Primary Error

Primary Error

The primary error of human beings is that they get
deluded by their own energies. They submit Consciousness to
Energy. They have this idea that Energy and Consciousness
are the same thing, perhaps. But basically their life
involves submitting themselves as Consciousness to Energy,
to motion, to impulses, instead of realizing what
Consciousness itself is and perhaps finding Energy to be the
same thing ultimately. They pay no attention to
consciousness itself and just submit themselves as
consciousness to the play of energies. And there is nothing
Enlightening about that…………..

…much of the consideration I’ve had with people,
including yourself, over all these years has been devoted to
clarifying this matter: that this very description you’re
making of your practice is not the Way at all. That is
absolutely not the Way.

There’s a dimension of meditative practice that may
involve bodily submission into the Life Current in a
particular form. In any case, that is only a secondary
aspect of the process. That is what I call conductivity. The
fundamental process is the process in consciousness. It
begins with basic understanding, or insight into the self,
and then becomes surrender and self-transcendence. But it’s
not merely a process of submitting to energy.

and Consciousness

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