Aletheon – Adi Da Samraj – My Spiritually Bright Silence






My Spiritually Bright Silence (without parentheticals)


My sometimes “method” with My
devotees was to talk about “radical” (or “at-the-root”)
“self”-understanding and its Spiritually “Bright” Heart-Way,
in order to Give them the opportunity to Listen to My Word
of Argument and Instruction.

And I sometimes also addressed them
in place, relative to the forms of seeking to which they
attach themselves at any moment.

Sometimes, I even Enquired of them
if this, or this, or this is the avoidance of

And, even now (and forever
hereafter), when I Remain Merely Silent, My Mere “Bright”
Divine Avataric Transcendental Spiritual Presence
effectively Does all of this.


Thus, at the beginning, by the
to-Me-devotionally-turning process of Listening to Me (even
in My Silence, and, otherwise, by Listening to My
Revelation-Leelas and My Teaching-Word), the Only-by-Me
Revealed and Given Reality-Way of “radical” (or
“at-the-root”) “self”-understanding (or the One and Only
by-Me-Revealed and by-Me-Given “Radical” Reality-Way of the
Heart, or the Only-by-Me Revealed and Given “Radical”
Reality-Way of Adidam, or Adidam Ruchiradam) becomes Known
to My devotees.

And, in due course, in all who truly
Hear Me, “radical” (or “at-the-root”) “self”-understanding
arises as the form of their own Real


Talk, if it is overmuch and
overdone, is simply the indulgence of the ego-dramatizing
(or, otherwise, heart-wasting) activity of the

If My devotees talk overmuch about
the Reality-Way of “radical” (or “at-the-root”)
“self”-understanding (rather than really practice the moment
to moment devotional and, in due course, Transcendental
Spiritual discipline that is the Way Itself), the “Way”
becomes a mummery of egos, in all their separate and
separative display.

Overmuch talk (whereby even what
must be understood is made obscure by too much explanation)
will merely scatter even My “Bright” Transcendental
Spiritual Force of the Heart.

Too much talk indulges in forms and
uses of mind that are not useful intelligence or real

Then talk is not relatedness, but
only separateness, and a reproduction and reinforcement of a
state that is not “radical” (or “at-the-root”)

The patterns that continually arise
in human beings are not truly and finally served by the
responses or answers they (in and of themselves) imply and

Human beings are truly served only
by the Communication of “radical” (or “at-the-root”)
“self”-understanding, and by true examination of the egoic
“self”, and by My Spiritually “Bright”
(all-and-All-Blessing) Silence.


Some insight into the nature of
seeking, as well as some comprehension of the nature of
“radical” (or “at-the-root”) “self”-understanding, is
necessary for the awakening of true Hearing of Me (which is
most fundamental “self”-understanding).

Some countering (or reflection) of
the seeker’s habits, acts, and presumptions, and some direct
observations about his or her state, may be useful in order
to engender the necessary doubt of his or her ordinary

But My Transcendental Spiritual
Communication of the “Bright” Divine Self-Nature,
Self-Condition, Source-Condition, and Self-State is
essentially a process in Silence, whereby what arises gets
no response, no reinforcement, and (thus and thereby)
becomes obsolete.

Then the individual ceases to
continue in the egoic (and, otherwise, merely, or
exclusively, conditional) motion of what arises-and he or
she will, in due course (by Means of My Avatarically
Self-Transmitted Divine Transcendental Spiritual Grace),
find “himself” or “herself” In and As the
(by-Me-Avatarically-Self-Revealed) Spiritually “Bright”
Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, Source-Condition, and
Self-State, Which Is the Source and Form of all of this
conditional appearing.


This confrontation with Spiritually
“Bright” Silence in the truly devotional and Transcendental
Spiritual relationship to the Man of “Radical”
Understanding-Who Is the Divinely Self-Realized One, and Who
Divinely Avatarically Manifests the “Bright” Transcendental
Spirit-Power of the Heart-is unlike the ordinary
“experience” of frustration in life.

Things simply arise in every one,
and life provides the present conditions whereby they are
indulged, frustrated, or avoided.

But in the Spiritually “Bright”
Company of the Man of “Radical” Understanding (Who Is the
Spiritually Self-“Bright” Divine Heart Itself), what arises
is confronted by Spiritually “Bright” Silence without and by
the Spiritually “Bright” Heart within.


Therefore, My “Method” with those
who have begun to understand by means of Listening to Me is
simply to invite them to sit with Me, quietly, in simple (or
searchless) devotional Communion with Me.

I do not offer them a mere
“technique” (by which to turn upon themselves, and “work” on

Rather, I offer them a
relationship-to Me.

That relationship (and necessary
relatedness) inherently obliges My devotees to turn out from
themselves-and, thus, to exceed the tendencies of their
ego-patternings of “self”-contraction.

Then, what arises is confronted with
My Spiritually “Bright” Silence.

This Company of Spiritually “Bright”
Silence-this confrontation with My Spiritually “Bright”
Silence, while remaining in conscious relationship to
Me-enables the individual to be simply aware of what arises,
without the possibility of indulging or avoiding

Thus, the individual is allowed to
see what arises, rather than to become further egoically
“self”-identified with the stream through the
unconsciousness of ordinary conversation and

And the “space” between the
individual and what arises is the place where My “Bright”
Divine Avataric Transcendental Spiritual Power Works to Draw
the individual from within.

Then the individual becomes Awake as
Transcendental Spiritual quickening and “radical” (or
“at-the-root”) “self”-understanding.


The Only-by-Me Revealed and Given
Reality-Way of “radical” (or “at-the-root”)
“self”-understanding (or the One and Only by-Me-Revealed and
by-Me-Given “Radical” Reality-Way of the Heart, or the
Only-by-Me Revealed and Given “Radical” Reality-Way of
Adidam) is, in practice, the devotional (and, in due course,
Transcendental Spiritual) relationship to Me, and
(therefore) to My Spiritually “Bright” Divine Avataric
Self-Silence, and (Thus) to the “Bright” Divine
Transcendental Spiritual Power Avatarically Transmitted by
Me in Silence (and, Thereby, found within, and
everywhere)-until, at last (by all My Divine Avataric
Means), there is the Most Perfect Realization of My
Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Divine Self-Nature,
Self-Condition, and Self-State, Which Is the True (or Real)
Divine Heart (Itself), and the Truly Spiritually “Bright”
Divine Spherical Self-Domain (Itself).

Then the individual finds only
Spiritually “Bright” Silence in his or her inner

But everywhere, in all the “worlds”,
that one sees the Divine Avataric Self-Heart and
Transcendental Spirit-Power of Me Stand Out-Aloud and



My Spiritually Bright Silence (without parentheticals)