Not Everyone Can Identify With Me in my Wildness

..not (everyone) can identify with (my
wildness)….they are sensitive..only to the most direct expression
..of the Me.

“All who come to me may participate in the eternal Grace of God.
It is not necessary for every one to
to the special class of individuals whom it was my
unique obligation to serve in the way of Understanding. For those
few, sadhana in my Company is like the resumption of a course of
study after a period of recess. Such individuals are already used to
my discipline, my wildness, and the special character of my
appearance and play. But others cannot identify me in this manner,
and they are sensitive and available only to the most direct
expression of the universal and unqualified Divine in me. For these
many, who are only now becoming available to sadhana or life in
Communion with the Divine Person, I am willing do do service in
another way, which is the simple way of loving submission and
attention to God.”

Adi Da Samraj (Bubba Free John), p. 6, The Dawn Horse, V.1, N.2,
December 1975