The Last Part of the Jouney – The Soul’s Journey – Sant Mat – Surat Shabd Yoga

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The continuing conflict between Islam and Hinduism caused the emergence of the distinctive Sikh community, an attempt to find a new path that would reconcile Hindu-Muslim differences. Sikh founder Nanak (1469-1539) would attract a large following; in the end, his teachings satisfied neither Hindu nor Muslim and led to the emergence of a new community. Nanak would be successively followed by nine additional gurus (teachers). Then, after the death of the last of the gurus, their collected writings were assembled in a single volume, the Guru Granth Sahib, which would be enthroned as the new continuing guru for the community. In the 19th century, some within the Sikh community, partially motivated by a desire to have a living guru, found their way to Param Sant Soami Ji Maharaj (1818-1878), who launched a new lineage of gurus, which would over time split into a variety of competing lineages. These new lineages, distinguished by their practice of surat sabat yoga (the path of the sound current) would constitute the Sant Mat movement.



The Soul’s Journey

This book contains a composition of several descriptions of the Inner Realms ‘ which each soul has to pass on its journey back to its True Home and some experiential reports by disciples of Kirpal Singh.

The Last Part of the Journey


After the soul has risen from the dark emptiness, the Maha Sunn, it reaches that inner level which is known as Bhanwar Gupha or also: (the bent tunnel) in the terminology of the Eastern Adepts of Mysticism.

The soul ascends the peak from its west gate And penetrates across Maha-sunn. By throwing open the gate of Banwar Gupha It hearkens to the music of the flute that emanates from Sohang.

Soami Ji

This is the fourth realm above the physical level, a region of spiritual substance with only slight additions of material. If the soul proceeds it will cross a high, radiating pass above the vibrant breakers of spiritual force which is known as the Hansni Tunnel.

Then, it proceeds through the huge entrance of the splendid Rukmini Tunnel where it sees an unbelievably beautiful object the radiation of which has an impact on the view of the soul with the effect that the soul’s Nirat (the visual faculty) and its Surat (the capability to hear) are finally completed and gain real peace.

Then, the soul progresses to a higher region of this spiritual realm and sees at its right-hand side bright cosmic islands of an immense beauty and at the left-hand side many continents with splendid palaces which seemed to be built of pearls and the upper storeys of which are decorated with rubies, emeralds and diamonds. The splendour of all these cosmic scenes fills the soul with a wonderful drunkenness.

Bhanwar Gupha is governed by a Great Spiritual Sovereign Whose name is translated into; That is me! in the terminology of the Adepts of Mysticism of the Far and Middle East. And, in fact, the Sufi-Masters know the whole region as Anahu, which, in turn, means; That is me!

In the region of Bhanwar Gupha (Sohang) the soul totally recognises its relationship to the Creator and consciously knows that it is a droplet of the Divine Spirit in the ocean of All-Consciousness and exclaimes:

I and my Father are One!

Maulana Rumi wrote about the mourning tones of a flute which is played on a mountain top and which speak of the separation of the soul from its true source. The music which penetrates this region is that of a heavenly flute; and it was that music which sounded in the conscience of the Great Maulana Rumi.

But nevertheless, here again there is nothing in the physical world which can stand up to the comparison with the wonderful sound of Bhanwar Gupha’s melody. This sound emanates from the sparkling cosmic mountain that overlooks this region majestically and above which the soul sees a huge sun with a dazzling white light that is a thousand times brighter than the physical sun of our solar system.

The Sound Current of flute which you were hearing previously as reported is quite good. This should be listened to with rapt attention. It will grow stronger, draw closer, and ultimately come from above. It will eventually bless you with such a ravishing bliss that your mind will become subdued for good in due course of time with the grace of the Master.

Spiritual Elixir p. 188

Guru Nanak sang about this region:

Higher still stands Karm Khand, the Realm of Grace, Here the Word is all in all, and nothing else prevails. Here dwell the Bravest of the Brave, the Conquerors of the mind, filled with the Love Divine, Here dwell Devotees with devotion, incomparable as Sita’s1. Illumined with beauty ineffable, All heart filled with God, They live beyond the reach of death and of delusion2.

