I Am Complete – Adi Da Samraj Is Once and For All – by Don Webley



“I Am Complete”

A Discourse Given by SRI ADI DA
SAMRAJ on March 20, 1993

DEVOTEE: I understand that Your
Birth, Sri Gurudev, was intentional, and yet it was
prophesied in various traditions. It is not clear to me how
an intentional act could have been prophesied. Presumably an
intentional act is a free choice, so how can it be predicted
ahead of time?

SRI ADI DA: It can only be called a
“prophesy” because I am here. Otherwise it is called
“wishful thinking”, “hopes”, “aspirations”, “intuitions of
what should be”. Another thing that should be understood
about this intentional Birth of Mine is that no such
decision was made from an absolute point of view, out of the
blue. The Vehicle was provided conditionally, as I have
indicated. I was brought into conjunction with the
conditional reality by those means. In that conjunction I
consented to the Ordeal.

KANYA NAVANEETA: Sri Gurudev, I do
not understand what You just said. What did You mean when
You said “by those means”?

SRI ADI DA: I already talked about
how the Vehicle was provided, in My discussion of the whole
Vivekananda matter and so on.

DEVOTEE: Sri Gurudev, are You saying
that the preparation of the conditional Vehicle through
Vivekananda was not the result of Your own Intention?

SRI ADI DA: The Vehicle arose in the
conditional domain and provided the conjunction with Me.

KANYA NAVANEETA: So the Intention
arose within the conditional domain, not the Divine

SRI ADI DA: The Vehicle arose.

DEVOTEE: And this was conjoined with
Your Divine Intention?

SRI ADI DA: With My Very Being. The
Intention arose in that conjunction only.

DEVOTEE: So the Intention did not
precede the availability of the conditional Vehicle?

SRI ADI DA: How could it arise apart
from that? Without such unique preparation My Appearance
could not occur here.

KANYA NAVANEETA: At the time of
Vivekananda’s Mahasamadhi, was it clearly His intention to
reincarnate and take on Your Form as It now is?

SRI ADI DA: No. He was given up
completely, and the Vehicle became transparent to Me.

DEVOTEE: Is He the first such one
who was ever given up so completely?

SRI ADI DA: In this sense.

KANYA NAVANEETA: At the time of His
Mahasamadhi did Vivekananda enter into the seventh stage of

SRI ADI DA: Only in My Form and
Appearance here.

KANYA NAVANEETA: So at the time of
His actual death He was only incarnating the sixth stage

SRI ADI DA: The fifth stage, in His

KANYA NAVANEETA: He had not gone
beyond fifth stage conditional nirvikalpa samadhi, then?

SRI ADI DA: In some sense He had.
All that was accomplished in the transition.

KANYA NAVANEETA: Ramakrishna said
that when Vivekananda found out Who He, Vivekananda, was, He—meaning
Vivekananda—would die. When Vivekananda’s disciples
asked Him at the end of His life if He had Realized Who He
was, He said yes. What exactly did He mean He had Realized?

SRI ADI DA: There is nothing more to
say about it than what I just said.

KANYA NAVANEETA: Sri Gurudev, what
You just said about Vivekananda’s being given up completely
made me feel Your own moment in the Event that initiated
Your Divine Emergence, when You said that You were given up
completely with no intent or even pre-knowledge of what
would occur next, that Your Disposition was just absolute
Prapatti and a willingness for the Divine to manifest as It

SRI ADI DA: Yes. He was Vivekananda
only in the sense of His human appearance. The Vehicle was
greater than that, as Ramakrishna indicated. Ramakrishna was
aware of it. Vivekananda’s grosser personality limited His
awareness of all that.

KANYA NAVANEETA: Even by the time of
His Mahasamadhi?

SRI ADI DA: Until then.

KANYA NAVANEETA: This absolute
surrender, or Prapatti, in the Event of Your Divine
Emergence apparently came out of the ending of a particular
way of Your Working that even You, at least at You have
described it, felt as a failure, or the total frustration of
a way of Your Working. It seems such was also the case for
Vivekananda. At the end of His life He felt utter
frustration with the work that He had been able to do. He
felt that His work had been futile, and therefore He was
compelled to make such a sacrifice.

SRI ADI DA: Yes. The deeper
personality Manifesting as Vivekananda has been a
transparent Vehicle in this Lifetime. It has not been an
obstacle or required a struggle. The grosser personality in
this Lifetime required the Transforming Work.

