Right Practice – My Fundamental Consideration – Adi Da Samraj – Aletheon

Right Practice


Adi Da Samraj – The Aletheon

(adapted and numbered by


My Fundamental Communication To practioners and those
who ‘wish’ to Understand and do Right Practice.

1. The fact that I have Given My Full
Reality-Communication does not-in and of itself-change

2. There must be human beings who respond to Me and My

3. There must be the response to Me that does the
doing-the Enlightenment-response, the

4. Egos all want something or other.

5. Divine Self-Realization is not something “you”

6. Egos look for seeking-messages.

7. Some egos become involved in “religious” or Spiritual
seeking-routines – routines by which certain “things” can
supposedly be gotten right now, and other “things” will
supposedly be gotten in the future.

8. Other egos, who find “religious” or Spiritual
seeking-messages unconvincing, become preoccupied with
social seeking-messages, political seeking-messages, and
scientific seeking-messages.

9. The entire human race characteristically lives as a
crowd of consumers being sold – and egoically enslaved


This Criticism Is My Message to humankind.


10. My Message Is a Criticism of the entire ego-“world”
and all the permutations of the seeking-ego.

11. Thus, the Reality-Way of Adidam is not like any other
exoteric or esoteric path, culture, or institution.

12. The Reality-Way of Adidam is an entirely new-and
Divine Avataric-Revelation.

13. However, the ego will inevitably tend to re-interpret
Adidam – so as to make an ego-revised version of Adidam,
which revision is “the same old thing” as all previous
versions of “religion” and Spirituality.

14. Of course, My Divine Avataric Teaching-Word is fully
and precisely Given-for everyone to “consider” and

15. Nevertheless, every ego that examines My Divine
Avataric Teaching-Word will tend to revise It instantly –
even in the very moment of reading or Listening to It.

16. The ego instantly conforms My Way and My Person to


Realization is a response to Me

17. Which can not be altered by ego, conformed by ego,
altered by ego.

18. Realization is True if practice is True.

19. Realization conforms to Truth, not truth to

20. Realization is a response to What is Shown to you,
Revealed to you, Given to you.

21. The egoic “self”-contraction of body, emotion, mind,
and breath spontaneously relaxes into My Perfectly egoless
Transcendental Spiritual Self-Presence.

22. Such spontaneous relaxation of the egoic
“self”-contraction of body, emotion, mind, and breath into
My Perfectly egoless Transcendental Spiritual Self-Presence
and all of separateness, relatedness, otherness, and
“difference” is not happened in the Event.

23. This Is My Gift to all who devotionally recognize Me,
devotionally respond to Me.

24. Realization is a response to a Gift.

25. That Is What has been Made here-by Me.

26. That Is What Exists here-as My Gift.

27. That Is What there is to respond to-for all, and for

28. Realization is not any of the things egos imagine It
to be.

29. Egos think that they are Enlightened – or that they
can “get There”.

30. Egos think that they can achieve Realization, or
Enlightenment, or whatever, by seeking, or by applying some
“method” or other – or even by just doing as they please, or
continuing as they are.

31. Egos are totally “self”-deluded, and totally up to
deluding everyone else.

32. That is what ego is – and does.

33. The Counter-egoic Message and the Intrinsically
ego-Transcending Way Is My Reality-Teaching.


The entire human “world” is
a mummery of people simply being egos. Every one wants to be
addressed, seen, and known on the basis of his or her bodily
and mental ego-identity. Every one wants to be given
whatever is needed in order to feel good about being a
body-mind-ego. Every one wants to be relieved-to the
maximum, and in the moment-of the sensations of fear and
anxiety. Thus, the entire human “world” insists on being
addressed as a colossal “cult” of egos.

The Reality-Way of Adidam is not based on addressing
people as egos. Therefore, the Reality-Way of Adidam is not
based on providing people with a teaching, or with a means
of association with Me, or with a means of association with
one another, or with any kind of event, process, or
institutional provision whatsoever that is about being an
ego. Indeed, the Reality-Way of Adidam is precisely the
opposite of that.

The right practice (and the only true practice) of
the Reality-Way of Adidam is Tacit and Prior
Self-Identification with Me-and, therefore, the Reality-Way
of Adidam is not a seeking-practice, because the Reality-Way
of Adidam is not engaged from the position of prior
identification with the (otherwise, conventionally) presumed
ego-“I”, or body-mind-“self”.

If you are My devotee, you must – moment to moment –
engage the devotional (and intrinsically searchless) process
that intrinsically (or always Priorly) transcends the egoic
position (CONTRACTION – the self-evident, uninspected
present activity) (and the totality of psycho-physical
“self”-contraction-action that is egoity itself).

Such is the specific and unique characteristic of the
only-by-Me Revealed and Given “Radical” (or Always
“At-the-Root”) Reality-Way of Adidam. All other
practice-cultures of life (both exoteric and esoteric) are
based on being the ego, being addressed as the ego, and
seeking as the ego. The Reality-Way of Adidam
is-uniquely-not about that. The Reality-Way of Adidam Is My
Divine Avataric Self-Revelation, to Which My devotee must
respond, moment to moment-such that, moment to moment, My
devotee is not being the ego but is (rather) Standing in the
Prior and Intrinsically egoless Reality-Position, by means
of Me-recognizing and to-Me-responding devotional Communion
with Me, right-life obedience to Me, and “Perfect Knowledge”
of Me.

That Is the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Reality-Way of

This Statement of Mine is a Fundamental Communication
That should be constantly studied and “considered” by all My
devotees and by all who would rightly understand the
only-by-Me Revealed and Given Reality-Way of Adidam.

Adi Da Samraj – The Aletheon