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My “Secret

Adi Da Samraj, Aletheon p.


Avataric Lifetime Is A Divine and Unique Demonstration of
Intentional Entanglement – In Which The egoless Divine
“Bright” Self-Nature, Self-Condition, Self-State, and Divine
Transcendental spiritual Self-Force of My Prior and Perfect
Freedom Is Constantly Self-Revealed In Spontaneous Acts,
Great events, Remarkable Conjunctions, Extraordinary
Processes, and Beyond-Wonderful Demonstrations of Perfect
Dis-Entanglement – For The Sake of all-and-All.

By Means of My Avataric Lifetime of
Divine Self-Revelation, all-and-All who are, as if by
accident, entangled here (and everywhere), in egoic time and
space, Are Divinely Avatarically Given All of Necessary and
Perfectly Acausally Effective Means For Perfect
Dis-entanglement – now, and forever hereafter, In Me, and
Where and As I Am.

This Is The Key to rightly and truly
understanding All of The Acts, Events, Conjunctions,
Processes, and Demonstrations of The Totality of My


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