Jap Ji, Stanza 37

Bhanwar Gupha is really a region of Beauty and Light, and the souls living there receive the elixir of the Sound Current just as we eat and drink at the physical realm every day. And yet, Bhanwar Gupha and all regions below it, the super causal, causal, astral and physical ones, are subject to dissolution as the Adepts of Mysticism express it. Dissolution of a relatively short duration reaches up to the summit of the causal region, whereas the immensely long lasting and big dissolution reaches from the super causal region of Daswan Dwar up to the region of Bhanwar Gupha.

And therefore the seeking soul has to ascend further up to gain the true spiritual liberation.

For Sach Kand, the fifth inner realm above the physical realm is not subject to any cosmic dissolution, might it be big or small. Sach Kand is the True Home of the soul! This purely spiritual realm is called Sat Lok in Hinduism, Muqam-i-Haq (realm of truth) in the teachings of the Sufi melodies of Islam and Sach Khand in Sikhism (the name which is used by the Indian Adepts of Mysticism or the Satgurus). Sach Khand is free of any physical, mental and spiritualised matter. In the words of the Adepts of Mysticism it is unchangeable and eternal, all the Joy and Blissfulness, all Wisdom and all Love … the Homestead of God. Here reside the Perfected Spiritual Beings and the Highest Ranking Saints of all times in unspeakable splendour.

Guru Nanak said:

Here live the Bhagats or Wise from all regions who please the True One, and They live in ever-lasting pleasure.

In Bhanwar Gupha, the region below Sach Khand, there are 88 000 universes and the residents of these universes are all supporters of spiritual Adepts Who have gained entrance into this region. However, in Sach Khand itself, there are many million spheres under the merciful rule of the True Lord, and cosmic islands of the Blessed One rotate around this region, just as our tiny earth rotates around the sun. These spheres are the dwelling places of the Hansas, the pure souls, who never descended into the lower levels.

With the words of Guru Nanak:

Sach Khand or the Realm of Truth is the seat of the Formless One. Here He creates all creations, rejoicing in creating. Here are many regions, heavenly systems and universes, To count which were to count the countless, Here, out of the Formless, The heavenly plateau and all else come into form, All destined to move according to His Will. He who is blessed with this vision, rejoices in its contemplation. But, oh Nanak, such is its beauty that to try to describe itis to attempt the impossible3.

Jap Ji, Stanza 37

The Ruler of Sach Khand is known as Sat Purush, the True Being, in the Eastern terminology. The esoteric scriptures state that this Master of Love radiates a light that is equal to the light of billions of suns, although even this is still a scanty description of Him, for He is far beyond the expressiveness of human speech or reason in order to describe Him.

The Sat Purush (the highest revelation of God) steers and controls the creation and the dissolution of the entire cosmic systems of universes below Him, but His own realm is not affected by any such changes. At last, this True Being gains His power from the Supreme Lord of all being, among the Adepts of Mysticism known as Anami Purush, the Nameless One.

The language of poetic imagination and symbolic description can only inadequately describe Sach Khand, for the Adepts of Mysticism state that it is even impossible to find any comparison for the finest things in this world.

Sach Khand is the Homestead of the Father, and the Father is the Sat Purush, the highest revelation of the Nameless, and the soul is a beam of the Sat Purush from Whom it emanated aeons ago.

According to the Adepts of Mysticism the soul radiates in the light of sixteen suns and moons when it reaches this region.

Guru Nanak sang about this realm of Sat Purush in his inspired hymn:

How wonderful Thy gate, how wonderful Thy mansion, From whence Thou watchest Thy great Creation. Countless the instruments and harmonies that play therein, Countless the measures, countless the singers, that sing Thy praises.

Jap Ji, Stanza 27

Soami Ji has also described the palace of Sat Purush as a firm castle of unspeakable beauty. In Soami Ji’s description the soul on pilgrimage must find the Lord of Love at his throne when it reaches this realm, and it has to recognise the Lord of Love as the True Lord of the universe of all universes. Soami Ji described the wonderful premises and the parks of the courtyard of Sat Purush’s palace but he repeatedly stated that this view could not be described in earthly words.

At this realm there are vast reservoirs of spiritual nectar from which proceed rivers of a wealth of light in order to supply more remote regions with spiritual food.

Golden palaces seem to be suspended above the cosmic gardens of a silvery light, and the beauty of the Hansas, the pure souls that live there, is incomprehensible.

