Adolescent Time

This is the late-time, the dark epoch, East and West. This is the long-prophesied time of the setting sun, the Western sun. This is the time of the decline of the mind and the culture of the rising sun, the Eastern sun.

Now the human world is in its “Western” and “Westernizing” phase. For centuries, there has been the slow-motion toward this grotesque mockery of end-time, wherein all, now at the end of day, look forward only to their long-anticipated nightlife of lower and subhuman and always struggling occupations of body, emotion, and mind.

The “Western” time of Man is that epoch which is characterized by ambiguity relative to any kind of dependency, any kind of “authority”, or even any demand from without. The “Western” and “Westernizing” Man (male or female), including even all the “modern” and “modernizing” human world, is deeply set in rebellion. This dark time is thoroughly characterized by a reactive and adolescent, immature, egoic, and ego-bound, and ego-binding rebellion against all that is not the ego-“I”- and all that can be described as true “authority”, and all “authority-figures”, and even all “others”.

Adi Da Samraj

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