Me”)
disposition-which does not have any significant Spiritual
Signs of Me, but (nonetheless) makes (or thinks) much of
itself, by presuming it is involved in some kind of great
sixth stage profundity that justifies its lack of Spiritual
Signs (and its gross-mindedness, or its gross disposition,
otherwise) by sitting in the ego of mere attention (and even
thinking, all the while it stares at Me). These two basic
dramatizations are manifestations of egoity! They are not
devotion to Me . They are not devotional
recognition-response to Me. They are not Ruchira Avatara
Bhakti. They are refusals of devotional surrender to Me.
They are self-consciousness. They are self-“guruing”

You must bring Me the gift of devotionally responsive
psycho-physical self-surrender. You must surrender
self-contraction in devotional recognition-response to Me.
You must Invoke Me. You must feel Me. Altogether, you must
approach Me rightly- never devotionally empty-handed, and
never without the gifts of real and right practice of the
Way of Adidam.

I Give you the Divine Gift, Whereby the only-by-Me
Revealed and Given Way of Adidam is constantly made
Profound. Therefore, it is never a matter of you
self-generating the Divine Spiritual Process-but, on the
other hand, you must always bring Me the gifts of right
devotion and right, responsible practice. You must always
devotionally recognize Me and responsively surrender to Me.
And you must persist, forever, in this Real Process-and
never dramatize the ego in relation to Me.

The Way of Adidam is, necessarily, and primarily, a
Spiritual Process-a profound Yoga of Divine Spiritual
manifestation and demonstration. Any “solid” presumptions
about how It should be, or how you can be profoundly
“Self-Realized” without the Spiritual Yoga are illusions .
On the other hand, there are also the illusions of egoity
associated with the “vital” and “peculiar” disposition-and
the characteristic signs of those illusions are bodily based
egoic religious and Yogic exaggeration (or hysterical

The Real Process of the Way of Adidam has nothing to do
with you . The Real Process of the Way of Adidam is about Me
. The Way of Adidam has nothing to do with the ego. The Way
of Adidam is about Me . Divine Self-Realization is not
Realization of your “Self”. Divine Self-Realization is
egoless Realization of My Divine Self.

None of the preferences, physically, emotionally,
mentally, or in the breathing constitution- none of the
patterning preferences, supposedly religious or otherwise,
or in whatever mode the pattern may appear-have anything to
do with Me . All of that is to be surrendered, purified, and
gone beyond-by Means of devotional (and, altogether, Yogic)
recognition-response to My Avatarically (and tangibly )
Self-Revealed Divine Spiritual Body and Person. The knot of
egoity must be replaced by the literal Divine Sphere of the
“Thumbs”. The maturing of the only-by-Me Revealed and Given
Way of Adidam requires the Real Divine Spiritual Yogic
Process of ego-transcendence, and the transcending of all
the psycho-physical patterns associated with the egoic
body-mind-such that My Avatarically Self-Revealed Divine
Spherical Yogic Body Is Realized, and such that Most Perfect
(or seventh stage) Divine Realization of My Divine
Self-Condition Is Really Awakened (and Made Complete, in
Divine Translation into My centerless and boundless
Spherical Domain of Divine Self-“Brightness”).

In all the years of My Avataric Divine Teaching-Work and
Revelation-Work, I made My Avataric Self-Submission-in order
to bring My Divine Wisdom-Teaching out of Myself, relative
to every aspect of the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of
Adidam. In That Process of My Avataric Divine
Self-Revelation of the Way of Adidam, all kinds of Spiritual
Signs were shown, by Me, to My devotees. Every such Sign
corresponds to one or more Aspects of My Communication of
the Total (or Full and Complete) Way of Adidam. And, in That
Process, I thoroughly Addressed My devotees relative to
every aspect of the entire matter of their responsibility
for the body-mind. I had to make My Submission completely-in
order to be Instructive to My devotees, relative to all
kinds of things (including the grossest of matters), and to
bring them to understand that the Way of Divine
Self-Realization is exactly what they are not doing by
tendency. My Avataric Submission to Teach and to Reveal was
an “Heroic” and “Crazy” Ordeal. I had to Descend all the way
to Man. To Serve all of humankind (and even all and All), I
have had to Descend to Wander in Hell-or else much and many
would not have been Accounted for by Me.

Until you bring Me the gift of your real advancement in
the basics required for the Divine Yogic Spiritual Process
of devotional heart-Communion with Me, there is nothing much
for Me to Work with. It is good for people to want
profundity. It is good for people to have the
heart-disposition to want existence to be profound. I have
Given everyone the Way of Adidam, so that existence can be
made most Profound. Therefore, now that the Way of Adidam Is
Given-Full and Complete-everyone must live That Way. They
must do This Yoga of Ruchira Avatara Bhakti, and they must
grow in It. They must persist in It. They must practice It
from day to day-from moment to moment, in fact. They must
constantly live by My Avataric Word of Divine Instruction,
without “bargaining”. They must always approach Me rightly,
and they must resort to Me constantly. When all of This is
done, then (and only then) there is the Real Divine
Profundity of Adidam and the Real Divine Process of