Light over Darkness – The Error

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Exercise and the Transcendental Sun


Beezone edit edition

“In the older cultures, the
visible sun and its light were and are worshipped and
concentrated upon for the sake of physical, mental, psychic,
and spiritual transformation”


The sun, or fascinating light, the
visible vibration that can absorb us, is the principal
symbol of religion and all the ways of extraordinary

The sacred practices of prophets,
magicians, mystics, yogis, saints, and all ordinary
believers are devoted toward knowledge of the Source Light
or Creator Vibration via regressive absorption.

On the basis of all experiments,
whether mystical or scientific, men are close to agreement
on the universal concept and presumption that all
appearances, forms, bodies, beings, thoughts, all events are
emissions and transformations of universal and even eternal
Vibratory Force or Light.

For this reason, we may say that
light, or vibratory brightness, is the most universally
venerated object among men. The Light of lights, seen and
heard, is the principal idol
to which our ways of
knowing lead. To be sure, light, even most subtle or
ascended, even the highest Light itself, is a great
Principle of manifestation and of knowledge, but it is not
Truth or very God and Reality.

Light is a great temptation.
It is a mystery commonly entertained over against the
idea and experience of darkness, or no-Radiance
. In
earlier times, life in the world was viewed as a great
warfare between ascended powers of light and descended
powers of darkness.
And the theatre of life in the world
was to be solved by a great Day, or a great impulse of
Awakening, wherein those who had maintained allegiance to
the highest Light would be returned, via the way of lights,
to the domain of Light, above and beyond this world. And
those who had been firmly committed to darkness would be
excluded from Light, perhaps forever, in the domains of
darkness, even the absolute Darkness below this

Light itself is ultimately resolved
in a Principle that includes and is prior to both light and
darkness. The
of life is not the victory of light over
. The Truth of life
is Unqualified, prior to all distinctions. It is not
realized via the way of the knowledge of lights, or in the
objective Shine and Sound of ultimate Brightness. It is
intuited via the Wound or Mystery of Paradox, the
irreducible profundity of absolute Ignorance.

In the older cultures, the
visible sun and its light were and are worshipped and
concentrated upon for the sake of physical, mental, psychic,
and spiritual transformation
. As such, the sun is viewed
as a kind of icon, a living symbol in the universe for the
Divine Sun or Prior Light that is Creative relative to the
world. However, such practices, as well as their more
esoteric counterparts, which conceive of the Sun within and
subtly above for the same purpose, are expressions of a view
of the world and of conscious existence in which Light (the
Sun itself) is acknowledged as Truth and its emanations
(sunlight) exploited as a method or way to Truth.

I do not propose that (you) seek the
symbol of Light in this way. Although the Principle of Light
may be senior to the Principle of Life, it is itself
secondary to the Principle of the Awareness of both Life and
Light. What I am saying, then, is that all experience is
conditional, temporary, or dependent on other conditions and

The Law of life is sacrifice and the
instrumental Source of life is the Transcendental Sun or
Light, the Vibratory Radiance or Current felt to permeate
body, mind, and world with its all-pervading Presence,
Spirit, or Breath.

The Truth or Condition of life is
prior to all experiential realizations of the Law and the
Light. Therefore, those who would live consciously must also
become devotees in Truth, or else their own experience will
bind them.