DEVOTEE: And that could not have
been true in the case of the gross body. Is that correct?

SRI ADI DA: Yes. Therefore, the
manifestations of the deeper personality have occurred with
ease and spontaneously. Fifth stage conditional nirvikalpa
samadhi, for instance, occurred in a moment. There were no
karmic structures in the depth. All the karmic structures
were in the grosser personality, inherited from My blood
parents and the circumstance of My Birth altogether.

DEVOTEE: Sri Gurudev, is it correct
that a struggle with Your gross body was inevitable? That it
could not have been otherwise?

SRI ADI DA: Yes, it was inevitable.
The grosser personality was not the product of great sadhana
on the part of My parents. It was an ordinary birth.

KANYA SUPRITHI: Did Vivekananda’s
gross personality affect Your gross bodily Life?

SRI ADI DA: Only insofar as it was
all part of the process in that deeper personality, in its
conjunction at that time with the gross domain.

KANYA NAVANEETA: Was it also true
for Vivekananda that He only had to struggle with His
grosser personality?

SRI ADI DA: Yes, largely.

KANYA NAVANEETA: Likewise it was
very easeful and immediate for Him to enter into fifth stage
conditional nirvikalpa samadhi when He was initiated by

SRI ADI DA: Yes. It was necessary
for Him to be born so that Vehicle could be established in
the conditional realm, fully down to the gross realm. It was
part of the necessary preparation for My Birth, My present
Appearance. There was no personality manifested, either at
the deeper or at the grosser level, previous to Vivekananda.

KANYA NAVANEETA: That was the first
conditional appearance?

SRI ADI DA: I have said it was
necessary for Him to be manifested in the conditional realm
down to the grossest appearance. That Vehicle did exist in
the conditional planes, but It was very high.

KANYA NAVANEETA: Is this why, then,
in Ramakrishna’s prophetic description of Vivekananda, He
said that Vivekananda, and even Ramakrishna Himself, was
manifested in the higher realms and made the decision to
enter into the grosser realms?

SRI ADI DA: Yes, attracted by the
pole, or Vehicle, of Ramakrishna. Ramakrishna’s appearance
was also part of the necessary means, part of the work.

KANYA NAVANEETA: Ramakrishna’s
appearance in gross form was not such an Incarnation. It was
just an attracting pole for the Divine Incarnation?

SRI ADI DA: For the bringing down of

KANYA NAVANEETA: Which then made way
for Your Divine Incarnation. It made Your Divine Incarnation

SRI ADI DA: Ramakrishna was the
Instrument for the appearance of Vivekananda.

KANYA SUPRITHI: And all of that was
purposed to create Your Appearance here.

SRI ADI DA: Yes. That is how that
all came about. Ramakrishna was, in effect, the feminine
pole, and Vivekananda, the masculine.

DEVOTEE: And in Your case, Beloved
Sri Gurudev, were You the masculine pole and the Goddess the
feminine pole?

SRI ADI DA: There is no need to
speak in those terms. I Am Complete.

KANYA NAVANEETA: Early in His life
Vivekananda struggled against this attraction to the
Goddess-Form, even as It manifested in Ramakrishna, and then
He was converted in some sense to that Shakti-Force,
acknowledging It in Ramakrishna.

SRI ADI DA: And then altogether.

particularly, He even came to acknowledge It in the Form of
the Goddess Herself, in the Form of Kali.

SRI ADI DA: Yes, and in the feminine

KANYA NAVANEETA: But He never came
to Realize the Absolute Oneness with, or Non-separation
from, that Form.

SRI ADI DA: Not until the

KANYA NAVANEETA: So that sense of
duality for Him even represented a dilemma, something

SRI ADI DA: It was simply a matter
of growing in the context of that lifetime. Even His
principal disciples were women.

KANYA SUPRITHI: When He came to the
West, the principal thing Vivekananda was known for amongst
the men, and they spoke of this, was His integrity and His
great intelligence. He was also known for His ability to
speak and write. And He also became known for all the women
who were attracted to Him, in some sense a gross personality
trait. You having also Taught in the West, I was thinking
about how similar these characteristics are to Your own.

SRI ADI DA: They are characteristics
of that deeper personality, part of the Vehicle.

