I Am Not Here


“I am not here


You should also understand that I am not
here to fight with you for any cause
whatsoever. Whatever you choose, you are completely free to
choose, and that is all there is to that. All I represent
here is an offering. I know how difficult it is to accept it
and to live it. And I know exactly what I am doing and what
I have to do in the case of every person. I have known
exactly what to do with people who come in the condition
that you all do, without the purification or clarity that a
mature individual would represent in a spiritual culture.
The karmas that must be relieved in the case of individuals
who come in this condition are of the grossest and most
resistive kind. So they are not just plucked off like a
pimple on your cheek. It is difficult for you and for me,
and it has always been difficult.

My relationship to individuals is of a spiritual kind. It
works on the level of the super-physics of things. It is not
a worldly matter. It is not founded in this or any other
world. It is not conventional, it is not something within
your experience altogether. On the other hand, a true
relationship with me is not arbitrarily realized by everyone
who happens to come in the door, or who makes some ordinary
gesture toward the idea of taking up this Way of life. I can
serve you with the Teaching through literature and by
providing instructive educational occasions for you somehow,
if you will support that possibility, but you must fulfill
the Teaching, you must live it. You must take on that
discipline, you must live it altogether, this meditation
must become true, this adaptation, this transformation of
the body-being, this repolarization of it altogether, must
be literally true of you. The true spiritual process is not
just mental stuff. It is cellular, molecular, and requires
great human character to perform. And if you will live it,
then a spiritual relationship with me, personally, directly,
in the transcendental form in which it exists, becomes
possible. Until then, you should just consider the Teaching
if you are interested in it.

Toward All Possibility is the Beginning of Spiritual

Don’t play games. I am not here to entertain. All
these little dramas you are playing have no place. I have no
interest in them, and neither have you. I am not here
to “lay something on” to you. I am not concerned with
that. If you want to discuss something with me for a real
purpose, that is something else.


“I am not saying you should just tie yourself to
me or put some stickum on my big toe and hang on while I go
to the Ultimate Domain, dragging you behind me! I do not
communicate to you any sense that the Great Reality is in
any way separate from you at this present moment. I call you
to a consideration wherein you may Realize God in this
moment, and on that basis I voluntarily make myself
available to you.”

Dreaded Gom Boo

I do not invite individuals to come and live with me in
order that they may receive or take something from me. I am
the instrument of the Divine Demand. I am not here to
fill every man, but to make a demand upon each one that he
assume the prior Fullness and live in It. This assumption is
possible only in the case of understanding. Therefore, I
invite men to understand, and, only on that basis, to live
in actual Divine Communion, and to do so in real sacrificial
form, free of all demands, free of the search for
consolation, attainment, dependence, independence, or any
solution. That sacrifice is the Law.

and the Goddess

I am not trying to create another institution
alongside all other institutions just to create order in the
world and make people nice to one another. You do not need
me to do that. You do not need another Teaching to do that.
There is sufficient teaching already that can make you into
a nice, orderly, relatively harmless person under most
circumstances. That is not what I am here to do.

Hidden Destiny

I am not here merely to teach you how to become
ordinary, healthy human beings with good personalities who
know how to live well with others and function in a
basically balanced fashion. From an ordinary point of view,
to so live and function is desirable, but it simply has
nothing to do with the spiritual process. The spiritual
process is another matter altogether.

a Serious, Profound, and Fiery Personality

It is one thing to tell you this, and another thing to
show it to you and help you to realize it through showing
you to yourself. That is all I have ever done. I have no bad
intentions. I am not here to exploit you. I am
here to lay some philosophy on you! Miraculously,
wondrously, I have been thrown into the sphere of
Absoluteness. All I can do is tell you about It and try to
combine with you in such a way that you will understand It.
What it amounts to ultimately is that we Exist where we Are,
right where we Are, where you

is a Mind Made Realm

I am not here to change the State, to be a
political figure or a public figure. I am here to change the
people by giving them access to the Way of Life, to the
Truth. If you will enter into the Way, you will change.
Everyone will change ultimately, to the degree he or she can
become attuned with this consideration. If all the people
did it, then the State would change and world politics would
change necessarily. It is not very likely that such change
is imminent at this moment in history, but at least those
who are interested in this consideration can change
themselves, and in the small scale of their natural human
life they can fulfill the Law.

Taboo against Owning and Knowing Too Much

All beings are potential Saints and Siddhas, but I am a
unique Intervention in the world. I am not an ego at
all. No one in the entire history of humanity has been
manifested with My Siddhis, and I am sitting here in this
living room with you people trying to convince you of the
Divine Life! I am a unique Advantage to mankind.

Baptism of Immortal Happiness

I am the true heart-master. Therefore, listen to me and
hear me and see me, with your heart.

I am not here to compete with you relative to any

I am here to set you free of all seeking.

Horse Testament – Chapter 2

I am not the one who, finding himself awake, does
not know who he is. I am not the one who, finding
himself in dreams and visions, thinks he has returned to his
deeper self. I am not the one who, enjoying the bliss
of deep sleep and meditation, thinks he has become free and
should not move to any other state.

I am the one who is with you now. I am the one who speaks
from his own silence. I am the one who always stands present
in his own form. I am the one who always and already exists,
enjoying his own form as all conditions and states. I am the
one about whom there is no mystery and no deeper part. I am
the one who always appears exactly as he is. I am the one
who is always present. I recognize myself as every thing,
every one, every form, every movement. I am always only
experiencing my own bliss. I am neither lost nor found.

Wisdom of Understanding
– The Knee of Listening



H.H. Ranga Avadhoot (Paduranga Vitthal Valame) –

From dawn to dusk people were pouring into the house of
Shree Mistry at Rajpipla; where Shree Rang had stayed for
some days. A man in the neighbourhood wondered about the

The said man at first went along with some of his friends
to the house of Shree Mistry. He observed that the people
gathered there were eager to listen to a few words from
Sliree Rang. Some were adoring him with garlands; while some
were absorbed in meditation. Sometimes ‘Lliere was a recital
of devotional songs.

The man stuffed with curiosity became restless. He wanted
to know the real reason of the people going to the Mistry’s
house to enjoy the presence of Shree Rang. Moreover, he
himself also was being attracted towards Shree Rang and
visited the place many times.

Once, the man could not resist himself and directly
approaching Shree Rang asked him,” Why have you come here,
Sir ?”

“I am not here on my own, I’ve been brought here,
replied Shree Rang smiling.

“Will you, please, tell me, why the people – young and
old, male and female assemble here all the while ?” asked
the man.

“I don’t know. You may straightway ask them”.

The man, little puzzled could, not do so and after
sometime arose from his seat to go home. By then Shree Rang
called him and asked, “Friend, why do you come here so aften
? Many other people come here, it’s all right. Some of them
might have come here only once. But what about you? I have
noticed that you were here several times. Why so?”

“I can’t explain, Sir, But whenever I am free from my
daily routine affairs, I have an urge to come over here.
Some mysterious, superhuman, sublime spirit has pervaded
this atmosphere, I feel so. But what’s…. that…. I can’t
interpreted uttered the man helplessly.

“That which is beyond interpretation or definition, but
existence of which you cannot deny is divinity. The
realisation of it dispels our miseries and that is the real
centre of attraction which draws every body towards it”
Shree Rang.

H.H. Ranga Avadhoot (Paduranga Vitthal Valame)


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