Revelation and the Law



Adi Da Samraj (Bubba Free John): In this ashram we pass through these dimensions in which conventional or traditional sadhana is performed. So the student does his sadhana relative to the horizontal gross plane of life, the vibrant plane of life, the politics of human life. The disciple does pass through a period of time with involvement in the subtle process. He does pass through a period of time and involvement with the subtle process. He does pass through that period of time, penetration with the causal being.

He does sadhana in all the areas that piece by piece conventional and traditional sadhanas appear, but the force of his instruction, the force of that Satsang in which he does sadhana is one that continually reminds him that the Law is being revealed to him at each stage of sadhana and that he is not fulfilling it. Rather the law is the source of theatre in his sadhana and until there is the perfect penetration of the game of limitations of separative life, an illusion of ignorance entirely, there is no fundamental fulfillment of the law, no enlightenment then, no truth.

So, just as siddhis are a temptation, powers, extraordinary things are a temptation for your attention as you do sadhana. Just so, the revelation of this law of sacrifice is a temptation because you imagine that you are doing it rather than being shown it, rather than being tested by it, so sadhana in truth is a process in which this law is revealed. The law in which you become responsible in it. You become responsible to the point of perfection ultimately, but only in the case of your own life as a devotee.

Then, in the case of the devotee, wisdom arises in which the law may be fulfilled with humor in all its forms. The law may be fulfilled here among friends. The law may be fulfilled in the light. The law is fulfilled in the heart. The law is fulfilled perfectly without effort as siddhi. In that case, siddhi and the Law of Sacrifice become one. Prior to that, all siddhis, all amusements, everything that appears, is known independent of the mad sacrifice. It is only in the devotee that they are one.


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“The perfect among the sages is identical with Me. There is absolutely no difference between us” Tripura Rahasya, Chap XX, 128-133