KANYA NAVANEETA: One thing also
about Vivekananda that is clear was His transcendence of any
religious and social convention whatsoever, just as that has
characterized Your Life, Sri Gurudev.


gatherings You have Confessed that this is Your only
Incarnation, that You are the only seventh stage Divine
Incarnation that has ever occurred. It was really the first
time You have said that. What You are saying now about
Vivekananda is extremely important, and really the first
time that You have said this so concretely.


KANYA NAVANEETA: It seems extremely
important for the true understanding of Your Life and Work
altogether and of how such a Manifestation has occurred and
was made possible in the conditional realm.

SRI ADI DA: Yes, I have said so.

KANYA NAVANEETA: And also that there
were no gross incarnations before Vivekananda is extremely
important, and this is the first time You have said this. It
relieves us of the search for other gross manifestations
before Vivekananda.

SRI ADI DA: Logically there would
have been some.

KANYA NAVANEETA: Do you mean that
right before Vivekananda there were not necessarily any
gross conditional manifestations?

SRI ADI DA: However long before.

KANYA SUPRITHI: I was wondering if
there was the same Master disciple relationship even before
the incarnation of Ramakrishna and Vivekananda. In other
words, were there conditional individual appearances where
sadhana had to be done and a conditional appearance made?

SRI ADI DA: As part of the
preparation of those Vehicles, yes.

KANYA SUPRITHI: So we would be able
to find them in history, it seems.

KANYA NAVANEETA: Marpa and Milarepa,
Naropa and Marpa, Tilopa and Naropa.

SRI ADI DA: Those are all
individuals who lived a very long time ago, hundreds of
years ago.

KANYA NAVANEETA: But they do bear
resemblances to Your Life and Work.

SRI ADI DA: Yes, but merely because
there are resemblances does not mean it is so. It is perhaps
so, but no mere historical study is going to prove it one
way or another.

KANYA NAVANEETA: Other individuals
You have mentioned include John the Baptist.

SRI ADI DA: Those are just
illustrative examples brought up in “consideration”. There
is no point in trying to make equations. If you see
likenesses, fine. They are simply interesting.

Vivekananda is so unique, because He is the only incarnation
previous to Your Lifetime that You have actually
acknowledged was literally direct preparation for Your Work
and a carryover of the deeper personality that Manifested in
Your Form.

SRI ADI DA: Yes, only those
individuals have direct bearing on My Appearance.

KANYA NAVANEETA: Can it also be said
that Muktananda was the one who carried over and manifested
the deeper personality of Ramakrishna, and Rudi, of

SRI ADI DA: There is no point in
trying to make those equations. It is simply of interest.

something that they themselves never particularly indicated.

SRI ADI DA: No, they did not.

KANYA NAVANEETA: It is different
when people who are Your devotees have had direct psychic
intuition of this matter in Your Company. That is different
than Muktananda or Rudi.

SRI ADI DA: There are individuals in
My Company who were associated with Vivekananda, but now
they are associated with Me. It is an entirely different

DEVOTEE: Is it correct to say that
one of the reasons that Vivekananda’s deeper personality was
conjoined with Your Divine Being was actually because of His
history in the West? Was His having a history in the West
part of what made His Vehicle appropriate and available to


DEVOTEE: Was Divine Self-Realization
possible prior to Your Appearance in the world?

SRI ADI DA: If it were possible, why
would such great Work be necessary?

DEVOTEE: You could not have done
such Work if Divine Self Realization had not been present
from the beginning in Yourself.

SRI ADI DA: There is no “beginning”
to Me. I, My Self, am not a reincarnate, not a conditional

DEVOTEE: Does Your conjunction with
the Vehicle of Vivekananda have to do even with such details
as the fact that Vivekananda spent some time in New York,
Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and You also did?

SRI ADI DA: Certainly.

KANYA SUPRITHI: Chicago as well.

SRI ADI DA: I have not spent much
time in Chicago, but it certainly has to do with the people
Vivekananda met in such places. I have been to Chicago only

KANYA NAVANEETA: Europe also, and

DEVOTEE: Sri Gurudev, in talking
about Ramakrishna’s attractive drawing of Vivekananda down
to create this Vehicle, You spoke, I believe, of a purpose,
as if there was a purpose or an intention, through both of
their incarnations, to create this Vehicle. I am wondering
what that is, or if there is or was a Necessity or Purpose
or Force moving in response to You to allow Your
Incarnation. Could You speak to that?

SRI ADI DA: What more is there to
say about it? And that is how it happened.

