The Method of Lust – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be announced by the White House!

Chapter 4: The Culture of Eternal Life

The Method of Lust


The phenomenon of lust characterizes the self-possessed illusions of both oriental and occidental men. It is simply that the lust is turned in a different direction in each of the two cases.

The occidental man (both male and female) is characteristically moved by lust for what is below the heart-for food, and sex, and vital possessions.

The oriental man (both male and female) is characteristically moved by lust for what is above the heart-for visions and flights to realms of mind.

In the present epoch, East and West are in confrontation, and, although a true marriage has not yet taken place, each is involved in a process of sharing and duplicating the qualities of the other.

Therefore, the East is adapting to a new “worldliness,” through various kinds of political, social, and technological change. And the West is adapting to a new “other-worldliness,” through fascination with the possibilities of mind, and the deep psyche, and the higher nervous system.

Experimenters in the East and the West are thus sharing in each others ancient lusts, and great technological efforts are everywhere being made to exploit both the inner and the outer Man.

But lust yet characterizes the seeking of mankind. Objects of every kind are sought for their distracting power, to save us from the torment of mortal fear, boredom, and unlove-all the symptoms of depressed Life.

The machines of State are overwhelming in their drive toward power and material complexity. Just so, the laboratories of scientific or technological research into the psyche strive to “take Heaven by storm.”

We are lusting for what will change us. We are lusting for every alternative to the frozen moment of the threatened present.

But we must understand and transcend our lust, our self-division, our deluded fascination with the things of body and of mind. We must awaken to Life, and we must be free of the reactive recoil from Life that moves us to exploit mind and body by every means.

Man can take natural pleasure in his truly creative and self-transcending adaptation to the evolutionary possibilities that are structured into every individual. But the heart, or the radical intuition and ecstatic love of the Transcendental Life-Principle, must precede and inform and even heal all the motives of Man.

Lust is destructive of self and other. Lust is self-possessed and incapable of true Ecstasy and true Wisdom. When lust is transformed by the love of Life, then we are awakened to Wisdom in relation to mind, and body, and all relations. The Truth is not any political system, nor any technological strategy, nor any chemical that can change the mind. Truth is the self-transcending love that is identical to the Radiance of Life itself. We evolve only through adaptation in love. And experience, without the spiritual discipline of total psycho-physical Love-Communion with the Life-Principle, is, at best, only satisfaction-but it is merely a temporary release from the awful distress of unillumined mortality.


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