New Paradigm – Adi Da Samraj



Paradigm Shift



As long as people persist in the old paradigm, they are
persisting in tribalized ego-culture.

No matter how they modify their words to sound otherwise,
tribalized ego-culture is still what they are about.

All of that is finished.

It is just that most people have not noticed yet that it
is finished.

It is completely finished.

It is completely irrelevant and done.

The year 2000 was the final end of tribalized ego-culture
for everyone.

The past pattern of humankind is finished.

The past pattern of humankind must be shed.

It is not that the past pattern of humankind must merely
be ended, with nothing replacing it.

Rather, the past pattern of humankind must be replaced by
That Which Is Supreme That Which Is Divine.

A whole and new global culture and order of human-kind
must be born from this ground zero.

The new order of humankind begins with each individual’s
recognition-response to Me.

In that recognition-response, the old pattern of what the
individual was is shed.

People talk about a new paradigm but, all the while, they
are actually being the old paradigm. In that case, any new
paradigm tends to be just some sort of costume. It may be
dressed up in a new language of evolution but it’s more of
the same old story.

There is no new paradigm until you, yourself, are
Awakened. It may be pressing down but you won’t understand.
You must get It yourself first. There is no new paradigm
until the old paradigm is dead – “ground-zero”. All clinging
to old ideas is clinging to the old paradigm.

All of that is completely finished in Me and,Thus and
Thereby, in all-and-All. ( the sum and The Totality of
conditionally arising beings, things and conditons)

When anyone finds that all of that is finished in himself
or herself, then that person will begin to live the New
Paradigm of My Divine Avataric Self-Revelation.

That New Paradigm Covers everything.

If you are My devotee, you are not truly moved toward Me
until you are turned to Me.

You must understand the implications of turning to

If you are truly turned to Me, what you were is finished

I Know what is required in order for the ego to be
totally finished . I have Gone Through the entire
Unique-to-Me Process of Voluntarily and Consciously
Coinciding with a human Birth here.

My human Birth-Appearance here has Been Devastated again
and again to the point, in the Ruchira Dham Event, of
Absolute Devastation.

People may tend to imagine that I have spent My Divine
Avataric Lifetime sitting silently in some calm

Such is a mythological and, thus, illusory view of how I
have Lived here.

It is only by Means of an Extraordinary Ordeal of
Submission, Suffering, Work, Process, and Endless
Devastation that I Am (now, and forever hereafter) Really
and Actually Divinely Avatarically Self- Emerging here.

Only with the Ruchira Dham Event did That Divine Avataric
Ordeal of Endless Devastation Finally Reach Ground Zero
Where There Is nothing left but the Ash.

Nothing and no one .

A Terrific and Terrible Sacrifice had to be Endured and

The Divine Avataric Vehicle Survived, but It Is a Vehicle
without an entity.

What Survived Is simply the Divine Self-Revelation,
Avatarically Made.

If you truly devotionally recognize Me and truly
devotionally respond (by responsively whole-bodily-turning)
to Me, you are (Thus and Thereby) Awakened and Transformed
by Me.

Then your own life becomes ash, without your having to go
through the Ordeal I have been Required to Suffer.

If you truly and whole bodily devotionally recognize Me
and truly and whole bodily devotionally respond to Me, you
are immediately changed, immediately set apart from your own
egoity, immediately set apart from your own past patterning,
with all of its artifacts.

If you truly and whole bodily devotionally recognize Me
and truly and whole bodily devotionally respond to Me, all
of the psycho-biography of ego is totally, absolutely,
finally gone.

You will notice that the patterning that is ego- I simply
falls away.

If you truly and whole bodily devotionally recognize Me
and truly and whole bodily devotionally respond to Me, you
must, necessarily, go through the conversion-process of
coming to understand the ground-zero position in which your
life now is happening.

You must recognize Me As I Am.

When you Know Me, you Know Reality Itself.

Then all of your ego-patterning ceases to be

You are no longer happening.

Only the Divine Is Happening.

All of this Is the Divine Event.

There are no egos here not one, not at all.

This is the ground zero of ego-culture.

Ego-culture came to an end in the Ruchira Dham Event.

Now it is a new historical epoch for humankind.

Now everyone must catch up with Me.

Whole-bodily-responsive devotional recognition of Me Is
the Divine Avataric Basis for an entirely new world-culture
of humankind.


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