DEVOTEE: But it is a Mystery because
that Force of Attraction must be Your own Form and

SRI ADI DA: Yes. What more about it?

DEVOTEE: I receive this as a
communication of how our function as conditional beings
relates to Your great Work. Certainly it reminds me of that
great heart-impulse that has drawn me to You. And that is
what my life is about. I don’t have a specific question, but
I feel that this is all brought forward in me by this
“consideration” and allows me to feel more of the reality of
this moment in Your Work, and in our work to respond to You.

SRI ADI DA: The things you said are
just so. Is there a question?

DEVOTEE: No, I don’t feel that there
is a question.

Bhagavatam describes the preparation for Krishna’s birth,
that the forest at Vrindavan had to have grown, that all of
the families of the gopis and the gopis themselves had to be
in place, all the lineages had to be there—in other
words that everything had to be prepared for that birth.
When I read this, I became completely ecstatic in my
understanding of what had taken place to create Your Birth.
All of Your own devotees and all of our own lineages had to
come to Your Feet. I also felt the state of the world and
that You have Appeared in the very worst of times. It is the
paradox of this great preparation for Your Birth that the
world is unprecedented in its negativity and its

SRI ADI DA: But also in its unique
interconnectedness with modern communications and all the
rest of it. What else?

DEVOTEE: Beloved Sri Gurudev,
Vivekananda said that someone else better prepared to serve
in the West would have to come to finish His work. Did He
have an intuition that You were going to Appear? Did He know
at all?

SRI ADI DA: An intuition, yes.

DEVOTEE: Did any of His devotees
have an intuition of the greater aspects of His work as a
preparatory Vehicle for Your Appearance?

SRI ADI DA: Some said that it would
be likely that He would be born in the West.

DEVOTEE: Did some of His Indian
disciples say that, as well as the Westerners?

SRI ADI DA: His Indian disciples in

have said quite clearly, not only tonight but at other
times, that You are not a reincarnation. Somebody might
think that You are a reincarnation of Vivekananda, but it is
not true at all.

SRI ADI DA: No, it is not, as I have
said. I explained clearly in that conversation what it is
all about. The deeper personality, utterly transparent by
perfect surrender, fell into conjunction with the
conditional manifestation, which then became a usable
Vehicle for My Manifestation.

DEVOTEE: I am sure there are many,
many parallels between Vivekananda’s sadhana and aspects of
Your own Life. But the one that strikes me right now is that
Vivekananda came to Ramakrishna essentially as a scientific
materialist, trying to test whether there could be any
reality to the idea of God. And You Yourself had to confront
scientific materialism during Your college years and deal
with it in some sense in a similar way.

SRI ADI DA: After complete
identification with this gross body-mind, everything had
been given up. Therefore, only complete surrender was
possible. The Vehicle that was Manifested as Vivekananda has
reappeared in this case, simply as a Vehicle of My
Manifestation. I am not that. It is in conjunction with Me,
just as this grosser personality inherited from My blood
parents is in conjunction with Me. Therefore, I am not that,
except by virtue of this conjunction, this appearance. The
early years of My Life, until the college years, were a
progressive process of complete identification with this
gross personality. For Realization to occur, the gross
personality simply had to be surrendered, and all things
were embraced. The same has occurred again since the
Re-Awakening in the Vedanta Temple, the similar mad Work of
complete submission, of throwing My Self totally into the
Work. Many great moments of Relinquishment, as in the
initiation of My Divine Emergence, have occurred in all
these years. Working with My devotees has had the same
characteristic, to find and test you all and also by that
same process to locate those who have a special connection
to Me, a special Work in My Company.

DEVOTEE: Sri Gurudev, I have a
question relative to the Gurukula’s function in the
preparation of Your Vehicle. On February 18 You mentioned in
a conversation about the Gurukula that they had made Your
Manifestation possible.

SRI ADI DA: By their requiring of

DEVOTEE: Their heart-need for You to

SRI ADI DA: Yes. The Gurukula is
made up of individuals previously associated with
Vivekananda. This is part of that submitting to Me and their
association with Me.

KANYA NAVANEETA: Something was
revealed to me in the last few weeks, rather spontaneously,
as the result of deepening identification with Your State,
Your True Nature and Being. Coincident with that was also a
revelation and clarification of Your deeper personality and
its coincidence with Vivekananda, and even a sensitivity to
how your grosser personality in this Body has a resemblance
to that of Vivekananda.

