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Peter is in Tiruvannamalai, India a town in the state of Tamil Nadu situated 185 km from Chennai/Madras and 210 km from Bangalore (Karnataka).


Thieves, Scorpions, Frogs and the Nature of Mind

Today, my house was broken into and things were stolen. I saw who did it. There were three of them and they were just to the left of my door when I came home. I saw their faces. Two of them were young and one was older, I especially liked the older ones’ face when I first saw him. I thought he had a sort of nobility to him. I had no idea that he was going to go after my things. It seemed he had a look of disinterest, but I was fooled. 

I had been dropped off at my house in a three wheeled taxi after purchasing some articles in town. I got out and unloaded a desk off the top of the taxi that I was going to use as my writing desk. I set it on the ground outside the door to my house and then went to open the door to let myself in. As soon as I went back to pick up the desk and carry it in, they went for it. Really, only the older one went for it. I unlocked the door and pushed it open, then, as I turned my back on the door to pick up the desk, he ran past me and into the house>>>