The Purity of Our House – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be announced by the White House!

Chapter 4: The Culture of Eternal Life

The Purity of Our House


The separate Ways of the East and the West are founded on the two independent impulses (or circuits) of the autonomic nervous system. These two impulses or circuits are experienced daily by every human being. Indeed, both impulses are active in every moment of bodily existence, and the bodily test of Man is a matter of whether or not the two divisions of the autonomic nervous system can achieve and maintain a functional harmony.

However, we function with a tacit presumption that there are in fact always two alternative modes of attention, or thinking, or bodily behavior, in every moment of our functional existence. These two modes are the modes of extroversion (or outward-directed attention and motion) and introversion (or inward-directed attention and motion). And these two alternative modes of acting or “being” correspond exactly to the two functionally independent impulses in the autonomic nervous system.

Thus, human beings may be characterized, according to our observation of them in any moment, or in their general pattern over time, as relatively extroverted or relatively introverted. If a person exhibits the “hot” or extroverted tendency, the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system is dominant. And if a person exhibits the “cool” or introverted tendency, the parasympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system is dominant.

These same mechanisms account for the basic personal and cultural divisions in the human world. The male is more or less associated (at least traditionally) with the extroverted character, and the female with the introverted character. Likewise, the occidental or Western cultural style is traditionally extroverted, and the oriental or Eastern cultural style is traditionally introverted. Just so, the primary method of knowledge and of cultural enterprise in the West is extroverted, scientific (or technological), and analytical, whereas that of the East is introverted, mystical, and intuitive.

Man as a species and mankind as a process are both properly understood only when viewed (and exercised) as a totality, or an integrated whole. Man and the natural world are truly a dynamic or living play, not a self-divided machine of death. Therefore, the great cultural divisions in the human world must constantly yield to the motive of unity and energetic harmony, just as the male and the female must yield to one another in self-transcending love.

Those who speak of an irreducible “Western mind” and an equally irreducible and opposite “Eastern mind” are simply bereft of true understanding of themselves and of Man, and they are not turned to the ecstatic and single motive that is native to the universal Life-Energy and to the central nervous system of Man.

There must be a personal and a universal cultural synthesis of human functional energies. The dynamics of personal and cultural existence must constantly and creatively work toward a living unity-otherwise the play of Life becomes a kind of warfare in which self and other are constantly brought to the brink of destruction. The natural divisions of the autonomic nervous system and of the two hemispheres of the human brain-mind must not be permitted to create a self-divided Man and an irreducibly divided world.

Therefore, the creative and truly human task of Man, in the form of any individual, any group or community, or in the form of the total world of humanity, is to overcome self-division, conflict, and destructive motivations. The separate motives of the two structural halves of Man may seem to demand self-divided conflict in any moment, but the unity of the whole body (and the central nervous system) must constantly be accepted as the prior and dominant Principle of action. Indeed, the acceptance of the personal and cultural Principle of inherent and ultimate unity (rather than inherent and ultimate self-division) is the distinguishing characteristic of the true Man and the true culture of Man.

We must accept the discipline of self-knowledge and of critical understanding of all of our personal and collective motivations. Such is the very least of human wisdom that we should expect of one another-and of all our leaders. It is time for this. It has long been time for this. Now is the time for all of us to purify our houses and embrace one another in the square.


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