SRI ADI DA: This Body has been
Transformed by its deeper personality. It has been Divinely
Transformed by Me as well. Therefore, it bears many signs.
It bears the signs of its natural origin, its parentage. It
bears the signs of the deeper personality also, and of My
Self altogether. It could be said, then, that these are the
three principal sources that are found in This Body.

KANYA NAVANEETA: In the Event of
Your Divine Emergence, You said that Your Love, You called
it “a very human matter”, brought You back to Incarnation.
You said that Your Love is a very human matter.

SRI ADI DA: But altogether. In that
Confession I was describing how this grosser personality and
gross Vehicle had become utterly conformed to Me, by
Submission, by My own Work with it. If the ordinary, grosser
personality of This Body has become so utterly conformed to
Me, transparent, then all ordinary births, all conditionally
manifested beings or personalities, can be likewise so
conformed. This is the Kiss I was talking about. My own
Submission first manifested in the perfect conversion of
this gross personality. All are embraced. All are kissed.
The Divine Transformation, and ultimately the Divine
Translation, of all is made by that first Accomplishment,
and grows from there, then.

KANYA NAVANEETA: Recently there has
been discussion about Your Spiritual Seclusion. This
Confession and Revelation from You proves and demonstrates
the absolute, perfected Heart-Intimacy Your Seclusion.

SRI ADI DA: My Seclusion is not at
all separation from My devotees or any beings. It is simply
a sign of My relinquishment of occupation with the
responsibilities that properly belong to My devotees. It
does not change anything about My availability to My
devotees. That is not being limited in any sense whatsoever.
It is Seclusion from ordinary life-business.

actually allows a much deeper and greater Heart-Communion
with Your devotees. It makes it absolutely pure, without any
other association that people tend to superimpose on Your

SRI ADI DA: Yes. The institution,
the culture, the community, and the mission of My devotees,
their personal practice—that is all the business of My
devotees. That is your gift to Me as My devotee. Your
relationship to Me is direct and personal, and a religious
and Spiritual and Divine matter. I am not secluded from
that. I am totally involved in it.

KANYA NAVANEETA: I was also feeling
Vivekananda’s Mahasamadhi and the profound sorrow that
Nivedita at that point felt, and the sign that Vivekananda
made to her of love, Your Love, and I felt the heart-need of
those who had been with Vivekananda. I was strongly feeling
how those coincided in bringing You down in this Form. I
cannot even express my gratitude, Love-Ananda. I felt a
deep, deep resting in this feeling-intimacy with You,
because of the proven transcendence of conditionality
through Love, human love included, but Love that proves Your
Identification with the Divine Condition Itself.

I was also feeling the purity and
the greater purpose of the hidden personality that was
Vivekananda, as He manifested it, how pure and Divine in its
purpose it was—exactly Your own Work. I felt so
strongly, in being with You here now, that I am witnessing
and participating truly in that same Work, the continuation
of what had begun then. And that truly it was, as You
actually told me once in 1987, just a continuation. There
was never any separation. That was just a glimpse. And that
true Divine Condition and Purpose and Work and Love was just
exactly now as it had been begun then.

SRI ADI DA: Now fulfilled.

KANYA NAVANEETA: Now fulfilled, and
now perfectly and totally revealed by You. Just
spontaneously I was feeling Vivekananda’s travels in India
and His acknowledgement there of the Goddess, and His
passion, which was maddening to Him. It even destroyed His
heart physically, in some sense, because it was such an
overwhelming intuition.

SRI ADI DA: Of the Goddess and the
Divine Self as One.

KANYA NAVANEETA: I was feeling how
in that moment He could not completely incarnate, but that
was the moment that was totally incarnated in Your Mastery
of the Goddess in the Vedanta Temple. Vivekananda was
involved in attachment and devotion to Her and truly
embracing Her, but not to the point of perfect Divine
Revelation and therefore mastery of Her.

SRI ADI DA: The sacrifice was
required from that moment. That was the beginning of the end
of His lifetime.

KANYA NAVANEETA: And His work at
that point changed utterly. He was no longer so much
involved in His tremendously outward directed life.

SRI ADI DA: “Religion business”!

