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Information, information,
information overload*.
Misinformation, disinformation and plain old laziness are
central enemy’s of facts. In today’s busy world of
compressed time there is an old saying: “Those with money
have no time and those with no money have only time”. This
page is for those with both limited and unlimited time AND a
real interest in wanting to understand (study) the most
profound teachings from one of the most enlightened and
informed geniuses of our time, Adi Da Samraj.

The following PDF files are what Beezone considers the
essentials of His teachings. They do not form any sequential
order as Adi Da did not, in the strict sense of the word,
develop, build up or change his teaching message in all the
years he taught. He obviously elaborated and expanded his
essential teachings but he never built upon them. The
essence of what he wrote and taught has remained the same in
all the years of his life.

His message is and always has been the same which can not
be reduced to any one-liner or a set of simple statements
about Truth, God, Reality, Consciousness and The Purusha
and/or the Human Condition. It can be of course be pointed
to and approached, but it can never be etched in stone,
erected as a monument and placed in a central place of

There is time* and space in your
present condition and to that I offer you the essentials of
the teachings of Adi Da Samraj. –


“Before beginning with the
instructions, I want to ask everyone to generate the correct
attitude before receiving Lord Buddha’s teachings and
to maintain a pure frame of mind while receiving

The Guru Disciple Relationship,
Introduction by

Adi Da Samraj

The following are PDF files that can be viewed and
downloaded for your enlightened interest and study.

First Word

Beezone’s forward to ‘My First Word’ the essay
that appears at the beginning of all Adi Da’s 23
source texts and his primary summary text, The Dawn
Horse Testament.

Da 101 – Where is Everybody Going?

The Seeker, the Search, the Mirror and the
Crisis – Beezone’s primer on the fundamentals of
Adi Da’s teachings.

Evolution of Adi Da Samraj

From Franklin Jones to Adi Da Samraj – From his
early sadhana years (1960) to his Mahasamadhi in

am Here To…”

Beezone’s study into the Revelatory Claim of Adi
Da Samraj that he is not only the First, Last and
Only seventh stage realizer but the Completion and
Final Revelation of Reality and Truth to

Engine That Runs the World – The Primal

From beginning to end and all in between. We
seems to be running to (or away from something) or
at the least, trying to understand “it all”. This
is Beezone’s study of Adi Da’s ‘answer’ to “What’s
it all about Alfie”.

The Death

Our Search, Despair and Play with the Fact of
Death. “Death is your philosophy by
virtue of the fact that it is something external to
you and you have not fully understood it.”

The Myth of

Adi Da Samraj uses the ancient Greek myth of
Narcissus as an analogy for the activity of
separation and the avoidance of relationship that
is at the root of human suffering.

Romance and Delusion

The true Spiritual process is not a kind process
with which and to whom you can indulge in a romance
nor merely an academic study. You cannot be casual
in the asking for real understanding all the while
acting like a thief or a lover. You first must
begin to understand yourself and your motives. Once
you begin to do that then you can begin to be a
lover, playful and adventuresome. But the Way is
most profound and in the end it asks for everything
and more importantly it is really ‘the only game in

Seven Stages of Life

The Seven Stages of life is an important
conceptual tool formulated by Adi Da Samraj to
clarify, and so to help others understand, the
spiritual implications of all the individual and
collective expressions of human experience and

Basket of Tolerance

To understand what Adi Da calls The Great
Tradition requires great study. A serious study
based on discriminative wisdom and the mature
understanding of the Seven Stages of Life. The
various religious,spiritual (and now scientific)
traditions did not even begin to understand
themselves to be a unity except in the last 100
years of so. Even now they are hardly together.
There is a lot of talk about unifying and seeing
how various models are expressions of the same
impulses using different language and symbols. But
what is missing is the understanding of the Process
as a Seven Stage Process. The Process Itself must
be seen as the development of the structure of the
manifest personality.

* The term “information
overload” was coined by Bertram Gross, the Professor of
Political Science at Hunter College, in his 1964 work –
The Managing of Organizations. However, it was popularized
by Alvin Toffler, the American writer and futurist, in his
book “Future Shock” in 1970.

* “You have all the time in the
world, don’t waste a second of it” – Ram Dass

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