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Adi Da
Most people remain
possessed by an inverted or self possessed, subjectively
oriented disposition, in which functional and bodily
relations with the human and natural dimensions of the world
are at best complicated. This childish view of the world is
a vision of dependency. It is not an enlightened vision. It
is one of dependence with an archic subhuman vision of life
represented in various forms of inverted belief in
traditional ‘knowledge” passed on from generation to
generation. Such persuasions include the religious ideas of
“Evil”, the “Devil,” and the ”Divine” taboos against the
human attainment of higher wisdom.

Higher human cultural initiation and
adaptation are the means hereby individuals and societies
may move beyond the inverted visions and solutions of
childhood and into the higher functional responsibilities of
truly human maturity. Such cultural influences are a human
necessity, although, for the most part, modern societies
tend to be bereft of and even antagonistic toward such

This spell of childish and subhuman
persuasions must be broken if there is to be a future, and
necessarily mature, humanity. They must be awakened from
true childhood visions of fearful dependency, and the
adolescent ways of egocentric exploitation of independent
and private experience.

The superior or mature human being
must become the goal of our adaptation and, thus, of all the
educational influences. We must oblige one another to a new
and higher level of adaptation or evolution.

The higher level of adaptation or
evolution is simply our human obligation to accept
responsibility for our individual lives, the life process,
the Life-Force, the bodily structures, and the natural
domain. But we are culturally made to suffer and fail, like
Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, as if the presumption of
such responsibility were an offense rather than a natural
and sacred obligation.

The priestly influences of official
subhuman society are found in a hierarchy, beginning with
the super parental influences of conventional religion,
official science, and the unresponsive political powers of
the State. These high priests are then served locally by
communications media and educational institutions, on down
to our personal Mom and Dad. Such agents are parental and
negative influences to the degree they do not responsibly
communicate permit, and even oblige the general population
toward responsible, free adaptation to higher and mature
human levels of functional life.

Thus the myths and stories we have
inherited such as, the “Devil “and “God,” and “Jesus,” and
all the other realities that have been fictionalized and
degraded by the irresponsible and childish visions of
mankind, must be liberated in our minds and from our minds.
The Wisdom of the Ancients, of the transcendentally Awakened
Agents of the Real must somehow be made effective as the
common Principle of human societies.

In the Old Testament it is suggested
that Man exercise dominion over beasts and growing things.
This is an acknowledgment that Man, in the form of every
human individual, is not only functionally or structurally
more and greater than anything else in the natural or
elemental world, but that his happiness and even his
survival depend on his acceptance of responsibility for
everything in himself that is common to the rest of the
natural world.

Thus, it is not merely that he is
naturally superior to cattle, snakes, vegetables, and the
elements, and, therefore, should force all such things into
degraded submission to his own aggressive and stupid will to
eat and use and do everything, and wait for understanding to
come in the future, while the Cosmic Parent meanwhile keeps
everything in order. Rather, the superiority of Man is in
his responsibility to acknowledge that he is not merely a
natural or vital creature, like the rest of the natural
world. Man is structurally more and greater than the vital
processes, and, therefore, he must understand, and accept
responsibility for a right and Lawful relationship to what
is merely vital, in himself as well as in the

If the individual does not accept
active responsibility for his vital-physical and emotional
functions, then he is reduced to these. And if he is not
responsible for these functions in his own case, he will
inevitably deal irresponsibly and destructively with all
vital creatures and the natural domain itself.

Our science, technology, politics,
and social experience bear this out. Mankind is, at this
stage, generally still in the subhuman levels of adaptation,
wherein responsibility for the vital functions and the vital
domain is largely absent, because men and women have not
sufficiently differentiated themselves from a sense of
exclusive identity with the vital and elemental dimensions
of themselves and the world. It is not that we must, as
religious and spiritual cultists generally suggest, identify
exclusively with what is not at all vital and elemental.
Such would lead us into subjectivist illusions. However, we
must realize that we are structurally more and greater than
what is merely vital and elemental, even while we also
realize that what is vital and elemental is a part of us,
and the very part for which we must assume immediate and
intelligent responsibility.

In our subhuman and childish
condition, more or less exclusively identified with vital
and physical experience, we tend to fear and avoid
responsibility for the lower aspects of experience and of
the world itself. Hence, we “play” with everything, but we
cannot fully control our effects. We slaughter, exploit,
poison, and spoil. We achieve power over great natural
forces in the environment, but we cannot be the loving
master of sex, or population, or industrial wastes, or
international politics. Therefore, we are a destructive
influence in the natural world, where beasts and elements
consistently demonstrate an instinctual economy and harmony
that puts our human vulgarities to shame.

The old orders of religion are the
cults of this same childish irresponsibility. They support
fear, dependence, and subhuman levels of adaptation and
awareness. They do not do this altogether intentionally, but
they do so effectively, by making consolation mythical
belief, child-parent imagery, and personal survival the core
of the religious way, rather than self-sacrifice, radical
spiritual intelligence, and higher adaptation.

Thus, higher or superior Man is
present in this world only in the case of the rare
individual, rather than in the form of the human world as a
whole. And such an uncommon individual is regarded
suspiciously by all. The responsibilities and the Vision he
presumes make him appear like a “mad scientist” or an “evil”
man of mysterious powers, in league with the “Devil.” All of
this because the usual man refuses to be responsible for all
that he must master if he is to be truly human and pass on
to his Divine Destiny.

Sexual taboos and the generalized
sense that antisexual views and habits are humanly and even
cosmically obligatory and correct are passed on from
generation to generation by many means. The most influential
means are those of the withholding of bodily and sexual
communications. We only show and tell our children what we
ourselves are not afraid to be and know. The rest is hidden
behind the withholding of bodily and emotional intimacy as
well as the absence of positive verbal communication about
the whole affair of incarnate human experience, including

The entire social and cultural game
of antisexual, “spirit against flesh” education is so
monstrous, so opposed to incarnate happiness and human
responsibility, as well as the ultimate transcendental
sacrifice of the individual body-mind though moral and
spiritual processes, that it must be considered the primary
social and even philosophical issue of our time.

We must all awaken from our loveless
one-sidedness. The deluded religious and spiritual cultists
are perpetually at war with the bodily life, choosing the
brain-mind as if it were the Infinite. And the equally
deluded anti-religionists, salt-of-the-earth political
fanatics, and worldly humanistic social mechanics or
scientific technologies are perpetually at war with the
higher, psychic, and spiritual dimensions of human

Children of parents of the “spirit”
are deprived of the energy of their incarnation, fastened to
inward nonsense and the vision of a self-divided mortality
that has no pleasure except away from here. And children of
parents of the “flesh” are deprived of the powers of higher
adaptation, fastened to cycles of endless work and
reproduction and the vision of utopian solutions that only
serve those who happen to be alive when the great Future
State comes.

We must awaken and adapt to the
conditions of the whole and entire body-mind, and to the Way
of truly human existence, which is made through personal,
moral, and higher mental or spiritual sacrifice, or love.
Then we will not only live in Truth, but we will withhold
nothing from our children, who must always be permitted a
complete bodily understanding that corresponds to their
level of functional awareness, and who must be included in a
culture of truly human adaptation, in which not exploitation
but gradual responsibility is the key to human

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