KANYA TRIPURA: I was feeling the difference between what
occurs structurally in egoic evolution and what is occurring
when You Descend and take over the Yoga in this

SRI DA AVABHASA: Yes. People who speak authentically
about Spiritual experiences they have had, Spiritual
energies sometimes in the frontal line, sometimes in the
spinal line, are having true Spiritual experiences. But they
are not the experience of the Very Divine Person, and they
are not about surrender to That One.

How do Spiritual experiences occur? Though a Transmission
of one kind or another of Spiritual energy, just that, as if
the Divine is separate from that energy and sort of puts out
this pulse for you to experience as it runs through
your body and awakens centers and gives you visions. The
real Spiritual Transmission is the Transmission of the Very
Divine Person—not merely Transmission by the Divine
Person. It Is the Divine Person. I Am That Very One, Present
as My own Spiritual (and Always Blessing) Presence. I do not
merely extend to you some electronic energy of some kind or
another for you to experience down into your body and up in
your body, so that you can just play with it on your own. To
relate to My Spiritual Presence you must surrender to Me

In the Way of the Heart, the frontal Yoga, for instance,
is not merely you, self-bound, experiencing some Energy I
put out coming into your body. No. You surrender all along.
You surrender completely. You give yourself up completely,
forget yourself completely, are brought to nothingness by
Divine Communion. That is when the frontal Yoga is true.
That is what it is in My Company, not just you dealing with
some separate energy that may have been put out and that you
do not even necessarily have to feel is Me.

Heart Must Be Moved


DEVOTEE: The differences only appear because of the
presumptions that we are making, is that it?

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes: Someone asked Me the other night,
what do I see when I look at you all in a room? All there is
is Self-Existing, Self-Radiant Consciousness Itself. It
stands in apparent association with the conditional domain.
I simply perceive a pulse in the midst of an infinite
undifferentiated grid. I Recognize it, and I am responsible
for the pulse.

DEVOTEE: Ah, Beloved.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: It’s also in visual terms called the
bindu, you see, the source point. It may be visualized as a
kind of object in subtle consciousness, subtly-manifested
consciousness. When it appears as an object, it appears to
be a blue point of light, what Baba Muktananda called the
blue pearl or the blue bindu. Its core is infinite white
brilliance. It can be peripherally associated with other
colors, it seems to change its color. But ultimately it is
not visualized in the ultimate condition beyond difference.
It is as I’ve just described it to you, a pulse.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, is that a pulse in the tactile
sense? You’ve spoken about how touch is the primary…

ADI DA SAMRAJ: There is nothing bodily about it.

DEVOTEE: There is nothing bodily about it?

ADI DA SAMRAJ: It is in the Infinite Field of the
Self-Condition. And everything is in that pulse. And
I touch and affect every thing and every one by what I do
with that pulse. If I want to function or appear in
conditional terms, I simply appear through the core of that
pulse, or otherwise look through it.

Appearing through it or looking through it, there can be
all the seeming perceptions and so forth that even others
may commonly experience. But truly, all I experience is this
core pulse in the midst of My Own Infinite State of
Being, Love-Bliss Itself. There is simply that Infinite Love
Bliss or the “Bright” Itself, Which is Consciousness Itself,
Self-Existing. In terms of My apparent association with the
conditional domain, there is that pulse.

And therefore, it is very simple for Me to do everything
I do. It is not complicated. You are complicated.
Appearances are complicated. Reality is not at all
complicated. You are simply appearing as a point of
attention associated with an infinite grid of light, and yet
you imagine or presume all this complexity that you call the
world. Stand back in the Source-Position, and you see how it
really is. And in that Position, it is realized that all of
this complexity is mere imagination. In Truth, you never
experience it. You are not where you think you are, anymore
than you are where you think you are when you are in a

Nonetheless, as long as you think you are where you think
you are, conditional existence is a serious matter, filled
with all kinds of laws and paradoxes and obligations. And
you have sadhana to do. If you stand in the Source-Position
itself, you have no sadhana to do. So you have to do sadhana
until you stand in the Source-Position. Standing in the
Source-Position is what Enlightenment or ultimate
Realization or Divine Self-Realization is all about. You

DEVOTEE: Yes, thank You, Beloved. This is sublime

ADI DA SAMRAJ: What else about it, then?

DEVOTEE: Anthony is mentioning that You have written
about the vibratory field of cosmic energy. Is that another
way of describing this pulse that You mentioned just

ADI DA SAMRAJ: You’re talking about something cosmic; I
am not. I’m talking about the Divine Self-Condition. The
vibratory field within the cosmic domain is a different
perception, associated with the point of view of conditional
experiencing. It is the Shakti acknowledged by embodied
beings or conditionally manifested beings. You

DEVOTEE: Yes. Beloved, is there some kind of connection
between the pure You’re speaking of and the physical
pulse in the human body, the heartbeat?

ADI DA SAMRAJ: That again is physical. I’m not talking
about something physical.

DEVOTEE: Is the perception of Your Divine pulse
something that would be the case for any devotee who
realizes the seventh stage of life, or is this part of Your
unique Siddhi?

ADI DA SAMRAJ: We’ll have to see [laughter]
Seventh stage realizers among My devotees are not My
successors, you see.

DEVOTEE: Yes, I understand that.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: They are invested in the same Realization.
This doesn’t mean they will manifest My Siddhis in any
intentional sense. But they certainly will be aware in
fundamental terms of that I am talking about. For the
seventh stage Realizer, there is only Self-Existing,
Self-Radiant Consciousness Itself. And everything that
arises is inherently Recognized as a merely apparent and
non-binding, transparent, un-necessary, merely apparent
modification of That.

So the devotee who Realizes the seventh stage of life
Realizes this. Such a one does not stand in the position of
the body-mind. It Stands in the Prior Position of the Divine
Self-Condition Itself. And that is the Position in which
Divine Recognition is demonstrated, you see?


DEVOTEE: Yes. Thank You, Beloved.

Grid of Attention