Looking for Company


The “condition” that is Truth is far superior to this
limitation. And those who live Truth while alive are not
glorifying life in itself. They are glorifying Truth. When
you enjoy Truth, you are already free. And if you are free,
what has all of this compulsive limitation to do with you?
Such a one lives Truth until death, and then slips away. And
everyone will slip away in Truth sooner or later. The Guru
is only looking for company on his way out! He has already
discovered who you are, he already is living with you in
another sense, as real life, as love, as Truth. He no longer
requires your physical existence or his own. He looks
forward to your perfect enjoyment. But he sees that those
who are living in the earth plane are not clear about this,
not certain of it, a little confused. So he communicates it
in as many ways as he can. But all he is trying to do is to
take you away, to take your separate life away, to snuff you
out of darkness into Light.

Method of the Siddhas – Chaper

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