Communicating The Way



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The Way is Not
For Everybody

That Way is not interesting to the
usual individual, since the usual individual does not have
sufficient free energy and attention for the consideration
and practice of ultimate self-transcendence. Therefore, the
great Teachings of the Way generally develop outside the
common marketplace.

However, over time the great
Teachings generally expand outward from their point of
origin – as a result of the general increase in the numbers
of individuals of the “beginner” type who somehow or other
come into contact with those Teachings. At some point in
this process of expansion, beginners, rather than
individuals of an already advanced type become the focus of
address. And once this occurs, it is inevitable that the
world in general will soon become the focus of the “call” of
the Teaching.

Once a Teaching movement enters the
sphere of the common world, it begins to look for “converts”
rather than true beginners. Therefore, the tendency of all
such movements is to move toward a greater and greater
accommodation of people who have no basic inclination or
ability for the great discipline of the Way of Truth. And it
is that accommodation that is the basic source of lesser and
false representations of the Way.

There is nothing inherently wrong
with the motive of communicating the Way to the general or
immature gathering of humanity. Indeed, it is necessary for
this to be done, or else the karma’s of un-Enlighened will
rule the world. But is is necessary for the Way Itself, in
all of its traditions, to be constantly purified of the
limitations and false representations that are added to the
Way in the process of its accommodation of all the kinds of
individuals who are yet bound to the point of view of any of
the first six states of life.