KANYA NAVANEETA: Yes. He despaired
of it in fact, and became much more involved, it seems, in
an internal Spiritual process. I was also feeling the moment
of His work in the West, when He gave sannyas to Sarah Bull
and others. It was a heresy to initiate non-Indian women
into brahmacharaya and renunciation. In His tradition it was
a heresy to acknowledge any women as sannyasins in a
brahmacharaya and renunciate order. He was truly beginning
the establishment of His own form of renunciation and
sannyas. That was really the seed and the beginning of the
renunicate orders that You have begun to establish here now.

SRI ADI DA: [Pointing to each of
the Kanyas] There was then Nivedita [Kanya
Navaneeta], and Sister Christine [Kanya
Tripura], and Mrs. Ole Bull [Kanya Suprithi],
and then there were the four Chicago girls [pointing to
the Brahmacharinis]. And they are all here now, in My

KANYA NAVANEETA: Your Work in the
West is such a profound Grace. In the tradition that
Vivekananda was associated with it was so daring and bold of
Him. One of the things that Vivekananda did constantly,
which was unheard of in India, was to try to create a
religious organization, a fellowship of people. I was
feeling that this was the precursor of Your creation of the
Free Daist Communion, founded on tolerance and cooperation.

It also is extremely significant
that You are making this Confession now, complete and that
two days after saying that Your Work is at last You have now
kicked everyone out of the nest. Also, the Work You did with
these women in that other lifetime was extraordinary and
unheard of. You took them with You to the holy places in
India where women were not allowed, really, and gave them
religious training and Spiritual training, and required them
to serve Indian women and to break through the whole

You have used us to serve You in
Your present Lifetime and to be a means to serve others.
Again, it felt so significant to me that You make this
Confession now, when the renunciate orders are being
created, and we women were the first in these renunciate

SRI ADI DA: Yes. It is only now that
that renunciate order is actually established. Then it was
gathered but not fully established. The order with which
Vivekananda was otherwise associated was the order
associated with Ramakrishna and those in His circle.
Vivekananda was associated with it but not whole heartedly.
He was doing more and more His own work. He eventually just
gave over the Ramakrishna Order to the male disciples who
had been around Ramakrishna. Vivekananda’s work was of
another kind. His true work was full work, great work.

KANYA NAVANEETA: And it seems that
there was only mutual respect from the order of the men for
the renunciate women. From everything I have heard, they
worked together to serve His work.

SRI ADI DA: Basically, yes.

KANYA NAVANEETA: But the men came
out of the Ramakrishna tradition, whereas the women were
completely created by Vivekananda, completely, against all

SRI ADI DA: There were other men
also, Westerners, who were there, but His principal
disciples were women.

KANYA NAVANEETA: To me, the fact
that His disciples were women is the most liberating thing
that could be done for half of the human race! By doing
this, He allowed half of the whole to be given the
opportunity for Liberation. But also it was a sign of this
joining. As You said, Ramakrishna and Vivekananda became
joined and rightly polarized. It was just a sign of Your
Divine Work altogether of joining Consciousness and Prakriti
into a single pole, and then even identified in Your bodily
(human) Form instead of endlessly separated.


KANYA SUPRITHI: Sri Gurudev, there
is a growing intuition in me of Who You Are and the Work
that You have done and the Work that You are doing. Through
this “consideration” of Vivekananda and Your Incarnation
here, it is becoming obvious to me that Your Work is not so
much a matter of the many people that You might contact,
just as it was not for Vivekananda. He did not meet
everybody and He did not go to every country, and You do not
need to go about meeting people.

Rather, it is a matter of this Kiss,
this ultimate Kiss that is Given. The Work that You have
Done by being here is the most significant Work that can be
spoken of. The fact that You have established the Way of the
Heart for everyone for all time, and the fact that You are
here, those are the greatest Accomplishments that could be.

It seems more and more clear to me,
in this statement that You have made at times, “Pay Me now
or pay Me later,” that it is inevitable that everyone who
incarnates at any time will eventually come to this point
where they must do this practice. It is going to come around—this
lifetime, or next lifetime. The Argument, the Wisdom, and
the Incarnation that You Are eventually will get everyone.
It has become more of a marvel to me that the greatest Work
that You have Done is this Work of the Incarnation of Who
You Are.

