The Place Where Sadhana Begins




“Feel into that knot of stress. Feel into it and
account for it. See it as your own action. Regard Me in that
moment, in every moment. And then you begin to feel Me. Then
the surrender comes, the self forgetting comes, the native
sense of Non-Separateness is felt. This is actually what I
am Calling you to do! Actually to do that. Just to be doing
it grants equanimity to you, even bodily, grants equanimity
to your speech, your actions, your feelings, because you are
registering this depth-point and going beyond it and feeling
Me. This is the context of practice of the Way of the Heart,
not merely outer observances. This is what it means to
listen to Me: to be examining this point of
contraction in depth, to feel it, and by its unfolding to
feel Me. This is not the end of the Way of the Heart. It is
the foundation of it. Self-understanding and devotion at
depth – this is what you must do in every moment. This is
what it is to practice the Way of the Heart.
Adi Da Samraj: April 8,


Sadhana or spiritual practice begins in that place where
you make this knot, this fundamental discomfort. It has the
characteristic of fear and you basically experience that
fear as a kind of anxiety in the pit of your stomach.

If you are not really in touch with this
self-contraction, you at times may experience the anxiety
that is constantly underlying and motivating your behavior,
your moment to moment existence. With this anxiety, you
build all kinds of stuff on top of it and desensitize
yourself to it. This self-contraction is the quality of
anxiety, of your moment to moment existence and it is a
stressful anxiety.

You may want to forestall the observation of this
uncomfortable feeling, that realization. But you can’t begin
real spiritual life unless you start to observe and
understand the mechanism of it. But once you do and get bit,
that’s it! Unless you find yourself out you will be
continually running from it, covering it over with ‘lifes
demands’ and ‘stressful situations’. Once you do observe
this fundamental contraction, then you can’t escape it, and
that’s when sadhana really begins. That’s when sadhana
starts becoming profoundly effective.


Adi Da Samraj, unpublished talk 1974 (Beezone edit)


Spiritual Practice

As taught by Adi Da

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“You are suffering many
things in your life and others are suffering you!”

“Consolation was never part of my
sadhana, because I was certain that I could not be be
consoled – that all conditions are, in and of themselves,
binding, purposeless, and fruitless, so I could not be bound
by any containment. I… had all of the classic (spiritual)
experiences. But I could not be consoled by them”. They were
not it.

You must …be equipped with
..two (primary) visions, the knowledge of the reality of
limitation and its inevitable results (death) and the
knowledge (faith) of Realization, the purpose of Realization


Adi Da Samraj




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“The perfect
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