The soul on pilgrimage further proceeds to the entrance of the palace of the Lord of Love, the Sat Purush, and a Hansa who is on guard asks the newcomer how he succeeded in reaching this sublime realm. The soul’s answer is that it came following an Adept of Mysticism or a Satguru while it stayed on earth and the Adept of Mysticism taught it the inner knowledge of this high realm.

Following this, the soul is escorted into the palace where it is confronted with a Bright Lotus of unspeakable beauty. A voice sounds from the centre of the Light in the Lotus and asks the soul who it is and with what intention, it ascended to this realm.

Soami Ji describes the soul’s answer as follows:

Pushap madh sae uthi avaza

Kau tum hoe kaho kaja

Satgur milae bhed sub dina

Tis ki kripa daras hum lina

Darshan kar ut kar magnani

Sat Purush tub bolae bani

Alakh lok ka bhed sunaya

Bal upna dae surat pathaya

Alakh Purush ka roop anoopa

Agam Purush nirkha kul bhoopa

Dekh achraj kaha na jaye

Kaya kaya. sobha varan paye

From the lotus there arose a voice:

“Speak! Who are you and what brings you here?”

“My Satguru gave me the key to this realm, And through His grace I am blessed with Thy darshan.”

Beholding the Lord it was lost in ecstasy;

Thereupon the Sat Purush spoke Giving forth the secrets of Alakh Lok And by His own power raised it further. The form of the Alakh Purush defies description. Agam Purush, the Lord of all creations, His wondrous sight cannot be described And His glory cannot be rendered in words.

Then the soul is told that it really is in the presence of the Sat Purush, Whom it recognises here as the Spiritual Power That inspired the Adept of Mysticism on earth and in the lower spiritual regions. Now the soul enjoys its happiness and experiences great delight at the spiritual view of the Lord of Love.

Then the Supreme Lord of Revelation teaches the soul the mysteries of the higher realms, and with the Power of Love He assists the soul with further ascending through these realms.

The Adepts of Mysticism told that Sach Khand’s Music was comparable to a Veena. All the Spiritual Masters who spoke of Sach Khand testified the breathtaking charm of this music. Just like its heavenly music, Sach Khand’s light cannot be described in a secular language, not even with the light of billions of suns.

The Adept of Mysticism who has initiated the higher seeking soul into the mysteries of the beyond is obliged to safely accompany it to its True Home, Sach Khand.

Then, the Sat Purush inspires the soul with his Divine Energy and sends it into the higher realms of Alakh Lok (the invisible realm). Agam Lok (the inaccessible realm) and Anami Lok (the nameless realm that is the highest spiritual region of all). In Anami Lok there is neither Light nor Sound, nor darkness or silence.

Basically, the aspirant can only understand the idea of Sach Khand as the highest spiritual realm. This really is a realm of pure spirit and the True Home of the soul. This is the highest revelation of God.

Nevertheless, the Adepts of Mysticism speak of three higher realms beyond Sach Khand, though they consider it completely futile to give descriptions or statements about these spiritual realms.

It is enough to say that the soul is caused, by the grace of the Sat Purush, to enter the next spiritual realm of Alakh Lok and then comes to the cosmic palace of the Alakh Purush, Who is the ruler of this realm.

If the soul has got the Darshan of the Alakh Purush, it further proceeds to Agam Lok where it views the ruler of this realm, the Agam Purush, and receives His Darshan. Again, the Adepts of Mysticism try to describe the splendour of this realm with the light of billions and billions of suns.

As regards the last realm of Anami Lok, the Adepts of Mysticism remain silent.

In a few words Soami Ji said:

At every step the soul recognises unknown things which cannot be described in human language. Each region and everything is absolutely indescribable. What a beauty and glory. How can I describe it?

There is nothing here to give you an idea of it. I am helpless!

Now the soul has seen the ruling Lord of each of the spiritual realms beyond Sach Khand and has united its existence with Them. This is the greatest good on the mystical path of love, for the Adepts of Mysticism told that the Power of Love is the strongest one in these holy realms.

When He was asked about Anami Lok, Soami Ji simply said:

It is all love!

Thus, the collaboration of the Adept of Mysticism and Shabd leads to jivan mukti or spiritual liberation on the mystical path and to the ascent of the soul to its True Home.

