The “Reality” You Are Asking Questions About Is Your Own Illusion – Adi Da Samraj – The Completing Discourses of the 25-Year Revelation

The following exercise by Beezone is
a ‘running’ commentary on a dialogue between Adi Da Samraj
and one of his devotees in 1995. The purpose of this
exercise is to bring attention (and an understanding) to the
‘complexity’ and the ‘subtleties’ of what is seemingly a
straight forward dialogue. Beezone picked his dialogue
because it deals with a devotee sincere attempt to
understand why “all of this” came to be. She is trying to
come up with answers to large questions. The questions asked
by this devotee are ‘good ones’ and very sincere by all
accounts. She is asking simple but profound questions about
the origins of the self-contraction and ‘how it all

Beezone finds this type of exercise
to be helpful in understanding the subtleties of what is
‘continually’ being presumed by many, many people who are
STILL asking and presuming the SAME questions, as this
devotee does, over and over again.

To read this exercise keep in mind
the following: Beezone’s running commentaries are in
‘italics’ and the original dialogue is in regular
type. The dialogue is in it’s exact sequence, word for word,
and is only ‘interrupted’ by the commentary in

Beezone titles this exercise,
“The Liability Inherent in Reality”. I hope you find
this as instructive and informative as I did.




The “Reality” You Are Asking
Questions About Is Your Own Illusion

April 22, 1995


DEVOTEE: Beloved Master,

What was the purpose for this whole
event of separation to have occurred?

Why did it have to happen?

I have always wanted to ask this

I don’t understand.

What is the reason for the
self-contraction? What started it? If ‘everyone is in the
same condition and everyone is ‘responsible’ for ‘their
present activity’ and since it’s obviated by ‘surrender’ and
‘sacrifice’ by ‘hearing’ and ‘seeing’ and sadhana –
‘transcendence’ – how does it seem to be ‘inherent’ in the
world and beyond the body? It seems awfully real to the
questioner and everyone else sitting in the room! There
seems to be a ‘larger’ force ‘keeping it in

ADI DA SAMRAJ: You are asking the
question from a point of view of presuming yourself to be

You are making a presumption with
your question. You upholding ‘unreality’ as if it were
reality. You are ‘in the dream’ asking why you are ‘dream’
instead of ‘waking up’.

You are engaging in the exercise of
naive realism, just presuming to be a body-mind and seeing
reality from that point of view.

You are ‘presuming’ you are ‘your
mind and body’ – you are identified with ‘experience’ and
feeling separate, independent and isolated.

And so you ask this question.

If you had practiced to the point of

and could take all of reality into

ALL of

that presumption of separateness,

fastened to an organism,

then see if you would still have
that question.

The question is not directly
answered but addresses the premise of the question itself
and ‘answers’ the question with a question.

The source of the question is not
that you are looking at all of reality

You should note the term “all of

and coming up with a notion about

The source of the question is your
divorce from Reality – “How did all this separateness, all
this blah-blah-blah, how did this occur?”, you see.

You presume that separation has
occurred, and that it has occurred in the form in which you
perceive it to exist, which is an illusion based on a
gesture of ignorant organism life.

The question is based on an
‘presumption’, an illusionary one.

But, in reality, it is not so.

Reality Itself, Realized, is free of
that complication that is based on your presumption.

The question is being asked from
an ‘unreal’ view of things.

Reality doesn’t have to account for
the illusion you are suffering from.

Reality doesn’t answer the
question of ‘unreality’.

Reality doesn’t contain that

What is actually happening is not
what you think, nor what you are presuming.

What you are thinking, however
‘real’ it seems, is not the case. It’s as if you are riding
on a downtown local 7th Ave subway car in New York city and
all of a sudden the express train comes up along side of you
and you look over and see the passengers apparently sitting
still, as you seem to be. You can make an irroneous
conclusion based on that moment of experience that you are
both ‘standing still’. Which is an illusion.

What you are presuming is an
illusion, ultimately.

Keep in mind the word
‘ultimately’. Because later on He will introduce you to the
‘reality of the unreal’.

And if there was the Realization of
reality, that question would not exist, because you would
not be suffering the illusion.

When you wake up the ‘dream’ is
not longer real.

And then, seeing even this
appearance, perhaps, in that Realized State, the question
would not evolve and it would have no basis, because Reality
is not what you think, or, as Shakespeare says, “There is
more in heaven and earth than is dreamt of in your

You are constructed in your
questioning by egoic “self-possession”,


by illusion, by results of error,
and so on.

