Shri Guru Leelamrit
(The Nectar of Teacher’s Sport)

Pujya Shri Rang Avadhoot

Put into English by:

Shri Shantilal Thaker, M.A. B.T.,




This book, the Guru Leelamrit, is written by Shri Rang
Avadhoot, the saint of Nareshwer. It is a rich mine of
knowledge, a storehouse of religious stories. It has got the
power to awaken the self-knowledge in a sincere, humble,
deserving reader. I have done a number of its recitals in
the original in the presence of His Holiness Shri Rang
Avadhoot. It was indeed a pleasure and joy that could not be
described. I have tried to put the gist of it in simple
English for the benefit of those who are unable to read it
in Gujarati.

I should congratulate the Avadhoot Parivar of Kampala,
especially Shri Ramanbhai Patel, for publishing this
invaluable book, thus putting all the spiritual aspirants in
a deep debt of gratitude. I hope and trust that the holy
spirit of Pujya Shri Rang Avadhoot shall be mightily pleased
to see this small effort of mine put as a humble offering of
worship at his holy feet. I also hope and trust that many
devotees and spiritual aspirants and seekers will find
immense help and guidance from this book. May it receive a
wide circulation and benefit all for whom it is planned and


P.O. Box 5262. M.A., B.T., Vidyabhasker. 21/6/1970.