Does The World Disturb You? – Adi Da Samraj 1980 – Vision Mound Magazine



Does The World Disturb You?
Vision Mound Magazine
May/June 1980

impingement of experience is constantly
frustrating one’s sense of ecstasy. Noise, disturbances,
idiotic people, just the pressure of ordinary events–all
constantly cause us to react, to become more imbedded in
this superficial consciousness, We feel we have no way out
of it, you see, and having no way out of it, we try in some
exaggerated fashion to get relief and to feel pleasure by
exploiting our functions, But the only way we will ever be
happy is by transcending the whole affair. In the midst of
an idiotic world of idiotic people who are always tormenting
one another, it is very difficult even to realize this
insight or to hear anyone communicate another possibility.
It is also very difficult to manage a way of life in which
this capacity can be served, in which it is honored and

….the voice of the
Adept, you see, has been smothered, covered over by

The world is a place of endless disturbances created by
constantly disturbed people, The only way whereby to realize
another order of existence is to come into contact with
someone who has found the root of existence beyond
disturbances, who has been able to break through the realm
of superficial consciousness and experience, and who has a
different relationship to all of that, who can speak from
the point of view of another condition of existence, already
having realized it.

This is the function of the Spiritual Master, or the
Adept – to call your attention to the things that are simply
droning and impinging themselves on you, putting you to
sleep in your superficial mind and. associations, and to
begin to wake you up to your real responsibility, which is
not to be asleep in the world, just moving with the flow of
it, and suffering whatever destiny others want to create for
you, but to get angry, to penetrate the stupidity of your
existence, not to be some mild-mannered, son-of-a-bitch, but
to start changing yourself, changing the world, and making
new conditions. A new way of life begins with you yourself.
The more of you there are, the more the world itself can
change and stop being simply a place of disturbance where
only obsessed and unenlightened people can life.

The dogma of the world is that only unenlightened people
can exist. Everybody is suppose to be some dumb idiot who
doesn’t know what is happening, who is as simple as pie, and
who just does whatever comes. The world is not made for
enlightened people. It does not teach people to be en-
lightened. It does not demand that they be enlightened. When
was the last demand for enlightenment you heard? What have
you heard on TV that is a demand for enlightenment? The
world is not based on such a thing. The world has been taken
over by the idiots, by unenlightened people, and the voice
of the Adept, you see, has been smothered, covered over by

Therefore, the Spiritual Master must come alive, and
outside the realm even of religious cultism. That is why I
have been born in the condition to which I have been born,
with no associations whatsoever with traditional cultism,
without any high-born associations of any kind, All
associations in the world have become corrupt. The voice of
the Spiritual Master, the Divine Teaching, has become
corrupted even in the cults that are supposed to be the
carriers of the tradition of enlightenment. Therefore, it is
necessary to speak the Word of Truth from outside all
high-born associations, all traditional associations, even
all ordinary advantages in the world, because the world is
universally corrupted. The world has universally abandoned
the disposition of enlightenment. Therefore, those who have
anything to do with that way of life at all tend to be more
or less hidden. They carry on their pursuit in some hidden
place or in some manner that is not obvious. Thus, the world
does not benefit from it. The Spiritual Master is more or
less a public person. He comes to teach the world in
general. He comes to teach people openly in order to reverse
the trend of the present destiny that has overwhelmed the

Today the world is overwhelmed by suppression, by
frustration of ecstasy. It has therefore become devoted to
all the things that human beings become devoted to when they
are obsessed with the body-mind itself and feel they have no
way to be happy except through the satisfaction of desires.
They feel frustrated in their native yearning to transcend
the body-mind. They see no way to do it. They simply feel
frustrated and uptight. They simply feel they are suffering.
And they feel that the only way to feel good is by
exploiting the thing that they are suffering, the body-mind
itself, to the point that it achieves a pitch of pleasure.
There is no permanent realization of pleasure or ecstasy in
Truth by such means, because ecstasy means to stand outside
or to do all of those things, all they are doing is
exploiting the body-mind. Perhaps they are a little
transcend one’s conditions whereas merely to satisfy oneself
produces self-satisfaction, self-meditation,
self-possession, not self-transcendence. So you must
approach the spiritual way of life through this
consideration, through this insight,

You must also understand, if you hear this argument, that
there is no way whereby you may live in this ecstasy, or
this enjoyment, if you do not literally enter into the
Transcendental Consciousness. The process is literal, it is
not simply a matter of nominally associating with me, or
performing mechanical activities of the body-mind, however
religious those activities may be interpreted to be. You
must enter into a deeper consciouness, a consciousness that
does not belong to the autonomic nervous system, the
conventional nervous system of experience. You must enter
into the core and the current of your own being and
transcend the mechanics of the body-mind, or there is no
relief, no ecstasy. Only those who realize this insight, the
whole bodily, heart-felt intuition, can perform the
practices of the Way in Truth.

The practices of the Way can be engaged by self-possessed
people, without insight as merely mechanical affectations or
manipulations of the superficial nervous system, the
superficial body and mind. Thus, people can read a lot, and
chant a lot, make holy gestures to one another a lot, and
talk about the Teaching a lot. But even though they can more
benign, a little more orderly then others who recklessly
indulge themselves, but even so, they are not entering into
a dimension of the Condition of the body-mind that is other
than superficial. In other words, they are not becoming
ecstatic through their mechanical repetition of religious
activities. These activities are the necessary disciplines
of the Way, but they must be expressions of transcendental
insight, literal God-Communion, literal self-sacrifice,
literal ecstasy. You must enter into a state of
consciousness, that transcends the ordinary thinking and
hallucinating and physical experiencing of waking life. You
must be able to enjoy that state of consciousness quite
naturally, randomly, at will, and more and more