Radha Soami Studies



The apathy which manifests itself amongst the most
intelligent classes,

specially amongst scientific men, in res pect of
religion, is due to the fact that religious matters are more
or less shrouded in sentimentality, mysticism, arid dogmatic
faith, and are void of that practical and matter-of-fact
research which distin guishes a scientific study. To endow
religion with practical and scientific interest, it is
therefore essential that religious research should he
conducted on the same lines as those employed in scientific
research, that is to say, the object in view should be
clearly defined, and practical measures prescribed and
adopted for the attainment of that object.

The principles and experimentations, or the practical
uovotioiial methods, of such

a scientific religion, are

Surat worlds and the lord

radha soami studies



1.Tisra til:third eye;seat or headquarters of the mind
and soul in

the human body,situated between the eyebrows;since nine
doors of the

body(eyes,ears,nose,mouth,etc.) lead outward,thisis also
called the

tenth door or tenth gate, and is the only one that leads

2.Til:lit.,a sesame seed;esoterically, a small aperture
through which

the soul enters Brahmand from pind;between the

3.Pind or panda:the physical body;the physical
universe;region of

lower mind and matter.

4.And or anda:astral region;a subtle region between

creation)and bramand.

5.Brahmanand:physical astral and casual—over which
brahm has


6.Niyama observances(asopposed to the five

1. shouch or souch:cleanliness or internal and external

2. santosh:contentment

3. tapa:self discipline of the body,speech and mind.

4. swadhyaya:study of scriptures and religious books

5. ishwar pranidhan:surrender to the will of the god

7.niranjan jyoti,jot niranjan:name of the lord of the
first spiritual

region. Prakriti region:the first spiritual region,where
prakriti or

jyoti has merged into the niranjana.purusha and prakriti
extend upto

brahm,then brahm alone remains upto par brahm.

8.Sunn or sunna:it is a inner spiritual region which is
devoid of

matter in any form.on entering this region the soul
becomes free from

bondage of the matter,mind and the three attributes

9.Maha sunn:the region of intense darkness,situated above
the sunn or

daswan dwar proper and below bhanwar gupha(4th spiritual

is one of the six spiritual regions,this can be crossed
with the help

of the master.

10.Trikuti:a confluence of three;three prominences;also
called brahma

lok,an appellation of the second spiritual region on the
path of the

saints;name given by the saints to mental or casual
region;region of

the universal mind,which is also the source of the three

is the upper region of the or sky of the trikuti;also

Musallasi by the Persian and Arabic saints.

11.Par brahm:appellation of the lord of the third
spiritual region.

12.Bhanwar gupha:revolving(bhanwar) cave(gupha),the
fourth region

13.Sach khand:the fifth spiritualregion,presided over by
sat purush

(the true lord).

14.Alakh lok:name of the 6th spiritual region.alakh
purush is the

lord of the sixth region.

15.Agam lok:the name of the 7th spiritual region;agam
purush is the

lord of the 7th region.

16.Anami desh:the eight and highest spiritual
region.anami purush-

ruler of the eight region

17.BRAHM:lord of the second spiritual region ,called

power that creates,administers and dissolves the
phenomenal world.

18.Karan man:casual mind,which rules the casual region
and extends to

top of the trikuti.


There are three types of karma:

1.pralabdh or prarabdh:that part of the karma which is

to this life and is responsible for our present
existence,our pains

and pleasures and events of the life we have to go
through.it can

also be called as fate.

2. kriyaman:new actions performed during this life.

3.sanchit:stored up from previous lives.these bear fruit

future incarnations.sanchit karmas can be washed off with
the guru’s


20.Khat sampatti:six types of moral and spiritual

1. sama:balance or equanimity.

2. dama:self-restraint.

3. uprati:freedom from ceremonial worship.

4. titiksha:patience.

5. sharaddha:faith

6. samadhanta:deep meditation.


21.Maha akash:the sky above trikuti

22.Siddhis:miraculous powers obtained by means of yoga

areeighteen in number,but the main siddhis consist of the

eightperfections or super human faculties.these powers
are to be

shunned by satsangis because they disspate spiritual

23.Surat and nirat:every human soul is bestowed with
these two


1.surat:it enables soul to hear the shabd.

2.Nirat:it enables the soul to see light within.

24.Sushmana:can be spelled as sukhmana and shah
rag[royal vein]

It is central channel in the finer body.

25.Ida:current on the left side.

26.Pingala:current on the right side.

This is part of a hymn of bani of Huzur Maharaj from Prem
Bani Radhasoami, Volume Four.


Story of Genesis (Creation/Evolution) in Sant Mat, Part


A current issued forth from the feet of SOAMI. It is the
Prime Current and the Creator of the entire creation.


The Name of that ADI DHARA. (Prime Current) is RADHA.
THAT alone is the doer and dispenser of every activity.


The Source or Origin or Fountain-head from whom the Prime
Current emanated, is ADI SOAMl (Absolute Lord) of all.


Where that current halted in its descent, the creation of
Agam Lok was brought into being.


Agam Lok is a vast sphere. It encompasses all the


The entire creation below is being cradled just in a
small nook of Agam Lok.


On completion of the creation of Agam Lok, a current
issued forth from there.


It descended and halted, and evolved the creation of
Alakh Lok.


When the sphere of Alakh Lok was formed in the above
manner, the current descended, and created Sat Lok.


Sat Lok is the Dham (Abode) of Sat Purush, and is
inhabited by Hansas.


Each of the Hansas has a dweep (island) to himself. They
are absorbed in the Darshan of Sat Purush.


Up to here is the creation of Sat (Truth) or pure spirit.
Neither Maya nor cruel Kal exists here.


There is neither any desire nor any work. All are
absorbed in the Darshan of Sat Purush and feed on Ami


All live in perfect harmony and enjoy rapturous bliss.
There is no trace of pain and anguish due to Kal and there
is no burden of Karam.


For a considerable period of time the creation remained
like this – a region of Truth and pure bliss.


Then, from the lower portion of Sat Pur (Sat Lok)
emanated a Shyam (blue) current. It came down and underwent
considerable expansion and ramification.


It remained constantly engaged in the Sewa (service) of
Purush but, inwardly, it was cherishing some other


It disclosed its mind thus, “0 Sat Purush! 0 Merciful One
and Giver of all things! Grant me the sovereignty of a
separate region, and furnish me with the seed of Surat. Life
here is not suited to me. Your region is not agreeable to


Hearing this, Purush replied, “Get out from this place.
You are a nuisance here. Go and evolve a creation for
yourself in the lower part of the pre-creational neutral
zone. Take your seat there and rule over that dominion.”


The name of that current is Niranjan. It has all the
characteristics of Kal.


Purush evolved another current with a yellow hue. Its
name is Adya.


By the order of Purush, this other current was sent down.
It associated with Niranjan.


In Sunn, they came to be known as Purush and Prakriti,
and in Trikuti, as Maya and Brahm.


They halted in Sahas-dal- kanwal, from where the three
Gunas (qualities) came into being.


Here, Adya assumed the form of Jyoti, and Niranjan
assumed a dark blue complexion.


They first brought into being Brahm-srishti. Then, the
creation of Triloki (three worlds) was evolved.


Niranjan then engaged himself in Dhyan (contemplation) of
Purush (Sat Purush). Jyoti took upon herself the burden of
looking after the creation.


The three Gunas or gods became her assistants. They
evolved the rest of the creation. ///


Annotation : This is the conformistic story of creation
ala Huzur- Radhasoami..(not for children!)