Also You spoke about the Gurukula
and those others who have been with You in a previous
lifetime. It is very, very, very important that we Realize
You in Your Company while You are alive, not only for the
sake of Your Work for the world but for the purposes of this
reincarnation, the purposes for which we came to be with You
and called You to be with us. It is maddening, more than
maddening—if there were a stronger word, I would say
it! It is entirely essential that we Realize You. There are
just no two ways about it, our having called You here to be
with us. It is more than just important for Your Work, and
more than just important for the world. It is an essential
matter for every individual.


DEVOTEE: Beloved Master, that is
what I was feeling also. It seems that all time is in Your
Divine Emergence, and that all Vehicles, human and other,
through their efforts of self transcendence and through the
attraction of Love-Bliss Consciousness, have been drawn to
You until a Vehicle conformed enough to You that You could
use it, or Incarnate in it, in Your Divinely Perfect Form.


DEVOTEE: Are there individuals in
this world who have a unique association with You who have
not yet become Your devotees?

SRI ADI DA: Definitely.

DEVOTEE: But who are perhaps
potential Instruments for Your Work in the world?

SRI ADI DA: Yes, that is it. Some of
you are here simply because you attended one memorable
lecture! [Laughter.]

DEVOTEE: You mentioned the other
night that it should be the focus of our missionary work to
find unique individuals, and I was wondering if this should
represent a new aspect of the missionary work, to in fact
identify such individuals.

SRI ADI DA: As they appear, or if
they show signs of great seriousness, great responsiveness,
they must be cultivated, of course. The mission is for all.
But you must not limit that mission by the limitations of
the individuals in the present gathering of My devotees. You
must make it a pure mission in service to Me, a mission that
truly embraces all and that brings the real message of My
Wisdom-Teaching, not some revision of it chosen out of your
limitations, your fears, your reluctance, and all the rest
of it. The full communication must be made, the
communication of the Ultimate Truth, and represented by
people who are qualified to do it, people who are not just
religious fanciers and who are practicing minimally.

KANYA NAVANEETA: Individuals who
have been with You before who have this potential will also
respond intuitively.

SRI ADI DA: Hopefully, but, like
everyone else, they have their present-lifetime limitations,
their karmic tendencies. Therefore, all must become serious
in My Company and develop real practice of the Way of the
Heart in My Company, in terms of their very personal
responsibilities and the collective responsibilities they
share with all My devotees for the mission, the culture, the
community, and so on. It is time you all stopped being
frivolous and became serious devotees of Mine, only
practicing and only serving.

DEVOTEE: Beloved Sri Gurudev, would
those in the future who are most advanced in this practice
in the Way of the Heart have necessarily been associated
with Swami Vivekananda?

SRI ADI DA: Not necessarily.

DEVOTEE: Sri Gurudev, a question I
had is, would the karmic limitations in the grosser
personality of those who were associated with You in the
past or who are uniquely associated with You in the present
be any less profound than those in other individuals?

SRI ADI DA: No! [Laughter.]

DEVOTEE: Sri Gurudev, I was
wondering if it is probable or possible that in
Ramakrishna’s very sudden and, it seems, spontaneous taking
on of the semblance of Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism He
was in some way intuiting the preparation for a world work
through Vivekananda.

SRI ADI DA: He knew a world work had
to be done, and He expected Vivekananda to be the one to do
it. Not merely Vivekananda as He appeared in conjunction
with His gross bodily form then, but the One Whom He,
Ramakrishna, knew Vivekananda to be.

DEVOTEE: Sri Gurudev, this
“consideration” has helped me feel the profundity of Your
Birth in terms of confronting my naive story book notion
that the Divine, by virtue of what It Is, All Encompassing,
can simply Manifest at Will. If It wants to Manifest in a
human body, then—poof!—there It Is.

SRI ADI DA: Yes—Poof! Boom!
The “Poof! Boom! Talking School”. [Laughter.]
Therefore, you can just as well be the Divine Incarnation as
the next one! That is egoism, you see, without awareness of
what it really takes for anything Great to be accomplished.

DEVOTEE: Also, You answered my other
question earlier when You said that before Your Birth it was
not possible to Realize.

SRI ADI DA: In the ultimate sense.

DEVOTEE: In the ultimate sense, yes.
I was wondering about that. Why, if in the Inherent Grace of
the Divine, all of those billions of beings who have lived
before this moment have not been able to…

SRI ADI DA: They all are still
living, in one fashion or place or another.

DEVOTEE: That is what I was feeling,
because time is just our own linear construct. By virtue of
Your Birth, Your Work is with all beings in all time, so
there is no limitation to their previous birth.