An error of perception, but also
of ‘karmic’ porportions.

So you want to account for what you
think to be reality by asking great questions and wanting
great answers.

Questions of why? Questions of
‘First Principles”

But the question itself is based on
illusion. What you think exists doesn’t exist.

DEVOTEE: I do understand that. I
understand that illusion my question is based on. I just
don’t understand what the point was of this whole

Still asking for an answer to

ADI DA SAMRAJ: What event?

Here you can go back to the first
question that was asked to Adi Da (at the time Franklin
Jones) when HE asks the question “Has everyone understood?”
and a person in the room says he has not and Adi Da answer
the statement with “What have you not

The event you are suggesting exists
and asking “What’s the point of it?” is not what it seems to
be to you.

So there is no ultimate answer for

No answers.

There are not ‘final answers’ to
the ‘why’ or ‘when’ of the self-contraction and the
‘illusion’ generated by it.

– like

“Did it come from some Divine
Intention, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah?”, because it doesn’t

The ‘product’ of the
self-contraction – the illusions of mind, body, self, world
and others – has no ‘basis’ in reality. Maya, the play of
illusion – the dancce of Shiva – the mummery – Is our own
fabrication with illusionary stories, indivdual and
collective that accompany it.

Its just a presumption.

A belief that something is true
even though it has not been proven.

An act of accepting that
something is true until it is proved not

Willingness to do something
without the right or permission to do it.

Synonyms: Assumption, premise,
supposition, basis, conjecture, opinion, stab, a shot, a

Reality is actually much more
profound than your question suggests.

“Something much more profound,
and dramatic would have to happen for you to grow beyond
your current wheel-spinning state. Your playing the game of
ego, or egoity and you have not found your self out.” Adi Da

DEVOTEE: I intuit that,

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes, but then you



“But why is all of this happening?”

All of what?

The exchange at this point
reminds me of Adi Da’s first public talk in 1972 (23 years

FRANKLIN: Everyone has

QUESTION: I haven’t understood.
Explain it to me.

FRANKLIN: Very good. What haven’t
you understood?

QUESTION: Well, you said “Did
everybody understand?” and everyone seemed to understand but
me. Would you explain it to me?



You see, the “all of this” that you
are asking the “why” of is your illusion of Reality.

Your illusion of reality, then, is
your creation.

You create (and perpetuate) your
own ‘non-reality’ and take it as real


I don’t have to give you some
metaphysical, theological explanation, and so forth, you

That reality which you are asking Me

“Why does it happen, and what’s the
point of it?”

-is entirely your creation,

and is not a universal reality or

Universal reality; The
sense of separate existence implies a general reality, a
“world out there”.” That presumption that there is a ‘world’
(independent) is as much an illusion as the presumption of
being ‘an individual’.

It’s entirely your creation, this
separate thing

The Individual

and all the rest of it you perceive
on the basis of it,

Others and the

you see.


Why did it happen?

You did it.

You tell Me – why are you doing
this? Hm?



DEVOTEE: Well, my question is, why
are any of us doing this?

Now the questioner goes to the
larger ‘individual’ – the US – the ME and YOU together. This
method of questioning brings it beyond the individual into
the ‘collective’.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Well, I have
thoroughly accounted for it: self-contraction.

It doesn’t have any great purpose.

You are doing it out of fear.

“As long as there is a
self-contraction and presumption of separateness there is
fear and there are no two ways about it. It’s inevitable.
It’s inherent, so transcend this (raises fist clenched). The
Way is the way of transcending the self knot, the
self-contraction which is not just something somewhere
inside the body.

“It’s the totality of the body
mind that is participating in this and that is reflecting
this act. This is what must be gone beyond. This knot IS
fear, is also separateness. It’s the feeling of difference.
It’s the feeling of relatedness. It’s the presumption of
being identical to the body, or the body mind limited by,
limited to it, limited by and to all of the ordinary
appearances of conditional existence all of which pass and
all of the grosser appearances of human existence all of
which are mortal.” – Adi Da Samraj- 2006


You are perceiving reality out of
fear, because you have reacted to your apparent association
with a mortal organism,



and your questions come from this.

But not only your questions –

your perception of reality comes
from this, you see.

So that thing that you’re wondering

“Why isn’t it, what’s the purpose,

doesn’t have any purpose.

No Purpose – ‘The Divine has no
Purpose but Itself’

You are doing it.