If the spiritual aspirant fulfils the commandments of the Adept of Mysticism faithfully and always goes the way of love, this spiritual liberation can be accomplished in one life. The aspirant will hear the permanent symphony of love and will realise that his True Self and the Divine Word are one and the same being. This Music is so magnificent that any twaddle of the sinful mind comes to rest and the focus of the soul becomes completely absorbed in the Audible Stream of Life so that it is drawn beyond the levels of mind and matter.

While the aspirant rises into the higher regions of life he discovers that this is in deed the only real freedom a human being can ask for. This is the freedom from the ties to his lower self, the anxieties, fantasies and thoughts of hatred, his likings and dreams that haunt him when he is proceeding along the long road of repeating births and deaths.

At this physical plain of existence, a human can never really be free, neither as an individual nor in the community. Only those who gain the higher spiritual con-sciousness have won freedom in the true sense of the word by claiming their actual birthright.

The released soul can never be enslaved by the deceptive cravings of the lower self or the machinations of those who believe that they dominate the transient world of men by their own power.

The spiritual conscience is both cause and climax of human development and it is impossible to describe its nature in words which are only the imaginary symbols of human imagination, for this is really a wordless and timeless state of blissfulness.

Those who have gained this spiritual conscience know in their innermost being that they are free spirits that live in the eternal realms of spiritual freedom.

He has risen with the Heavenly Melodies of the spirit as Guru Nanak reports:

By practice of the Word, one rises into universal consciousness and develops right understanding; By practice of the Word, one develops clairvoyance and transvision of the whole creation; By practice of the Word, one is freed from sorrow and suffering;

Jap Ji, Stanza 13

Once the spiritual aspirant transcends the physical consciousness he will become aware of the ever resounding power of the universe, the Sound Current. In the inner regions those illuminated sounds can be realized as a blissful mosaic of transcedential energy, resounding light and brilliantly shining sounds.

As Kabir said:

The natural Inner Music permanently resounds out of itself but only a rare soul knows of this sacred union; True Simram consists of the soul’s permanent tuning into the Inner Music without outer help. Those who discover this hidden treasure are our true friends.

Being connected to this Inner Music, the aspirant loses his lower identity and will finally become One with God. Although He will remain in this world for the time allocated to Him, He is in this world yet out of it, for He is a jivan mukti, a liberated being.

He is no longer an incapable slave of minds and senses but confirmed in the True Divinity. He lives for the Eternal, Divine Light of spirit and permanently listens to the Divine Music in His soul. Finally, He returns to Sach Khand, the Homestead of salvation or Muquam-i-Haq, the origin of the Sounding Light and the soul itself. Now the aspirant is a consciously liberated soul.

This is the true salvation, the highest and most complete state of being.

Those who hear of this power or approach it will neither die nor be born again! For this power of Kirpal is the great sea of mercy and it is therefore manifested throughout the whole creation.

Guru Granth Sahib

The power is always only One, but it works differently according to the demands of the respective time. Within the Competent Masters of the fifth realms this power is 50 percent revealed. Guru Gobind Singh mentioned that He had access to the seventh realm of Agam-Lok. And now, during this blessed time … the time of transition from the iron to the golden age, it is 100 percent effective. It is fully manifested. For you the golden age has come, for whenever the Almighty Power manifests Itself it is the golden age for the disciple, the time to go home. All the other ages only served to prepare the soul so that it gets into contact with the Almighty Power now. This opportunity is now the best, for it is the shortest way back to God. You do not need a Master, if the Almighty Power does Its work.

So springtime is upon us now; there will be more fragrant Saints, I would say now, who will come up and give us through the grace of God, a contact with the God-into-Expression Power. And this is the revolution, the spiritual revolution, which is coming up—an awakening all around.

Param Sant Kirpal Singh

Question: Who will be your successor?

Answer: God is searching the pole in which he reveals himself, I want you all to become my ambassadors.

No one before me has ever asked you so intensively and nobody after me will ever do it and have pity on you as I have. Please, please do not forget me!

My work is to reveal to you the unity already existing through all.

Awake, oh man, regain your Godhood, before it is too late, On regaining your lost Godhood you will have right understanding that you are all One.