Shree Ranachod



A series of beneficent thoughts emerged in the mind of Shree Rang
when once he stood in front of the idol of Shree Ranachhod at

……… The enchanting smile of Shree Ranachhod dispels the
miseries of the devotees within no time.

………. Rays of parity and fathomless compassion emanating from
the eyes of Shree Ranachhod instil lofty ideas and ideals in the
minds of those who set their eyes on him.

……… The sandal-paste applied artistically on the forehead of
Shree Ranachhod reminds one of righteous behaviour towards all the
living beings. Sandal-wood though rubbed, burnt or pounded (for the
purpose of medicines, cosmetics, etc.) never loses its inherent
qualities and fills the atmosphere with its salutary fragrance.

The golden crown placed on the head of Shree Ranachhod, tells us
that while in process It was heated, melted, mended and struck.
Verily it had successfully passed through many ordeals and came out
as purer and brighter at all levels. So also the gems embedded in the
crown state that they were cut, carved and filed several times before
arriving at the present refulgent state. Is it not the case with the
great luminaries, saints and seers who lived and died for the cause
of the welfare of the universe ?

……. The flute in one of the four hands of Shree Ranachhod,
raised upto his lips indicates that it was dearer to him than any
other musical instrument. What made it so dear? ….. Why? By its own
genial qualities it was accepted by him. 

Only melodious and captivating sound is heard from a flute. It
denotes that a person who speaks sweet and soothing words is dearer
to God than the other ones. A flute gives out sweet tunes only when
blown by somebody. Th’s quality of a flute suggests that it is a
hollow musical instrument which stores nothing. So a man should never
be prone to store in his mind the acts of hostility done to him ; as
well as he should be completely free from egoism and allow HIM to
speak through him.

………………… Garlands of fragrant flowers adorning Shree
Ranachhod indicate that the visitors should try to fill the universe
with the aroma of beneficent deeds. As well as they (visitors) should
unite (as a garland is a union of different kinds of flowers) for the
cause of services due to all the creatures. 

……………… It is believed that Shree Ranachhod is fond of
butter and sugar-candy. Does it not imply that his devotees should be
soft-hearted and sweet-tounged (butter is soft and sugar-candy is

………….. The different kinds of items sweet as well as
spiced one are offered to Shree Ranacliliod daily by his devotees.
What does it point out ?…….. His devotees should foster total
indifference , in consuming edibles. Whatever is cooked or served
should be accepted regardless ot its taste.

……… The Tuisi (basil) leaves reverentially placed on the
feet of Shree Ranachhod betoken submmission. Humanity should be
practised in one’s life.