DEVOTEE: I don’t understand why, in
the whole cosmic creation, this had to happen.

Still asking the same question
but upleveling to ‘the whole creation’

ADI DA SAMRAJ: What you are
presuming to be the whole cosmic creation,

The big bang

or whatever, or what you are
perceiving to be reality,

is just an evolute,

The locus of the centers of
curvature of a given curve. The evolute of a circle is a
single point at its center.

“To say what Franklin Jones is
trying to say is like drawing an asymptotic curve, a curve
which is always getting nearer and nearer to a straight
line, but only touches it at infinity. Perhaps it could be
said that his curve is approaching it a little faster than
some others, knowing, however, that there is no hurry.
Beyond words, in the silencing of thought, we are already
there.” Alan Watts – Forward to the Knee of Listening,

an extension,


of your own self-contraction.

It’s not the universal reality,

There is not ‘one world’ out
there and we’re all viewing it

its your illusion, the result of
your self-contraction!



doesn’t have any purpose, except for
you. You see?

What you perceive to be a universe,

a cosmos of separate things, and

doesn’t really exist.

It’s a result.

Your perception suggests that it is

And all the dreamlike characters
and happenings in it

It is not in reality such.

What you perceive to be reality

is a naive realistic notion

based on your own fear,

your own self-contraction.

Its not a universal reality.

The universal reality is quite
different than you perceive it to be

in your self-contraction.

There is Universal Reality and
and there is universal reality.

So this great cosmos that you

to be a separate something,

full of separate some things,

and separate beings,

and so forth,

is not so!

Not so in reality

It is your presumption,

based on a local activity


And so

you must go beyond that,


by this Process

in My Company,

Realize reality itself,

no longer asking questions

from the egoic point of view

and no longer perceiving reality

from the egoic point of

When you wake up…even a
‘little bit’..’Hearing’


in that Realization Itself,

your question is answered,

Intuited, understood without
(beyond) mind, without body, without thinking



It no longer exists,

because the illusion doesn’t exist,
you see.

Then, bereft of illusion,


egoity and its effects,

Indentification, differentiation
and desire

there is the Realization of reality.


And the reality of the cosmic domain

is not what you are now perceiving
it to be.

It’s not that way.

I tell you quite frankly and

it is not at all what you are

and perceiving it to be.

So that which you are referring to

does not exist,

except as an illusion on your part.

So it’s not a universal reality.

It’s just an effect of your own

The cause

of that thing

you are asking Me to account for

is you.

Even the cosmic domain

is quite different

than you perceive it to be

in your self-contracted

No First Principles or Unified

So it doesn’t have to be accounted

by some universal

or ultimate description of cause.

It’s not caused

by That Which is universal

or Ultimate.

Its caused by you.

By virtue of your self-contraction,

you think

and perceive reality

to be a particular kind,

and that’s not what it

So relative to your question,

the true answer, then,

is that even the question itself

and all of your perception

and the thing you’re wondering about

is an illusion

based on your own fear.

And it is not necessary.

It is not caused

by any Divine or otherwise universal

It’s caused just by you,

in your fear.

You feeling identified

with a mortal organism, you see,

(this fear) produces all
kinds of illusion

and, therefore, questions.

And you expect answers

to your questions to somehow

be satisfactory

from your egoic point of

An illusion

does not

have to be accounted for

in ultimate

or universal terms.

An illusion

must be transcended.

It is false. Hm?

This great cosmos

how much of it do you experience, by
the way?

this great cosmos

does not exist

in the form that you presently think
it exists.

It’s like,

you look up into the night sky


there are the stars!

They are all at different distances

from earth,

which is your point of view for
perceiving them.

And light in the functional domain
of the cosmos

has a certain speed.

It takes a certain time

for things to be perceived

at a distance.

All those stars

are at different distances.

So you look up at the night sky

and you see the stars and so forth,

and there they are

but they are not there!

Those stars are actually

in quite different positions

than you perceive them to be,

in this location.

You’re looking at an illusion of

You’re not only looking at an
illusion of light,

you’re looking at it from

the point of view

of a presumed separate perceiver,


in a body

and full of fear.

So, how much

of the cosmic domain

are you actually accounting for?

You’re just suffering yourself,

and looking at everything

from the point of view

of that suffering,

that limitation.

You are not seeing it as it is.

Speaking from the point of view of
ordinary knowledge,

the term “universe” refers to a
local system,

in some location in space-time.

The totality is not rightly
described as “universe”.

So I call it the “cosmic domain”.