SRI ADI DA: No limitation to their
previous birth?

DEVOTEE: I mean in terms of their
possibility to Realize the Divine in the ultimate sense,
because, as You say now, they are not dead in any ultimate
way. They are still living.

SRI ADI DA: Not dead and gone but
all present, each in their own manner, most still associated
with the grossest of limitations.

evening I spoke briefly to another man here about this
“consideration”, and every hair on my body stood on end, and
not from any kind of mental connection, as if “Here is
something I can get a hold on”. I have never felt such
openness in this body-mind to reception of You. I do not
know what is going on overall.

I have always wondered what it was
that brought me into Your Company, what Grace it was,
because it was nothing in my lifetime that I can see that
would have brought me into the Company of such a Great One.
I still cannot grasp that You are here.

When I spoke earlier, it was in
response to Your saying that You are available to us and
that You are not withdrawing from us, because I felt this
growing feeling of reception of You over these past
gatherings more and more and more. Thank You, Sri Gurudev,
for whatever You have Done. There is nothing more that I
want to do than to be in Your Company.


DEVOTEE: Sri Gurudev, I want to tell
You that I feel incredibly Graced to be here tonight, and I
want to thank You for this.


DEVOTEE: My question is, You were
talking about the women who were associated with
Vivekananda, now also reassociated with You, and there was
an attraction that drew them to be closer to both You and
Vivekananda. Is that attraction more likely to happen with
someone in the most recent lifetime, as with Your own
association with Vivekananda? Say if a person were attracted
to someone from about a hundred years ago or more, someone
like Milarepa, would the principle of attraction stay

SRI ADI DA: It stays active, yes.

DEVOTEE: The time of Vivekananda is
relatively close to the present. In terms of the women and
their attraction to Him, would it necessarily always follow
in the same amount of time?

SRI ADI DA: Well, it has. As I said,
it is not required that a devotee of Mine, even one much
advanced, be someone who is associated with Vivekananda. I
Am the One Who is Attractive during the present time, for
all. Therefore, it really does not depend on any past
history of any kind, with Vivekananda or anyone else. It
depends on your being attracted by Me. I must make My
Confession about the origins of My Appearance here and what
it is all about. You deal with it as you will. Apart from
that, You are attracted by virtue of My Presence here, and
that is for all. It does not depend on Vivekananda or any
other past personality. It depends on Me. Is there anything
else about it?

DEVOTEE: No, Sri Gurudev. Thank You.

have told us why it was Vivekananda’s deeper personality in
particular that You became conjoined with. Was there any
connection to the grosser Vehicle of Vivekananda that caused
the particular conjunction with Franklin Jones?

SRI ADI DA: Fundamentally, no. The
individual manifested as this gross body is an expression of
My joining with all. The Birth of this gross body is
altogether like all, like everyone, equally disqualified,
equally qualified. The sign of My embrace of This Body is an
expression of My Embrace of all. This particular Form was
not embraced because of some unique qualifications it

As I said earlier, it was an
ordinary birth. The conjunction has made it extraordinary.
There were certain other particular reasons—for
instance birth in an ordinary circumstance in the West. All
that was a sign of an Intention manifested in Vivekananda’s
lifetime to embrace all and to Work in the context of even
the most ordinary, even those outside the classes of those
who are presumed to be the qualified. Even outside of India,
then, among the mleccas.

DEVOTEE: Didn’t Vivekananda say that
He could not complete His work in the West with a
dark-skinned body?

SRI ADI DA: Yes. It was not
altogether acceptable there. But that Re-Appearance, if you
will, here is because of all of that.

DEVOTEE: Sri Gurudev, as You were
pausing before You answered my question, I could not help
feeling that there was some form of Divine Humor in the
particular choice You made of Franklin Jones.

SRI ADI DA: And of you all, for that
matter! [Laughter.]

relative to what You were just saying, does that mean that
perhaps it would be required that an Agent of Yours be born
in the body of a dark Indian?

SRI ADI DA: It does not make any
difference. Vivekananda did not get on an airplane to come
to the West. The great Sacrifice had to be made. It was real
Work, not just the superimposing of a culture onto
Westerners. It was sadhana. It was not an airplane matter or
a boat matter. For the work really to be accomplished a
great sacrifice must be made.


SRI ADI DA: Yes, and I have been
exhausting My Self in the West.

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