In reality,

the cosmic domain exists in Infinite

The Cosmic Domain, the
universe, is NOT a place but a STATE of Being

without the slightest


while in some sense

it may be said to appear,

Planets, stars, appearances, hard
earth, subtle mind, transcendental

it does not.

When transcended

In reality,

there is not the slightest

There is Only One

So the Condition of even the cosmic

is Infinite,

Unbounded Ecstasy,

without the slightest

Form is Emptiness, Emptiness if

You have asked Me your question,


even in your question,

the cosmic domain

as being about separations

and separate persons,

separate beings,

separate things,

separate everything,

and all the things

that go along with it

in human terms

the suffering,

the limitations, and so forth.

But that’s not how I just described
the cosmic domain.

In reality,

the cosmic domain is

as I just described it.

It is,

and it is not.

It is in Ecstasy,


and it is without differentiation.

That is reality.


Mysteriously, then,

in that reality,

there can be

the illusion of separation.


There is no “why” about it,

as if it is caused.

It is not caused

by some Ultimate Will.

God, the Devil or the Big

It’s an illusion,

a presumption

A mathematical presumption, a
mind presumption, overlaying mind on

possible within this Infinity,

because everything exists.

But even though everything exists,

it is without differentiation,

without error.

Perfect sublime

It is Ecstatic,

it is all Love-Bliss,

and without the slightest


there is no Divinity

causing egoity,


and suffering.

That is a local-universe

so local a universe,

it’s not very large.

It takes forms

like your own body-mind

which is a kind of universe,


by a subtle gesture of reaction,

Three Egos, gross, sublte and

has entered into

the presumption of separation,

or non-Ecstasy,

has entered into

the presumption of differentiation,

and is under its own

This illusion is not necessary.

The self-contraction itself

is not necessary.

It is not caused from without

by some universal or Divine Cause.

It is a possibility

in the context of everything.

So you are making that presumption,

but you are making it.

It wasn’t forced upon you.

It is not necessary,

and you can transcend it.

And you can Realize

the True Condition,

the Reality-Condition,

from Which even the question you
just asked

is nonsense!

But it’s not nonsense

It’s quiet serious..the is
suffering and death involved!

from the point of view

of your own contracted condition.

By self-contraction

you cut the lines of Force

Create knots in the

that are the mechanism

of universal Ecstasy and Unity,

without differentiation.

No one caused it.

There is no universal Force causing

no evil force causing it,

no Divine Force causing it.

It’s a strictly local manifestation

that can be overcome.

“The body-mind must receive the
signals that the stressful world has been overcome, that we
need not fear, that we presently have a peaceful human
society, not a society full of bombs and benighted
craziness.” – Adi Da Samraj – The Urge for

Perhaps you did not know this

That’s why I am here

so that you can be Drawn out

of your illusion,

Realize the circumstance of reality,

transcend your suffering,

your questions, and so

Now, speaking locally

not only local universe,

but local you

– you are living

on the basis of self-contraction,

fear of your own locality,

fear of process.

You want to be a “thing”,

you want to be some “one”.

But the proceedings of reality are


without differentiation,

without separateness.

Although you are clinging

to your own position,

no position

can be maintained forever.

All positions dissolve

into other positions

in process.

There is no fixed position,

no separateness

at all.

“Death is utterly acceptable to
consciousness and life. There has been endless time of
numberless deaths, but neither consciousness nor life has
ceased to arise. The felt quality and cycle to death has not
modified the fragility of flowers, even the flowers within
the human body. Therefore, one’s understanding of
consciousness and life must be turned to that utter,
inclusive quality, that clarity and wisdom, that power and
untouchable gracefulness this evidence suggests. We must
cease to live in our superficial and divided way, seeking
and demanding only consciousness and life in the present
form we grasp, avoiding and resisting what appears to be the
end of consciousness and life in death.” – Adi Da Samraj –
Prologue, The Knee of Listening.

To presume it

is to be

under an illusion

and to cause

your own suffering.

(and confusion and false

Your own suffering

and confusion

of why’s and

is not caused

from without.

Your egoity-

your suffering, in other

is not caused

by the Divine

or some universal Force.

It is not necessary.

It’s a liability

inherent in reality,

but its not reality

DEVOTEE: But why is it a liability
inherent in reality? Other than the fact that everything can
arise within reality? I’m not looking for a moral answer (I
don’t think), but I just don’t understand the necessity for

The human heart cries for
why’s….why, why, why…..


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